Startup Challenges:

As an employee every IT guy thinks I should do something on my own one day! However, high pay and large EMI life holds back  many of us back for obvious reason. If you have a unique idea and people to execute it’s not that difficult to start a startup. The two happening buzz word in tech circle is “Entrepreneur” and “Start up”, thanks to startup culture , Bangalore is living up to its name silicon valley of India !

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The challenge is not starting; real challenge is attracting talents and retaining them. As a startup you will have to work with many constrains, among them most important is attracting talent and motivate them to perform for peanuts. It’s a different ball game all together one has to embrace and discover the opportunity each of these challenge and leverage them to our advantage. I have tried to touch upon some of the elements here what we practice in  TrainingsTree  may be some help to you.

  • Learning attracts talents. People are talented because they love to learn, it’s simple make your environment learning friendly. It need not be a always study but real time experience will give a thrill, people love to explore and learn on their own. People do love to learn through some crash course or online these days provide them such platform as well.
  • Performance is closely linked to results and makes people aware of the performance driven process. Let them have a clear view of what is costing what. People they know and the college they went may take them to the doorsteps but not more! after its all about performance, attitude and result!!
  • Encourage creativity and allow them to take risk, it’s important to learn buy mistake and people love to be creative. Remember that they took a risk and joined you as startup. Innovation is closely linked to risk apatite and process can be improved only by allowing making mistakes and learn from them. Repeated mistake is no no!
  • Keep your hiring standards tight, wrong hiring can cost a bomb. And remember one rotten egg can damage many things. Create an hiring process where only talent gets in not the certificate. Give them live environment to work for a while , let them prove their material .. Once you are confident take them in. Remember there are enough people who love to take challenge and prove! Its hard but not impossible explore them!
  • Have a diverse work force environment, this helps to learn from each other’s culture and explore the tribal knowledge (tribal knowledge is something they inherited from where they originated). Some motivation factor works keep it divers and gender neutrality.
  • Keep some of the practical things flexible as much as possible as long as result is not affected. Work timings, locations, dress code (it doesn’t make any sense to have a tie around your neck when you are answering call at midnight on 42 C climates) Be practical on their needs but careful about  fooling around.

I have come back from long gap for blogging !! let me share few of my experience in setting up tech  startup !

This write up is my fist part of  Star up Challenges serious, expect more in coming day !  please do share your thoughts !

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