MOOC and its relevance in current Era!

Massive Open Online Courses is the new buzz word in the learning circle from couple of years now. This is an effort to explain how this works and what the advantages over its disadvantages are and who are the players. Massive Open Online Course or MOOC as people call is not a new concept; it’s been there for a while in different name. Recent technological advancement and connectivity around the globe has made this more popular today than ever. In a way MOOC is another form of distance learning, or e Learning, which makes learning anytime anywhere and size irrelevant! As the name suggests it’s a open class with a large number of students across the globe delivered over internet. The exciting part is its FREE! Here student learn courses over video and complete the assignment attached to the course through online. Then courses are evaluated by the Instructor or automatically by computer program. Advantages of e Learning or MOOC Access To Global Knowledge: In this competi…
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