TrainingsTree-An idea to Reality

I have been thinking of building an organization which has a social cause with strong economic model for some time now.  Recently  idea came to my mind  which was meeting all the criteria I was looking for . As a result of this is born. I am completely fascinated by the concept for its sheer impact its going to make to the people  at large.  This concept would bridge the gaps between the knowledge needs and what providers are having in a big way and  be a platform where both provider and the seekers are the winners ,which  should be the mantra of  modern business.  India being back office of the world there is already enough competitions among the people to upgrade themselves to brace the business challenges .  We are a young knowledge hungry people, this opens up a huge opportunity for learning and Training Industry. That is what exactly happened over a decade now, every alternate business has started training , crash course on various activities.…
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