5 Key things to get a job other than your MBA course

5 Things Get you a Job Everyone who is coming just out of college has only one thing to achieve! That is get into a “Good IT company” and settle. This is more of a mindset than a real life situation, the reality inside the IT organizations are different! Whatever said and done that is the flavor of the decade so we really can’t blame anyone but our self. Today I am planning to touch upon few best practices which can increase your job potentials immensely. Could not find what you are looking for? Just Ask Us! 1) Be patient: Patience is the rare materials we get to see in these Y generation, I must say this the one element which has been in down trend at least for last 25 years. I am sure I am sounding your parents here! But the point I am focusing here is, there is whole world is waiting for a person who has a right stuff with him/her so don’t be in hurry ! use your time to improve your axe . So Invest your time to develop and enhance some of your personal ability do basic SWO…
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