Communication Skills

We have written enough about verbal communication, Communication Skills and its impotence. Today we will cover other type of communication skills one needs to develop to lead the professional life in this competitive era.

Communication Skills includes many more aspect than oral and non verbal communication, other type of communication includes as below

Presentation Skills

Though we don’t use presentation skills frequently especially those who are starting career  or lover level. As we grow up the ladder, there will be time you will have to have good presentation skills to lead people. At time you may have to present your performance to customers. Management expect you to present your idea in a effective presentation form. So we have built a page on Presentation Skills which covers key points have a look

Writing Skills

In this global flat world you would not always get to speak to, more ofther you will have to use writing as a mode of communication. Emails have become a common norm in corporate world these days. Good communicator will have both verbal as well as good writing skills.

In this interconnected internet world if you have a good writing ability and communicate clearly, you would not be out of job. Excellent writing skills itself in demand, be it blog writing,  or journalism, authoring books and many more.

We covered more about writing skills on our page to you to help develop good writing ability and improve your source of income multi fold.

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Personal Skills

These skills enhance our communication as well as help us to keep our mind focused and clean.

When you have a clarity of thought and clean mind it will improve your confidence and help you be active. When you surrounded with positive thoughts your action would be more effective.

Deeper understanding of your thoughts and positive mind will make you more attractive and charismatic personality. Your personality will help you further enhance your communication ability and confidence could be visibly seen in your voice. We have covered more on What is Charismatic leadership in our page for your ref. we have also covered more related to communication skills and Assertiveness-which is all about standing for what you believe and speak about it confidently . Find out pages on Assertiveness and Charismatic leadership for deeper understanding

Communication depends lot on status of your mind, for example when you are angry the way you speak is entirely different from happy state of mind. One has to really practice and learn how to deal with stressful situations and still maintain calm and control the Anger. We have covered more about What is Stress Management and how to deal stress and also More about Anger Management in our page, you could ref those

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