Thai clay, polymer clay and resin classes

Thai clay, polymer clay and resin classes


Thai clay is a kind of fermented air dry clay which we use for making naturally looking beautiful flowers, each and every flower is unique in its own way and if you create your own then the joy ll be doubled

Courses offered for both kids and elders

Basic to advanced courses are available.
  • Basic flower making
  • Bonsai
  • Mini banana plant
  • Photo frame
  • Fall flower arrangement
  • Mason Jar art
  • Mini succulents
  • Large succulent arrangement
  • Chocolate and macaroon key chains
  • And many more

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photo frame trainingstree

You will Learn:
  • basic principles of working with polymer clay
  • basic techniques of creating polymer clay jewelry
  • several ways of embellishing the jewelry
  • tips and ideas for next projects
All the courses are inclusive of materials
cutters for the flowers are not included in the course if its needed it ll be charged extra
all the materials used are imported once the registration is done no refund ll be available.
half the fee amount should be paid to confirm your registration remaining amount to be paid on the day of workshop.
Thank you!  Happy crafting.

About the Trainer: Anusha Tilak

Anusha Tilak is the founder of Quills and Clay, Over the years Anusha has crafted herself as one of the finest Polymer Jewelry and Thai clay Jewelry fashion designer in Bangalore Banashankari area.  An experienced professional with 10+ years of experience in this art and craft. She is a known face in this area for creating unique designs through her own creativity and imagination.

Anusha  conducts classes for  Thai clay, Polymer clay and resin art classes for women of all ages. You could reach Anusha for corporate and Individual assignments.


Name:  Anushatilak
Place – Banashankari near devegowda petrol pump & pai layout near tin factory
Contact number – 9972279090
Facebook Page:  Polymerplay

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2 responses to “Thai clay, polymer clay and resin classes in Bangalore by Anusha Tilak”

  1. Best place to learn…Anusha mam is really very talented and she is the best who thought me all techniques in a very easy way…loved her way of teaching and interaction with her student…overall if your looking for learning something really beautiful Anusha mam is the best option😍❤️

    1. Thank you Geethanjali, your feedback help our students to choose this class with confidence,
      Good Day
      Team. TT


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