Top 6 Best and Free Of Cost Online Digital Marketing Tutorials

We cannot deny the fact that the landscape of digital marketing ever-changing, so it’s vital for the professionals to stay on top of the current trends and instruments of digital marketing.

When it comes to learning digital marketing from the scratch, it’s not necessary to break your savings; rather you can get the best training Digital Marketing without spending chunk amount money.

So, now the crucial question that arises in this context is – what are the best places to learn without burning a hole in the pocket?

Now, this article tells you about the top 7 places where you can learn digital marketing for free of cost-

1.Hubspot Academy Free Inbound Marketing Certification:



Certification: Available

Ideal for: Learning the basics of inbound marketing

In 2019, inbound marketing is the new black in the world of digital marketing.



According to the State of Inbound report, 75% of the companies practicing this methodology find their strategy really effective.

When it comes to learning an easy to understand and highly effective inbound marketing, nothing could be a better platform than HubSpot. This course is jampacked with the very useful and practical information. Starting from creating blog posts to applying a customer market approach, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing certification course covers almost everything.

Within approximately an hour after completing the exam, participants can get professional certification and a badge to showcase their new skills on the resume and LinkedIn.

2.Facebook BluePrint:

Certification: Available

Ideal For: Mastering the Facebook Marketing

Facebook Blueprint is a comprehensive collection of online courses that focuses on educating people with the highly effective features that come with these social networking platforms. With the massive number of 6 million enrollers and more 75 free of cost digital courses, Facebook Blueprint allows you bring your business to a new height in term of revenue and pfacebook blueprint certificationopularity. If you are planning to promote your app or websites once the app development or web development process is one, Facebook could be the best promotional platform for you.

From learning awareness building to Instagram, this online course offered by Facebook covers a wide arena of topics. The best part of Facebook Blueprint is that it allows you to simply select what you want to master and Facebook Blueprint comes with the free online marketing courses available for you.

Official certifications and badges are available for two core competencies- Facebook Advertising and Facebook Planning.

3.Alison Free Diploma in E-Business

Alison is a huge and very popular online learning community with the six million registered users. It provides highly industry-oriented certified courses free cost. Alison was founded by Mike Freerick in 2007 and, it was the first MOOC  ( Massive Online Open Course) provider.

From Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords and Analytics, campaign tracking, integration to growth metrics analysis, digital measurements and many other things- you just name it and Alison has it for you.

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4.Google Digital Garage:

Certification: Available

digital-marketing courses and fees review

Digital Marketing

Ideal for: Digital Marketing beginners

Google Digital Garage has a unique approach of providing the training of Digital Marketing. While it covers a large and significant area of online strategy and promoting business with online advertising, it also allows you to master your skills on networking and business security.

It offers certification on Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This free of cost Digital Marketing course mainly focuses on teaching the beginners about digital marketing and what it requires to construct a very effective digital marketing strategy for a business.

5.Google Analytics Academy:

Certification: Yes

Ideal for: Learning all the nitty-gritty details of Google Analytics

If you know how to measure the digital efforts correctly, you would be able to understand how your business is performing. This is exactly where this course comes as a big help for you as it helps you know all the ins and outs of Google Analytics.

From beginner’s level to advanced users, you can find all types of courses offered by Google Analytics Academy.

6.WordStream PPC University

Certification: No

Ideal for: Learning search marketing

It’s a free online digital marketing course designed by WordStream. This is course is specifically designed to help professionals build their PPC campaign and enhance the digital marketing skills.

The PPC course offered by WordStream is very easy to follow and vivid. From beginner level to advanced professional level, this course offers a different level of learning.

Whether you are an online marketer, business owners or digital marketing working professionals, staying on the top of digital marketing trends is always a necessity. So, enhance your knowledge and skills with the digital marketing courses mentioned above.

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