How To Get Hired by a Top Law Firm (Guide)

At the end of the day, every budding lawyer wants to be hired by the top law firm in the city. These dream jobs ensure that you get excellent training, exposure, and money. Naturally, these positions are also incredibly difficult to come by.

Competition is fierce and you can often be up against tens or hundreds of people all vying for the same job. So, in this kind of environment, how can you make sure that you are the winner? Well, if this is something you are eager to know, then you need to consider the guidelines below…

1. Pick Your Law School Carefully

Yes, where you go to law school can matter to a certain extent. To begin with, top law schools are ranked as such for a reason. They boast an excellent curriculum and teaching staff.

What’s more, they also offer a number of opportunities in the legal field for students. Thus, when law firms pick students from such schools, they can virtually guarantee that they are selecting a well-trai…

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