Every one of us take pride is boosting our military capabilities, As a citizen of a nuclear armed country I too take pride in our ability to defend our self from potential threats.

However, just out of curiosity,  When I looked at the stock pile of nuclear warheads among the 9 counties who have declared possessing nuclear warheads it was really mind boggling.

It is too scary to imagine if something were to go wrong!

What was shocking is, the way two super powers of the world that is America and Russia competed each in a race for almost for 50 years in stocking the nuclear warheads that inspired me to create this video for education purpose. I have a racing bar chart that will show you, how these super power have competed each other for  almost 60 years.

Probably of nuclear conflicts have come down over the years, mainly due to the increased awareness of damage it could create and also the discovery of new sophisticated devices which is more powerful and effective to conquer. Still no one can guaranty it will not happen at all, looking at the way the world is behaving!

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The good news is … as per the NEW START 2010 Agreement the both the super powers  agreed to reduce the stock by half!

As a result overall inventories of nuclear warheads continue to decline, Compare to the 80s and 90s the number of warheads possessed by both the super powers reduced drastically and continue to reduce.

According SIPRI an independent international institute which studies conflicts across the world there are still approximately 14000 active nuclear warheads of which 90 % is with two major powers that is USA and Russia.

As per the Number of nuclear warheads by country in 2019 reported in SIPRI

Let us look at facts published in SIPRI

At the beginning of 2019 nine state

World Nuclear Force in 2018
Deployed Others Total
USA 1750 4435 6185
Russia 1600 4900 6500
UK 120 80 200
France 280 20 300
China NA 290 290
India 130-140 130-140
Pakistan 150-160 150-160
N Koria 20-30 20-30
Iran ? ? ?

Possessed approximately 13865 nuclear warheads of which 3750 were deployed with operation forces

Nearly 2000 are kept in high state of operations alert.

That I will leave it to your imagination now let me show you how these super power competed each other for 50 + years

Nuclear warhead race between earth while USSR,or Current Russia and super power USA is been going on from last 50 odd years.

According to the data some point of time somewhere around 1986 the total inventory of warheads had reached at its peak of 64000, It is almost 4.5 time the size of current stock of 14000. You can imagine the kind of damage it could have created if something wares to go wrong.

The good news is today the same two super powers are in the race of reducing the warheads, at least believe so. 

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Luckily some point of time the world has realized the amount of danger this can create to the planet and humanity as a whole.

It is important to note nuclear warhead is a deterrent, and not a offensive instrument to finish the opponent.

In case of war there will not be any one winner all are looser.

 It is nice to know the information and understand the danger a nuclear war can bring

Let’s all pray and hopefully the world will not see another Hiroshima or Nagasaki event.


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