SMART Foundation has a vision to create a Stress-Free World. The founder is Dr. SURESH J, who has dedicated his life for this cause with passion. He is committed to create a healthy and peaceful world free of stress related problems. His work on STRESS MANAGEMENT has been greatly appreciated in all walks of life. INDIAN BOARD OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES has recognised him as a Registered Medical Practitioner (Alternative Medicines). He is a practising Yogi since 1975. He has been studying, analyzing, reflecting and experimenting on affects of STRESS and how to use it productively for universal good since 1995 and has trained thousands of students hailing from different walks of life.

Pranayama – The ancient technique of scientific breathing to improve our health and energy quotient by improving Oxygenation of the blood. This technique is also very effective in enhancing the emotional quotient, calming the mind and rapid healing of ailments. This requires about 15 to 20 minutes daily for regular practice.
Mind Resting techniques – A simple-to-learn mind resting technique to calm the mind and enhance the intellectual quotient. This unique process of deep relaxation enables to remove blockages of subconscious mind (Phobias) and thereby maximizing mind’s true potential. Simplified processes are used to get maximum benefits in our day-to-day life. This requires about 20 to 30 minutes for each session during regular practice.
Natural food and YOGA – An interactive session to understand, how food can affect our health, internal harmony and alertness. Understand and experience the yogic way of eating and drinking.
GYANA YOGA – Besides these four fundamental steps, the course deals with Re-orientation of the thinking processes (Psycho-Somatic Program) using universal truths of life (including the principles for — Success, Stress & Emotions and Self realization). UNDERSTANDING and USING these universal truths helps in creating freedom from stress. It is also the foundation for our journey towards excellence.


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The Emperor and Monk with an Empty Bowl-Inspirational Story

Inspirational Story with deep meaning :

On a beautiful morning, a King was walking on the street, he found a Monk with an empty bowl.

The King was in a good mood; he approached the Monk and asked what he wanted?

The Monk smiled and said, “you are asking me as though you can fulfill all my desires!?”

The king was bit offended, but he remained calm and said “Of course I can fulfill your desire, tell me what is it?”

And the Monk replied with a smile “My lord, think twice before you promise anything”

This time the King’s ego was hurt a bit!

 He asked “What do you think!? You are talking to an emperor What is that you can possibly desire, that I cannot give you?

 Don’t worry, go ahead and ask! Said the king.

A Magical Bowl

The Monk replied “Alright! It is a very simple desire”

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Office Boy to Entrepreneur- Inspiration

A Poor young boy was looking for an office job to make a living.

He applied for the Office boy post in Multi-National Company

During the interview, the hiring manager asked all the irrelevant questions and the boy answered all to the satisfaction.

There were 3 rounds of interviews (it happens in most tech companies if you have not experienced yet).

In the final round, the manager wanted to test his skills, so he asked him to clean the toilet floor, The boy did it to perfection.

"Congratulations You are selected!! Give me your email, we will send your appointment letter", said the Manager.

The boy replied! I don’t have a computer and even an email id, I don’t know how to operate them!

I am Sorry, Said the Manager! If you do not have an email address and you don’t know how to operate them, that means you don’t exist! If you do not exist, you don’t have a job here.

The boy left the office wi…

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A Celebrity and Change of Seat Request-Inspirational Story

Once a rich celebrity woman was boarding a plane.

She noticed an elderly person was sitting next to her seat.

She was a bit upset about having to travel with an old man! On a long journey!

Then she called the Airhostess and asked her to change the seat as she was a bit uncomfortable having to sit next to a poor elderly man.

The Airhostess checked for an alternate place and came back and replied politely, “Apologies ma’am, but the economy class is completely booked”

A Smart Airhostess

Upon her insistence, the air hostess said she would speak to the Captain and check if he could do something to make the celebrity comfortable.

When the captain learned about this, he was quite surprised. But he has to make everyone comfortable! So he gave a plan.

Airhostess came back and said, “Captain suggested that we could use an open seat in the First class.

He also wants to convey his apologize…

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