Origin and development of S.K. Educational Trust

The S.K. Educational Trust was founded in memory of late Sri.S.Kailasa Goundar and Smt. Sarathambal Kailasa Goundar on 20-02-2003 by their daughter Mrs. Sarojini Rajendren.

“The most valuable wealth is Education. It won’t be stolen by thieves; it won’t be lost by time; it won’t be burnt by fire; it is the permanent wealth.” Realizing these facts, Sri. S.Kailasa Goundar established a new Government High School with 18 students on 12-09-1993 at Thethakudi South, Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam District. He made all children of each and every corner of village to get quality education. By remitting Rs.5, 00,000/- to the Government, his wife Smt.Sarathambal Kailasam founded the S.K. Govt. High School in memory of her husband Sri. S.Kailasa Goundar.

Further to this, S.K. Government high School was upgraded to Higher Secondary school on 18-06-1999 by her own efforts. From the starting of this school, mid-day meal is being supplied in her home for all the deserving children. History does not tell about a person who was born, lived and died. But history tells about one, who left something for the nation and the society. This is spoken as “Legacy”. While talking about the Legacy of Sri S. Kailasa Goundar and Smt. Sarathambal Kailasam, their generosity, humanity, social upliftment and educational service will come to our mind.

The most significant one of the management of this Institution is that it is looked after by their successor Mrs. Sarojini Rajendren.

“Prepare”, “Practise” and “Perform” for the betterment of the citizens of this beloved mother country and mother tongue “Tamil”.

The agrarian India is fast developing into a major Industrial power and technological revolution. This is made possible only by the teachers and students in their classrooms and laboratories.

“The destiny of the nation is shaped in the classroom” – as pointed out by the eminent Educationist Dr. D.C. Kothari is well practiced in our Institution.

Sri Angalamman College of Education aims at providing better education to SC, ST, BC and MBC women students and to empower them to shine in the future life, job, social life etc.

The College aims at providing better citizenship, with creativity and duty, discipline and dignity to its trainees.

B.Ed., College

This college had been started at Vadakadambadi, which is situated between the world famous Mamallapuram and “Patchi Theertham” Thirukkazhukundram. Our College is situated at Vadakadambadi and has a spacious and a beautiful two storied building, with garden and the play ground of 7 acres in. The college has got recognition from NCTE in 2006, affiliation from the University of Madras in January 2007 and NOC from Government of Tamilnadu to start B.Ed., programme in the premises from 2007 Calendar year for as the first batch followed by 2007-08 academic year.

Academic Excellence

Both batches have secured 100% result in theory and practical. Our students of B.Ed., who appeared for the exam, held on September 2007 attained 100% results everybody got first class and passed the exams with flying colours. S. SHENBAGAVALLI got 1064/1300 marks and stood first in 2007 and S.JESSINTHA secured first place by getting 1042/1300 marks in 2007-08. The two batches of students completed from the University of Madras and the third batch appeared for the exam from Tamilnadu Teachers Education University.

The third batch’s request one of our students by name K. Revathi secured 1064/1200 and secured the first place in Kancheepuram District.

In the following academic year 2010 – 2011 R. Venkatesan got 890/1000 and secured the first place in the district.

Qualified, eligible and experience staff members are working in this organisation. All the staff members have registered for research programme ( Ph.D) in Education as an External registration at Annamalai University. By registering for research at Annamalai University by our staff members, our college becomes a Research Institute.

Education is the everlasting fortune in cultivating a man for his future. It is our Motto of our College to cultivate quality and professional competence of teachers (are the key factors in) providing excellent Education and helping students to develop their all round development and integrated personalities.

Social service

S.K. Educational Trust does social service apart from Educational services. For example it identified Poonjeri Irular colony and Narikuravar colony and helped, for their educational growth by evening coaching classes with the help of Tamilnadu government.

Following this on 14-3-2009, we granted Electric motor to Chengalpet, orphanage children home and we gave music and dance programmes and distributed sweets to them. We distributed pens and pads to the X standard public exam goers of Grace Service Home, Chengalpet on 23-03-09.



A spacious and beautiful building with two floors specifically suited for Teaching and Learning.

Other Facilities

The college is provided with a library that is par excellence in collection of books and the content of them. There are nearly 8000 volumes on 4000 titles that covers the entire gamut of ancient and modern education in India and abroad. The reference books and the journals contribute must to the research activity in education related subjects. The library is very spacious, well lit and furnished. It is furnished with very comfortable furniture which provides a congenial atmosphere for peaceful and serious academic reading.

Laboratories well equipped with modern gadgets for Physical sciences, Biological sciences, Psychology, Educational Technology, Computer and Audio-visual education are available. In addition, an acoustically well planned room for music and spacious accommodation for physical education with provision for indoor games and separate rooms for work experience, arts and crafts are provided with.

Play Ground

Facilities for outdoor games like Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Handball, Ball-badminton, Throw ball, Ring ball, Kabbadi, Badminton, Tennis, Track and Field events facilities are available.


Separate hostels for men and women with spacious and well furnished rooms and equipped with modern kitchens are available. Very hygienically prepared food is served at moderate rates.


Additional Info



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