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I have been  advocate of free learning environment for ages now, It’s a known fact that most of our university syllabus are outdated and what they teach and industry needs are way apart. There is long way to catch up for our universities and education system. Due to this gap student and organizations has to shell out huge money after their graduation to make them employable.

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Off late many IT organizations have their on in-house training facility and spend huge amount to make these employees skilled   for example eg Infosys and TCS have their own 6 month training programs for fresh hire.

Its proven fact that when there is no direct co relationship between graduation and performance why ask for!?  Many so called IT companies are still in the colonial mindset and have their entry level cut off to certain percentage and they are very  adamant about it some university or college. I am sure there are pro and cons to weigh..however  its better to wake up early else there is no difference between IT industry and universities . This morning  this  EY report  vindicated my belief and many more to follow… better late than never!!

Ernst and Young drops degree classification threshold for graduate recruitment



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