Sri Siddhalingeshwara Shiva yogi Swamy is a manifestation of Nirvikara (super power of this universe) Shiva, here Shiva means common/innocent people assume as parvathi parameshwara, but Himalayan yogi Shiva is the first human being to start “Atmalinga Pooja”, but without Linga. During his life time and even after his Samadhi, he has performed numerous miracles to help people to overcome various obstacles in life. He accepted followers regardless of their caste, colour, gender & creed. His divine powers have cured the sick and those tormented by incurable illness.Sri Siddhalingeshwara Swamy was a distinguished yogik teacher and vachana author. He travelled along with 701 Shisyas & penned the Shathsthala Jnana Saramrutha, a collection of 701 vachana poems. He also managed the Muruga Mutt, chitradurga for a long time. His constant presence in the form of the Samadhi has made holy Yediyur a highly valued religious destination where spiritual consciousness is supreme.

Sri Siddhalingeshwara Shiva yogi a great reversed monk of Sharana Siddhanta in the path of Shiva Sharana Parampara of diffusion of thatva of life called VACHANAS. He travelled far and wide all over India preaching Sharana faith which is predominantly praying with ATMA LINGA as envisaged by Guru Basavanna, Allama Prabhu and Akka mahadevi, Channa Basavanna, Shidda Rama Shiva yogi and a vast group of self learned men and women from all walks of life (12th century in present day Bijapur district). He performed 12 years of linga yoga at a planten garden belongs to vokkaligara Nambiyana (thota) and hence came to be known as Thontada Siddhalingeshwara Swamy. He headed the Murgi mutt and had a large following of disciples some of who wrote on Veerashiva/ Guru Basava faith and philosophy. Hence Yediyuru jeva Samadhi, (here jeeva Samadhi means you should understand, all yogis are known their body age and before their last breath they select a place to leave their physical body. Such yogis are very powerful and even after they give darshan to devotees) is deemed to be a seat of awakened spiritual consciousness. Dear reader even if you pray him, he gives darshan since thousands of people has this miracle experience in this kaliyuga.

He has also written Shathsthala Jnana Saramrutha, containing 701 Vachana poems which are directing Sthalas (route) to Attain Ikya i.e. involvement to light. Shiva yogi was having 701 main followers who also travelled along with him all over ancient India far and wide, preached eternal truth and performed many miracles whenever he faced testing time for crores of people irrespective of their caste or creed. His life and values held by him demonstrated the divine powers attained by him to heal the sick and suffering.

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