What do we mean by presentation skills?

In simple words Presentation skills is a technique of communication which will hold the listener’s attention in various situation such as speaking to the team, presenting to customers, managing the large audience effectively.

The presentation also includes an addressing large gathering on the podium or social events and conveying the message through various technologies such as video conferences, webinars, and live telecasts.

These two are important aspects to be a better communicator, both are necessary and interconnected, one is preparing for a presentation and another one is practicing communication verbal as well as non-verbal.

Today through this post I am going to talk about what is a good presentation is and what skills are required to be acquired to make a presentation effective.

Many of us feel terrified (even I am not different) when we are pushed to speak in public. Now there is a way to reduce this fear to a certain extent by preparing well of the subject which will set the tone and support as foundation of your effective presentation in the beginning.

To have an effective communication one need to have well planned, defined process and means of presenting should be planned meticulously

Key Elements for a Successful Presentation

A good presentation making is an art of communication which will convince the audience. Here we have given many courses on communication which can help you improve, such as Communication Skills! For more consider the following key components of presentation and communication.

1. Setting the right context:

One needs to ask a few basic questions to have a better understanding of the presentation and its context.

2. How familiar are you with the place and people?

If you are presenting in a new place where you are visiting the first time your preparation and planning would need a little extra, arrive early, make yourself comfortable and familiarize the podium and technology for presentation.

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3. Crowd size and demographics

To be effective one will have to prepare for the audience and their demographics to make the subject relevant. presenting style will have to be appropriate to the age demographics of the audience as well. If the audience is young and dynamic you cannot keep on talking data and number, one will have to have an innovative way to grab their attention and hold onto.

4. Place and Time of the presentation

Your presentation needs to be designed based on where you are presenting, example if you are in a large auditorium or classroom setup with high visibility and light you would need a different color combination and setup with technology than a simple conference room presenting among your team members. Both need different presentation styles and materials.

5. How familiar are you with the audience

Your presentation will have to be designed based on the rapport you have with your audience.  If your audiences are new and the majority of them are first-timers you will have to prepare yourself to build a quick rapport with some icebreakers to get their attention.

6. Expected learning or messaging from your presentation

You need to prepare your content based on what is the message or learning the audience takes away from your presentation. The message has to be clear and to the point.

7. Presentation environment & equipment

Technology plays an important role in communication, you will have to design your presentation based on the technology available.  If there is no access to the computer you can go with a presentation, you should have a notepad and explain the subject in a concise way.

All the mentioned elements will have an impact on the presentation. For more on the presentation see

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The one who presents to the audience (Presenter)

The presenter’s role is to communicate the subject in an effective way and have control over the presentation. Controlling the audience is a key when you are convincing people to act on something be it selling, service or asking them to join a yoga class or asking your team to come on time to the office.

You may wish to have a lot at this course which will talk about how to facilitate (facilitating Skills for more)

presentation skills

Presentation method

Though presentations are delivered to a direct audience the situation is changing. Today the technology is so improved one can reach out to a global audience without having any delays. Technologies like Video calling, Whatsapp call, live webcast, YouTube streaming and skypes are making a huge impact on reaching a global audience. So one needs to prepare the content based on which method you are delivering and how it reaches to the audience and its relevance over time.

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The Audience



The one who receives your messages is the audience or whom you have designed your presentation,

Though you present the same to every audience the understanding of the subject varies depending on the maturity level, experience, expertise in the subject and personalities.

When you are presenting you may speak some subject, however for the listener, it is not just verbal communication, it involves your voice modulation, gesture, your confidence level, and body language.

As a presenter, you will have to consider all types of communication than just a verbal while you are presenting. Each aspect has to be given equal importance and managed properly to a consistent and clear message. 

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Audience Reaction

Any communication between two or more people, your ability to judge and adjust to the reaction of the audience is a key element for success. Great communicators are always going and play by audience reaction. The audience is the one who perceives your communication and message, through their body language, reaction, and attitude,  a good presenter will get a clear message on how the performance is. So while presenting it is very important to assess the reaction of the audience and aligning to their taste makes the perfect speaker.

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New Era Challenges 

Presentation in a modern technological environment can go wrong unless given attention. Things like background noise, Network connectivity, and global timings. As a presenter one will have to plan to keep all these small but important elements in mind to make your presentation out of any breaks or disturbance.

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