Startup Challenges -How to nurture Talents in Starups

Startup Challenges: As an employee every IT guy thinks I should do something on my own one day! However, high pay and large EMI life holds back  many of us back for obvious reason. If you have a unique idea and people to execute it’s not that difficult to start a startup. The two happening buzz word in tech circle is “Entrepreneur” and “Start up”, thanks to startup culture , Bangalore is living up to its name silicon valley of India ! The challenge is not starting; real challenge is attracting talents and retaining them. As a startup you will have to work with many constrains, among them most important is attracting talent and motivate them to perform for peanuts. It’s a different ball game all together one has to embrace and discover the opportunity each of these challenge and leverage them to our advantage. I have tried to touch upon some of the elements here what we practice in  TrainingsTree  may be some help to you. Learning attracts talents. People are talented …
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