Top 5 SEO Back link Courses online, Cost and Providers

As a leading edutech platform, we review every available courses and training providers in the vicinity to help our learners with the best choice. In this article our expert review team has come out with Best website Backlink Courses (online and Classroom) which we feel the best.

There are many factors one needs to consider while taking learning decision. We have considered Quality, Value, Reputation, Fees, Accessibility and many more factors while recommending these courses. Learning is a continuous process and we hope this effort will help you to take informed decision.

Cost of the courses varies from time to time and platform to platform, some of the best courses normally charged for $100 will be available on sale with heavy discount for a short period ($10). We recommend you to connect us for any help! Now you can learn Back-link courses online on your time and your place!


What is Back linking and how does it work?

Back links are actually incoming or inbound links, it happens when one website links to another website. The link to or from another website is called back link. Basically a clickable text which takes you to another web page or website.


Here are our best pick:

List of top Python courses & Training Providers

  1. SEO Training: Learn Link Building Basic + 15 Unique Tactics

  2. Link Building 2019: Google SEO #1 Ranking Tactic (Backlinks)


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Review of best SEO Backlink online Courses:

  1. SEO Training: Learn Link Building Basic + 15 Unique Tactics

Training Provider – Ali Abbas

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 4.6/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

This course will help you to build back links to your will learn 15 unique Do Follow Backlink building tactics and strategies for SEO. This course created by Ali Abbas with 3000 students already enrolled with 4.6/5 rating. It’s a bestseller course online for SEO training.

From this course you will learn what backlinks are and concepts behind it. Methods and strategies of getting backlinks, importance of backlinks, and 15 tactics like authoritative backlink tactics, local backlin tactics, relevant backlink tactics etc.

You will get 2 hours of on demand video, 1 article, lifetime access to the course, certificate of completion with 30 Day Money – Back Guarantee.

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Review – “Great course for beginners, or someone who is struggling to get backlinks to go back to the basics.Very organized materials, no unnecessary chit chat talks, get to the point with real examples and search terms. Thank you Ali!” – Yuka M

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  1. Link Building 2019: Google SEO #1 Ranking Tactic (Backlinks)

Training Provider –  Alex Genadinik Business Coach

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 4.1/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

A wonderful Link building course created by Alex Genadinik Business Coach with 2300 students registered and has 4.1/5 rating.  In this course you will learn how to get highest quality authoritative links to rank your site higher, how to get SEO traffic by backlinking, how to get links from top sites. Learn how to get A-level links, Save money by building links on your own.

With this course you will get 4 hours on demand video, 2 article, 29 downloadable resources, lifetime access with certification of completion and 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you are looking for backlinks for your website then this course is for you.


* Free 15-minute coaching call

* Personal invitation to authors Facebook community after you complete the course

* List of 50 business-success skills when you complete the course

* Be entered to get chosen for  student of the month status and have your business featured

* When you complete the course, Author will link to your website from his business blog.

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Review: “Yes, this is making perfect sense to me and I am able to take notes before moving to the next subject. Speed and clarity is perfect.” – Martin

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