How to Grow Faster Than Your Peer

Gone are the day’s people used to stick to one company till their retirement, today everyone is looking at fast growth. Today people go beyond their comfort zone to achieve what they have been dreaming for. People are becoming more and more creative and started taking risks for reward. Today average age of a CEO is reduced to 40s than 60s in decade ago. Growth is a natural phenomena and healthy sign of prosperity. Remember overnight no one can start flying; knowledge with hands-on expertise along with systematic effort will take you there . There is no right or wrong way to grow fast, it’s just few pointers which could help your endeavor .. Start with a Good Plan   Well planed is half done as the say goes.. one has to plan to achieve something. Without a plan success is just a  fluke, A realistic plan will help you to be focused and motivated as you achieve small goalposts. Start with end result in mind and work backwards with time line, Identify major milestone whi…
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