Inspirational Story with deep meaning :

On a beautiful morning, a King was walking on the street, he found a Monk with an empty bowl.

The King was in a good mood; he approached the Monk and asked what he wanted?

The Monk smiled and said, “you are asking me as though you can fulfill all my desires!?”

The king was bit offended, but he remained calm and said “Of course I can fulfill your desire, tell me what is it?”

And the Monk replied with a smile “My lord, think twice before you promise anything”

This time the King’s ego was hurt a bit!

 He asked “What do you think!? You are talking to an emperor What is that you can possibly desire, that I cannot give you?

 Don’t worry, go ahead and ask! Said the king.

a Magical Bowl
A Magical Bowl

The Monk replied “Alright! It is a very simple desire”

 “Can you see this bowl, Could you fill this with something for me” He stretched his hand!.

The king said, “Of Course”

He called his minister and asked him to fill that bowl with coins.

Minister took out some coins from his pocket and put it into the bowl, it disappeared!

He was surprised! he poured some more, again it disappeared!.

He could not believe his eyes!

He ordered a bag full of coins and poured it into the Monk’s bowl, still, the bowl remained empty.

Next, he got loads of coins and poured into the bowl, no difference.

By the evening the news spread across the capital like wildfire and crowds started gathering.

The prestige of the emperor was at stake, and he was in no mood to give up.

The Emperor cannot lose so easily to an ordinary Monk,

He said “ I am ready to lose everything including a kingdom but I don’t want to lose to this Monk

Golds, Diamonds, Pearls other valuables have been poured into the bowl… still the bowl remained empty.

King’s treasures ware becoming empty but still, there is no sign of filling the bowl.

The bowl appeared to be a bottomless black hole; no one knew where the things were going.

The crowd becomes silent spectators, as their beloved king soon going to be bankrupt at any moment.

Finally, the king realized his mistake and decided to surrender.

King dropped at the feet of the Monk and accepted his defeat. And said, “You are Victorious, Now tell me what is this bowl made of”.

Monk and Bowl

There was a deep silence..

The Monk laughed and said, “there is no secret my lord; the bowl is made up of human DESIRES”…

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Knowingly or unknowingly we are all carrying this bowl, if one desire is satisfied other thing crops up, it is never-ending. I remember a quote from Buddha “End of desire is where the end of sorrow!

Let’s all make an effort to keep this bowl away as far as possible and experience the bliss within.

Hope you like this short course of today

I will be back soon with other Short Course, till then do take care

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