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Why Trainings Tree

What is in it for me ?

How TrainingsTree will add value to students and Training institute here.

There are millions of learners who are searching for right skill updates to be job ready.  however, taking a learning decision is challenge as there is no consolidated  information available in single place.

Learning decision are largely taken based on per say, or Google search. In this process there is a huge number of people fall into wrong hands for learning and they lose their valuable time and hard earned money.

There are huge number of people who’s knowledge could be a great learning for many learners. They have spent their life in getting that expertise and their knowledge is immense if it is used for sharing. However, these people do not have a platform where they can share their knowledge and covert them into revenue source easily.

finding a right training course and enrolling in a few click is There is thousands of knowledgeable people who can really make training as a career but not able to do because of the inability to showcase their talent and convert their knowledge in to revenue source. Training providers small or big players in the teaching business, however discovering them and choosing best among them is a challenging task.

There is no single platform where people can review training providers performance and help them to choose .We have reviews for Hotels and motels but not for learning. we can buy anything and everything online but not Courses. We want to simplify the whole learning decision making and enrolling experience.

Even in this information age finding a right trainer who may be in your next lane is a challenge. Even you discover them enrolling and buying a course is a herculean task. We want to make this process simple and in a few click students can enroll, buy courses without much pain.

There are many learning platforms available, however none of them address the discovery and enrollment process. Trainings Tree is solving this pain by building a platform where learners & Training Providers meet online and take informed decisions in few clicks. This empowers the learner and helps him to be smart in the learning process.

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