Top 5 Certificates: Our education system is so outdated even though we have invested in 16 years of formal education and acquired technical graduation like Bachelor of Technology or diploma in computer science, Today that is not sufficient enough. This Unfortunate reality is forcing most of us to go for some industry-recognized certification and prove our metal

As an Edu tech consulting platform thousands of students enquire us about top certification which can get them a dream job majority of the students are not from a technical background but want to get into IT industry

In this blogpost and youtube video, I will tell you the top 5 certifications that help you get an IT job, even without a technical Graduation like B. tech or

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List of Top Certification to get IT jobs 2020

At number 5 Digital marketing

For the last 5 years, there is a study increase in demand for these professionals. The Estimated Opportunity size spending on digital marketing space is the US $ 60 + billion.

Digital marketing professionals are experts in marketing the product and service through the digital environment. In this digital world, more and more organizations are hiring a digital marketing and branding experts as the dynamic of sales and marketing techniques have changed

Who can get a job in this digital marketing?

This is one of the best ways to get into IT companies for Non-engineering students. People from Commerce and Arts background can apply. Digital marketing is more of marketing and sales support than hardcore engineering.

The good news is Majority of the companies have a separate department to manage the digital presence

Some of the popular roles in digital marketing space are

Level 1: Digital Marketing Executive, entry

Level2: Content Developer

Level 3: Digital Marketing Manager

Level 4: Directors of Digital Marketing or vp marketing

Expected Salary for Digital Marketing professionals

In India Salary ranges from 3.5 Lakh to 8 Lakh for junior level, and for the mid and senior level, it will go up to 15 to 24 lakh per year.

In USA digital marketing professionals can expect somewhere around In $60 K  90 k . Any standard it is a good salary to start from.

What are the best Recognised Certification in Digital Marketings

There are multiple certification providers in this space, however, some of the top players are Google and Hubspot Academy and couple of others

Google Adwords Certified Professionals:

One of the well-recognized certifications is “Google Adword Certified Advertising professional To become Google Certified you need to clear two exams, One is Adword fundamentals Plus next one could be Search advertising, Video advertising or Mobile advertising, anyone combination among these.

Hubspot: Hubspot Academy offers some of the best training and Certification that can help you become a digital marketing professional, More importantly, these certifications from HubSpot Academy are free. We have listed top online certification courses on digital marketing your could check on TrainingsTree Course University platform here

At number 4 Networking certification

Today we are living in a global village;  with a few clicks, you can connect anyone around the world. Connectivity and networks are the backbone present system. 70 % of the business economy works on the network. Networking professionals are always on demand and will continue to be in demand for the next 20 years.

There is a large number of certifications in this field, it is difficult to list all of them, Top most Certifications are

Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA)

Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP)

Salary Range for network engineers

The average salary for a network engineer starts In India around 18k to 60k as the experience and expertise go up this can even go up to 2 lakh + a month for senior level.  In US Salary for networking professionals ranges around the US $90k per year.

Who will hire Networking Professionals

Again network engineers are needed everywhere, there is a high chance of going abroad and stay in this field.




Tech Mahindra,


And many more big MNC hire networking professionals in large numbers to support their global operations.

This is another door for people who are not having technical graduation.
If you have some experience and the right attitude getting a job will not be a problem in this field Little hard work and the certification mentioned can get into the higher roles even CIO Positions.

At Number 3 Web Development:

Building a great website with user experience takes a lot of effort and time, satisfying current mobile generation is a tough task. Website building technology has grown over the years; it has many components that make an ordinary website to a great e-commerce platform like Amazon.

A concept like user experience, Mobile platform, social interaction video live stream, and payment processing makes web designing a very complex and challenging process.

IF you are able to develop and take on this challenge there is always a demand. This is the one area where your skill is more important than a degree you hold.

The beauty of this is, even without college graduation you can start developing websites and apps.

Thousands of college-goers and young startup entrepreneurs are using this to grow faster and built a great career.

Full-stack development certification from a reputed organization should help you to get started,  the cost of certification ranges from 50k to 80 k in India. CSS, HTML, JAVA, Angular JS and couple of latest technologies

Some of the companies looking for good developers are Infosys, TCS, Accenture, Amazon, you name any good software company they hire a web developer.

At number 2 Cloud Architect

Cloud technology is a new kid who has come up very fast in the last 5 years. As the world is moving to the Cloud. 70 % of the business is moving to cloud solution in the next couple of years, hence there is a huge demand for experts who can help the business to run through cloud computing.

The best way to project your expertise in cloud technology is to get certified from the leading players on cloud technology. Certifications like Certified Cloud Architect from AWS OR Google or Microsoft Azure would help you kick start your career

Salary for Cloud Architect

Cloud architects are expected to get 50k to 80k salary in India, and In USA the salary ranges from US $125 to 160 k per year, which is better than any other career for the 5- 8 years experience.

At number 1 Cyber Security

Preventing Cybercrime is the biggest challenge the world is facing today. Looking at the number of incidents and attaches that are happening, around 2 million experts are needed in the next couple of years in this field.

Anyone who can help prevent cybersecurity incidents, they are the most valuable asset to the organization. If you have stuff in you, you can take this up

Top Certification in Cyber Crime Space

Like any other sector, there are many training and certification providers in this space as the demand is too high in the Industry. It is hard to list all the certification however couple of well-recognized certifications are listed below, one can little more research and take up what suits your needs the most.

Level 1: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Level 2:Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Certified Ethical Hacker

Salary for Certified Cyber Security Professionals

This is one of the areas where there is a huge demand for experts due to the sudden increase in the nature of cyber activities across the globe. The right candidate can demand above-average salary in this space and get the job offers from dream companies.

In India you can expect 8lakh to 15 lakh per year and In the USA the salary ranges US $150 to 175k which is considered to be very good in all measures.

Other Top Certifications worth mentioning

Microsoft Certifications

Power BI


Linux & RedHat


SAP – Many modules in SAP

Management Certifications

Dev Ops

Dev Ops is the process management methodology that will help to develop a software more efficient and timely manner.

Using DevOps methodology one can develop, Test and Release software with high reliability. Now understanding a complete methodology can take some time, however, getting a certification will help you grow faster

Some of the top certification in the area of DevOps  are





There is a good demand for Dev Ops engineers, you can expect somewhere around 130-150kS in the US and in India, you can expect around 6 to 8 lakh per year.

Companies you can get into


Microsoft, IBM, Accenture


If you have strong determination and ability to get a good grip on any of the latest technology in the current job market like


Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

You could beet the competition and grab a high paying job

If you have experience around 5 to 10 years and you are looking for fast track your career, you can choose any of the popular Program Management Certification like



Lean Six Sigma

Finally, Certification is just an entry pass to a vast IT industry. Once you get in,  your survival and growth depend on how you perform on the battlefield

I hope I am able to give some clarity on where to invest your time and money, Google is a best friend to do some more research and take a call.
If you want to know the best certification provider in your area connect with me through your comments

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Have a wonderful day!!

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