Lokesh Lalwani Trainer MS Excel and VB

Microsoft Excel and Soft-skills Trainer in Rohini, Sec-14-Lokesh Lalwani Once a skeptic and now a Freelance Trainer, Lokesh Lalwani is passionate about helping business professionals from entry level to CEO learn how to use one of the most useful tools (MS Office) in smart manner to reduce labour and devote more time in analysis. Lokesh has been considered one of the best trainer in microsoft excel and VB training in Sec 14 of Delhi area.  Over Seven years experience of providing training in diverse industries and across all levels uniquely positions Lokesh to assist his corporate as well as individual clients.

He understands the need to address the “why” before the “how to”.

His dynamic presentations are practical and entertaining but geek-speak free.

Lokesh provides ongoing support to thousands of business professionals through his Weekly Webinar.

He began his career as a finance consultant with IDBI Bank.

Lokesh is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and holds a B.Com from the University of Delhi, India
and an MBA from JIMS.

Training Highlights 

  •  Provided Training in 50+ companies
  •  1000+ Participants Trained in Workshops
  •  8000+ Participants Trained Online (UK, US, India)
  • 95% Positive Feedback & 100% Practical Training
  •  Multi Industry Training Experience
  • Training Provided to all age groups (18 – 60+ yrs)
  • Trained Provided to all levels


Lokesh Lalwani Trainer

Lokesh at workshop  !

Training Modules

Microsoft Excel and VBA trainer,
Soft-skills trainer,
Business analytics Trainer,
Data Visualization Trainer,
Digital Marketing Trainer,
New Hiring Trainer


Lokesh and Team in Action !

Lokesh Lalwani Trainer Delhi


Lokesh is well versed with VB and Microsoft Excel and other soft skill training, He takes up short and long term assignments for corporate clients . Please do connect him and discuss your training need on   9654692841



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