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January 26, 2016 |

Online Education is a Growing Market


I am a strong believer of technology can change the way we learns in coming days,that is why are in this business . This article is vindicating our view and the way the money is poured at education tech space in the US and other part of the world shows online learning is here to stay. As per this report k -12 education market itself is 8 billion +. And online learning is growing 320 percent is a good sign where people are adopting to technology in learning space like any other eCommerce space. you can see the detailed write up

November 26, 2015 |

5 Key things to get a job other than your MBA course


5 Things Get you a Job

Everyone who is coming just out of college has only one thing to achieve! That is get into a “Good IT company” and settle. This is more of a mindset than a real life situation, the reality inside the IT organizations are different! Whatever said and done that is the flavor of the decade so we really can’t blame anyone but our self. Today I am planning to touch upon few best practices which can increase your job potentials immensely.

1) Be patient: Patience is the rare materials we get to see in these Y generation, I must say this the one element which has been in down trend at least for last 25 years. I am sure I am sounding your parents here! But the point I am focusing here is, there is whole world is waiting for a person who has a right stuff with him/her so don’t be in hurry ! use your time to improve your axe .

So Invest your time to develop and enhance some of your personal ability do basic SWOT (Strengths Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) on yourself and try to improve on your weak areas and build on strengthen and work on opportunities, I am sure at least 95 % for the people that includes me patient is an weakness! So have a complete plan to work on that I assure you patience not only win your dream job but life!

2) Be little creative in your approach: We all think we are all very creative and we know the solution to every problem, but the reality is we are unable to find a solution to some of the basic problems within us . Creativity is finding a new way to solve a pain which other people have not cracked yet. I agree every one cannot be creative but could try to be different, try to be so different in approach that disruptive innovation happens in that. Here in this case Creativity need not be a solving Bangalore traffic but it could be as simple as solving your basic skill needs which is critical in job interviews and how quickly you can fill those gaps.

5 things gets you dream Job

Dream Job

3) Commitment: This is another commodity which is very rare and expensive in these days. Here very important thing is committing to yourself is important than anyone else. If you are committed to learn before go to interview that is enough. Prepare before some ones meeting that is nice. Show your commitment at every opportunity available to you, don’t just go an say I am from bla bla institute that is why I am worth for hiring! I never seen any training course for commitment , this is one thing you have to internally develop and overcome , some mind cleaning and yoga training would help you here

4) Little more effort on a right place: Remember you are among the Nth person the interview meet. Why should you be selected! ? Try to understand the whole new generations of challenge of customers, Keep yourself aware of challenges faced in leadership level currently the interviewer would be facing. Articulate in such a way you are in charge of the situation and really solved the problem. Here theory do not work go with some real experience where you have put your heart and soul for at least 6 month. Take some online course, there are number of course available free . Understand management a bit in practical scenario than what you learned in MBA Course

5)Be honest: Interviewers have been seeing sugar quoted worlds for a while; I hate those I am sure you too, people love to see the truth. Gone are the days where interview was kind of a orchestrated drama where good actor gets selected. Today its more of real and personal level discussion and what values you carry than a body which acts according to pre written scripts.

Please write back to me on your views i love to here you!


November 8, 2015 |

MOOC and its relevance in current Era!

e learning

Massive Open Online Courses is the new buzz word in the learning circle from couple of years now. This is an effort to explain how this works and what the advantages over its disadvantages are and who are the players.
Massive Open Online Course or MOOC as people call is not a new concept; it’s been there for a while in different name. Recent technological advancement and connectivity around the globe has made this more popular today than ever. In a way MOOC is another form of distance learning, or e Learning, which makes learning anytime anywhere and size irrelevant!
As the name suggests it’s a open class with a large number of students across the globe delivered over internet. The exciting part is its FREE! Here student learn courses over video and complete the assignment attached to the course through online. Then courses are evaluated by the Instructor or automatically by computer program.

Learning online or MOOC

Learning online or MOOC

Advantages of e Learning or MOOC
Access To Global Knowledge: In this competitive world knowledge plays a key role and access to great knowledge repository would help learners to understand what thought leaders are teaching currently around the world.
Cost of Learning : Off late the cost of learning has sky rocketed, MOOC or e learning platform provides a golden opportunity to learn any subject at the fraction of its real cost. This is one of the key reason professionals are slowly moving towards e learning courses to keep them up-to-date.
Enrich learning experience: it’s a global class!! this brings varied cultural and creative minds together and learning in an open forum. So learning becomes very interesting for those who are interested in learning!!

Knowledge sharing and easy access to global knowledge repository: Most of the MOOCs are run buy well established universities where they are the authority in their chosen area. So the credibility of the knowledge is beyond the question and access to such a great knowledge is immensely valuable.

