STARTUP COACH – It’s my passion to guide people and help to solve new challenges. As a Lean Startup Coach, I have been helping many Startup entrepreneurs to validate and take their dream from  IDEA to REALITY. As a Lean Expert, I apply lean principles to cause results with minimum investments.

In the initial stage of and the entrepreneurial journey, one has to be very frugal on various resources to avoid costly mistakes,

I am a seasoned serial startup entrepreneur and a business consultant with many clients across India and abroad.  As a Lean startup professional, I worked with many startups in the initial stage of my career and learned the tricks of the startup game. I have successfully built a couple of startups on my own makes me a perfect candidate for a startup solution. Currently specialized in start-up entrepreneurial ventures and mentoring business /execution and advising many Startup CEOs and Management Team.

I help entrepreneurs in

  1. Identifying  real customer
  2. Understanding customer need
  3. Testing the hypothesis (Market/data Analysis)
  4. Business Opportunity Identification
  5. Initial Technology Need assessment
  6. Building your first Product/Service-prototype with minimum investment
  7. Marketing Advertising Building Brands (alternate channels)
  8. How to avoid costly mistakes in startup
  9. Time management
  10. Money /Resource management
  11. Build startup from the scratch
  12. Organisational structure and legal entity (Private ltd, or proprietorship etc)
  13. Legal requirements /Private /LLC
  14. Team management (opportunity cost)
  15. Motivating your team to perform
  16. Drive Sales
  17. Pitch for fund
  18. Pro’s and con’s of  venture funding

No matter what stage of startup you are in, you got to face the reality, start up is for people who chase dream even in difficult circumstances. I never seen a successful startup entrepreneur who has not cried at least once in their  journey of startup, it is that painful. Remember there is a 95 failed ventures behind a one successful venture we talk about. If you want to become one among the lucky 5 there is lot to work on.


Here is a short 4-minute youtube video on What is Startup and how would a startup journey look like !? Have a look


Realities of Startup Journey and stages to pass through

There is a lot of similarity in the startup journey and starting a new life! one needs to see through.

  • 1 Startup Idea Stage: (Romancing with Idea) In this stage startup entrepreneurs are excited with possibilities, however, they are not able to decide whether to jump or not. Many things are not clear, the opportunity appears to be big but do not know how to take on. Fear and excitement co-exist here, this is where you make up your mind  decide to take a chance.
  • 2 Early Startup Stage :(Kissing the reality) This stage you have taken a plunge, now figuring out how to manage many things which you have never worked on. This is where you will learn what you know is only the tip of the iceberg and you got a tough task in hand. Every day you will realize new things to be learned and a new challenge to conquer. This is a very crucial stage of your startup life where you will learn to keep your ego in your pocket. And start chasing your customers and realize how hard it is to convince that you are worth the risk. By this time you are already neck-deep in and don’t know how to come out or continue. You will also start counting your opportunity cost and alternate options ( your last drawn salary multiplied by the number of months and the new opportunity bla bla). Finally, you start understanding you  ” you don’t know what you don’t know”, earlier the better you realize this truth, higher the chance of getting success and moving on in life.
  • 3. Early Customer Stage : (You just got engaged) This is where you started seeing some light in the tunnel and have little hope now. You work hard and found out what are your customer needs are, and how you can meet their expectations. You will also plan for your staffing and business growth in a more realistic way. In this stage, you will realize how the real-life shape up than the actual plan which you have created immediately after you got an idea. Now you are more realistic and pragmatic in execution, this will take you to success.


  • 4. Startup Growth Stage : (Newly Married) Things are settling down, customers are coming and you are able to run the show, everything looks hunky-dory. You need to be the focus on long term sustainability and growth, keep your checks and balances in place if you left loose you will suffer in later stages.  Now you need to focus on process and set the rules of the game tight,  this is the stage where process plays an important role in your startup journey.


  • 5.Startup Venture Funding Stage: (Your beautiful daughter crossed just eighteen) Where there is sugar you could find ants around, no invitation is needed. That is the nature of money too, people keep looking for a good place to multiply their investment. If you are the one who can show them growth, sustainability, size of the opportunity you will win big time. Here you got to be smart enough, right Investment strategy will give you win-win situation and it is always better to play your natural game bringing them to your court then going to their area and loose much.


Arun is a  Certified Master Black Belt (MBB) previously lead a team of expert change agents who are at management level. Over the years I have worked with various business verticals such as Banking, Insurance Retail, Healthcare and Consulting practices. My extensive exposure to client environment strengthened my knowledge on client’s needs, their technology, systems utilization across the world, and their capabilities and limitations.

If you dare to chase your dream I am there to handhold connect me for more on [email protected]

Specialties: LEAN STARTUP Coach, Business Transformation Consulting, Change Delivery, Due Diligence, Business Excellence, Lean Six Sigma, Leadership Training.





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