BPO what you need to know as a fresher

Business Process Outsourcing Any work which does not need a face to face interaction could be done by any one from anywhere is the core philosophy behind the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This is not a new phenomenon but gained popularity as communication technology improved, western countries started using this to their advantage and they saved money and time. And countries like India explored this to great extent and have become the major hub for outsourced jobs, rest all history as you all know it. Could not find what you are looking for? Just Ask Us! Work and work Culture: BPO work is predominantly hovers around two types Voice Process: Voice process is nothing but telephone operators who answers calls or makes calls to customers (remember those credit card people calling you) it is that simple. For this Voice Process you should be good at communication on different local and international languages. Examples Customer services:┬áCall centers (Airtel and Idea) t…
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