This lacks a personal touch and for long run it can take away the teachers student relationship which is not good for the society as whole. Faceless class creates heartless learning! Evaluation process may not be that stringent and focuses as a regular course and exams. And large number of dropouts is a concern. Free model may compromise quality for long run and doubts on its survival.

Who are all the key players in this e learning space ?
EdX : it’s a MIT and Harvard backed education venture where they collaborate with universities and make knowledge accessible to every one through their e learning platform.
Udemy: is a private player and course market place like Trainings Tree who has a large repository of online courses. We have partnered with them and sharing their courses online here in India and helping our learners to access the large knowledge repository for the attractive price.
Coursera : Coursera is mainly focusing on university courses and tied up with many American and other universities . It has large repository of university courses and most of the courses are free. However they do charge for certifications. they started some ware around 2011 and doing really good and they are nonprofit organization.
Udacity and another player who popularized the e learning concept to the world of education in recent time.

My take on e learning:
As every technology enhancement this is also having its downside, depending on the learning objective one has to take a call. However for the real learner advantages weighs more than its disadvantages and e learning is going to be the future of learning for the next decade.


November 6, 2015 |

e learning a major milestone to Trainings Tree


Happy to share one more milestone from TrainingsTree team!! This Week we have officially launched our e learning platform to our global audience Congratulations Team!! .

Trainings Tree e learning

e learning from Trainings Tree

E learning is a platform where anyone could learn anything from the best trainers online. We bring all the online courses to one single market place where learners can choose and learn on their own. This helps learners to learn on their own pace. E Learning is a technological boon for learners and self driven professionals. Our effort is to take knowledge to every corner and make learning simple and cost effective. In this journey we are fairly successful so far.. its moment of joy for all of us from here in Trainings Tree core team !!
There are lot more things are coming up stay tune !


November 6, 2015 |

Tech gaints are getting in to High school level education


There is increasing trend in tech giants showing interest in basic level of education. Last week Oracle founder Larry Ellison have announced starting a high school in California as per this report. This also reminds me Facebook fonder Mark Zuckerberg along with his wife Priscilla Chan recently announced their commitment to pre shcool level education in the vally.

This tells us the story how tech giants are trying to get into basic education system to bring innovation and problem solving ability in the initial years of students life. This is a need of the hour i am sure even Indian billionaires take some ques from this and help to clean up the mess in education system and promote innovation and creativity at school and college level.


November 2, 2015 |

Time to be practical on your hiring strategy


Hiring skill

I have been  advocate of free learning environment for ages now, It’s a known fact that most of our university syllabus are outdated and what they teach and industry needs are way apart. There is long way to catch up for our universities and education system. Due to this gap student and organizations has to shell out huge money after their graduation to make them employable.

Off late many IT organizations have their on in-house training facility and spend huge amount to make these employees skilled   for example eg Infosys and TCS have their own 6 month training programs for fresh hire.

Its proven fact that when there is no direct co relationship between graduation and performance why ask for!?  Many so called IT companies are still in the colonial mindset and have their entry level cut off to certain percentage and they are very  adamant about it some university or college. I am sure there are pro and cons to weigh..however  its better to wake up early else there is no difference between IT industry and universities . This morning  this  EY report  vindicated my belief and many more to follow… better late than never!!

Ernst and Young drops degree classification threshold for graduate recruitment


October 9, 2015 |

Startup Challenges -How to nurture Talents in Starups

education startup trainings tree

Startup Challenges:

As an employee every IT guy thinks I should do something on my own one day! However, high pay and large EMI life holds back  many of us back for obvious reason. If you have a unique idea and people to execute it’s not that difficult to start a startup. The two happening buzz word in tech circle is “Entrepreneur” and “Start up”, thanks to startup culture , Bangalore is living up to its name silicon valley of India !

The challenge is not starting; real challenge is attracting talents and retaining them. As a startup you will have to work with many constrains, among them most important is attracting talent and motivate them to perform for peanuts. It’s a different ball game all together one has to embrace and discover the opportunity each of these challenge and leverage them to our advantage. I have tried to touch upon some of the elements here what we practice in  TrainingsTree  may be some help to you.

