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Policy on Business Listing

For use of our Site and other services, you confirm and declare that you shall not list or post or provide information in relation to the sale or purchase or exchange of goods and services, content or information that are illegal under the laws of the Land ,  ie Republic of India and/or are not permitted as per the prohibited items.

TrainingsTree specifically prohibit any listing or posting of classifieds or information in relation prohibited items as per laws of India.  TrainingsTree reserve every  right to not publish  any business listing  if found inappropriate. We take utmost care in all kind of listing, however in case of any administrative slippage the concerned business , institutes or person  who has listed the business owns up all the responsibility and faces consequences arising out of such transactions not the TrainingsTree.

If any one notice any inappropriate items which is not in accordance the spirit and laws of the land and company policy you agree to inform us to act appropriately.


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