There is no shortcut when it comes to choosing a right training course or institute as there are hundreds of them and its natural we get confused. This is broad guidelines which will help you to choose better.

1) First decide what exactly you are looking for , Define your requirement clearly. be it technical or non , what level of knowledge you are looking for. Once that is done , go for evaluation of institutes /trainers who are  providing for the same

2)Check the course content, look for  reviews about the institutes and trainers credentials

3) Credential or accreditation helps , but that is not the only end. Normally institute with accreditation will have good system in place however, do your due diligence, don’t fall for just a some international name.

4) Check for the proximity from your place where you can really make it, its very important to attend class and distance and traffic matters a lot especially when you have a time constrain or working.

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5)Flexibility matters,Its very important to have a flexibility in the course , especially for working people who calender is ever changing and dynamic. many at times people miss session, look for peer and online support from the institute to complete courses.

6) Last but not the least look for value for money, dont join course just because your neighbour has suggested or joined, money matters, remember especially when you are in learning stage penny saved is a penny earned

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