  • Learning attracts talents. People are talented because they love to learn, it’s simple make your environment learning friendly. It need not be a always study but real time experience will give a thrill, people love to explore and learn on their own. People do love to learn through some crash course or online these days provide them such platform as well.
  • Performance is closely linked to results and makes people aware of the performance driven process. Let them have a clear view of what is costing what. People they know and the college they went may take them to the doorsteps but not more! after its all about performance, attitude and result!!
  • Encourage creativity and allow them to take risk, it’s important to learn buy mistake and people love to be creative. Remember that they took a risk and joined you as startup. Innovation is closely linked to risk apatite and process can be improved only by allowing making mistakes and learn from them. Repeated mistake is no no!
  • Keep your hiring standards tight, wrong hiring can cost a bomb. And remember one rotten egg can damage many things. Create an hiring process where only talent gets in not the certificate. Give them live environment to work for a while , let them prove their material .. Once you are confident take them in. Remember there are enough people who love to take challenge and prove! Its hard but not impossible explore them!
  • Have a diverse work force environment, this helps to learn from each other’s culture and explore the tribal knowledge (tribal knowledge is something they inherited from where they originated). Some motivation factor works keep it divers and gender neutrality.
  • Keep some of the practical things flexible as much as possible as long as result is not affected. Work timings, locations, dress code (it doesn’t make any sense to have a tie around your neck when you are answering call at midnight on 42 C climates) Be practical on their needs but careful about  fooling around.


I have come back from long gap for blogging !! let me share few of my experience in setting up tech  startup !

This write up is my fist part of  Star up Challenges serious, expect more in coming day !  please do share your thoughts !

Thanks I appreciate your time !!



October 8, 2015 |

How to Grow Faster Than Your Peer


Gone are the day’s people used to stick to one company till their retirement, today everyone is looking at fast growth. Today people go beyond their comfort zone to achieve what they have been dreaming for. People are becoming more and more creative and started taking risks for reward. Today average age of a CEO is reduced to 40s than 60s in decade ago. Growth is a natural phenomena and healthy sign of prosperity. Remember overnight no one can start flying; knowledge with hands-on expertise along with systematic effort will take you there . There is no right or wrong way to grow fast, it’s just few pointers which could help your endeavor ..

Start with a Good Plan


Well planed is half done as the say goes.. one has to plan to achieve something. Without a plan success is just a  fluke, A realistic plan will help you to be focused and motivated as you achieve small goalposts. Start with end result in mind and work backwards with time line, Identify major milestone which is precursor to milestone, Envisage challenges you are likely to face over a period of time. prepare well,  Identify area where you can work parallel and save time. Be focused and flexible enough to face new roadblock on the way.

Equip yourself with what it takes to be


Equip yourself with latest technology in your field, anyone who is in the race without sharpening his axe sure to fall short.  Spend little time in identifying right skills you would need for not only current job even next job. Invest right on training and mentoring, TrainingsTree could be good help in this, take time to upgrade yourself. Test the live environment what you have learned.


Connect with People around


Develop network with all kind of people who are potential influencers. Develop a good rapport within your team. Find an opportunity to connect other team and project yourself in a professional way. Build your circle of influence beyond your immediate programs. Identify a mentor who is capable and influential.

Live beyond your job

Restricting yourself to a job profile is a sign of sinking ship. Remember the job descriptions are the bare minimum expected and beginning point, Draw a larger picture and broaden your horizon. Your ability visualizes downstream and upstream activities help you to contribute more. Understand your boss and his boss if possible and try to add value.

Attitude helps you reach Altitude

Believe in the work you do and develop a positive approach towards work, it’s easier said than achieved. Management will have an eye on the people who are aligned to their vision and have a right attitude towards work.  Ensure your surrounded people are taken into confidence and they are with you when you are in need. Take initiative which address the pains of others and you are the part of cross function team. You will get to meet people and put across your thoughts and shine better.

Become a resource

In this knowledge economy talent has lot more value than others. Acquiring knowledge needs systematic approach and a continued effort for long period of time. In this connected word accessibility of information is not a challenge Identify some of the peripheral area which may not be directly related to your job but your supervisors. Social media has more influence than anything today, participate and explore new avenues where you can influence people as subject matter expert.

Show Maturity and Confidence

Operating a level above will need a lot of maturity and hands on experience. Be aware of what is the latest trend and focus of the organization. Invest time and energy to understand larger picture and associate with people who can make use of you in such in large organization wide initiatives. Experience brings confidence and maturity wins the crowd. 

Proactive and Volunteer

If you want to grow fast be active and start participating in all possible events and opportunity knocks your door. Volunteer for helping others participate in event organizing. This help you to get connected to someone who is beyond your boss and business domain.  Try to be visible and go extra mile genuinely,artificiality can take to an extent but not where you want to be.

 Balance Life and Growth

Remember there is nothing called a top or final point in Professional life. It’s a journey; here change is constant, one who embraces the change makes it to fullest.

Finally growth is important but not everything. You need to be watchful what cost you are paying for it.Balancing professional and personal life is very important, Celebration is part of the journey and thanking people who contributed to your success is important.  This includes team members to family members who stood for you during difficult time.

See more such writing in my






July 1, 2015 |

BPO what you need to know as a fresher


Business Process Outsourcing

Any work which does not need a face to face interaction could be done by any one from anywhere is the core philosophy behind the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This is not a new phenomenon but gained popularity as communication technology improved, western countries started using this to their advantage and they saved money and time. And countries like India explored this to great extent and have become the major hub for outsourced jobs, rest all history as you all know it.


Work and work Culture:

BPO work is predominantly hovers around two types

  1. 1) Voice Process: Voice process is nothing but telephone operators who answers calls or makes calls to customers (remember those credit card people calling you) it is that simple. For this Voice Process you should be good at communication on different local and international languages. Examples

Customer services: Call centers (Airtel and Idea) that troubles you every now and then and pushed you to take up new plans or  if you have any queries and concerns you can call some number and get addressed  through phone. 

Technical support services: Installation, technical troubleshooting support,product support and problem solutions over email, Chat or phone calls for computer and related products.

2) Non Voice Process. Non Voice Process is basically doing something in computer like processing the order, filling forms, updating information in computer etc.

To put it simply it’s a data entry job though there may be few exceptions. The advantage in this part of the word is apart from Cost and Time, availability of highly educated people for these BPO jobs. There are many streams of works and fancy names few are listed below :

Insurance processing: When ever new policy is taken processing this policy information and updating in the system, claims processing, policy maintenance, policy closure etc.

Data entry and data processing: This is pure data entry where data is avialble in different form or eBook or images, website etc one has to connect these data and enter into system where it can be used for later purpose.

 Data conversion services: Data conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets,PDF to Word,  HTML .

Account payable and receivable Services: Involves maintaining general accounting books and ledgers, tracking account receivables and payable bank reconciliations etc. 

Online research: Internet web search, market research, Analytic and Surveys and other big data collection from web sources etc.

Work culture in this part of the BPO word is mostly imitating western partners. As many large multinational companies have setup their office they bring culture along with it. Though some of them are debatable, looks so weird and obnoxious at time (working with tie and coat in 45 C at Chennai and taking call for pizza vendor) it’s a reality. Working timings are mostly after noon to whole night as it is a day time for all western countries. Don’t worry most of the good standard BPO companies takes care of your transport, they pick you from your home and drop you back.

Opportunities and Growth: There is no doubt BPO companies have provided immense opportunity to millions and millions of young middle class youth. Majority of them have used this for their advantage and really worked hard and made career out of it. Others have gone into fancy part and spoiled and got exploited. Growth opportunity in  lower levels (1 to 4 years) is mostly found in hopping jobs, however there are people who stick to one company for 5-8 years have made a good progress. It’s all depends on your hard work and little bit of luck at times.



How do I get into this sector: Anyone with a graduation (now a days  10+2 ) can get a job here.  One has to decide what his career objective and be clear with it. There is no doubt BPO space provides you a bread and basic comfort in early age, however you need to choose whether is that right for you or not.

All major companies Like IBM , Accenture, CISCO, Microsoft  TCS, HCL, Infosys and hundred others are into this business and taking few thousand people a year. One has to be watchful when they call for walk in interview, it is normally published in news paper or look into website like, or

this should be able to give you an idea.

Interview Process : Normally there will be three to four round on interview

  • Basic HR round : Normally they ask about you and your background, your intention of work, communication ability, basic attitude, done mostly by HR executives
  • Technical : this is more of a assessing your computer skill, work ability, attitude in depth, team player, knowledge on subject , your past achievement, situational  behavior. Normally taken by a person who is going to be your team leader. Or work manager.
  • This round is more of a reconfirmation of earlier two rounds and summing up, they know about you and your work, they just want to reconfirm by a middle manager level person and explain the opportunity they have for you.

Earning Potentials  : This is completely depends on what you are getting into, my write-up is for  fresher’s, so  most companies offer Rs 7500 to Rs 15000 on higher side, many organization will have incentives for performance which will range 20 to 50 % of your salary. Cost of living has gone up really high and 4 to 5 thousand goes for PG and living expenses. Don’t dream a big bike or a car before you complete at least 3 years of work life.

Who are all reputed players in this field: As I mentioned earlier at least 100 other multinational companies offering jobs  most of them are good , its impractical for me to list all of them here, to name a few  have listed here There is no order in it, all are equally good and bad.. choice is yours

  • TCS
  • Genpact
  • WNS Group
  • Wipro
  • IBM
  • Cognizant
  • HCL Technologies
  • Concentrix
  • First Source
  • MphasiS
  • EXL
  • vCustomer
  • hinduja global solutions
  • 24/7 Customer
  • Sutherland Technologies


So that’s what the time I had today will catch you for more update on this space later get in touch with me :)

Good luck





June 29, 2015 |
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