What is this Sales Training, how it helps :

Sales Training Learning Guide :

Sale Training is a training designed to enhance the performance of the sales team for better results

  1. This will have component of
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Sales methodology, Approach , strategy and focus
  4. Will have a overall objective to be defined and driven towards
  5. Engaging and convincing the customer there is a value in your product/Service
  6. Post Customer Engagement

    sales training providers

    sales training providers

Why Sales is important, what is the value?

Like any other training sales training is process of imparting knowledge to employees who are in the business of engaging new prospects.

Sales training has multi fold benefits in shorter as well as long terms,

Few benefits are listed below

  1. These training will help them to understand customer expectations and the behavior of the prospects.
  2. Helps sales team to be more effective and result oriented.
  3. Retention Strategy: Sales training helps people to be retained and promoted to next level, It works like a motivator and retention technique
  4. Helps effective utilization of resources and time

What are the ingredients make great sales training 

1. First understand the customer needs:

Training needs to be designed based on the customer you are serving and the space where you operate, it varies from product, place time and many more factors. So sales training has to be designed based on the customer behaviors and purchasing points.

2. Align business strategy and sales goals:

Unless you have clear goal and the strategy required to achieve those goals, chances of your sales training success full is minimum. To maximize the successes rage you need to align your goal , training and the strategy.

3. Alignment of culture and mindset:

you will have to focus on long term goal and create your sales training based on the long-term strategy to meet the mindset of the customer. For this training should be used as a tool to build a culture among your team or organization then one time event and forgotten. Training has to be inbuilt on the process and needs to be fine tuned till it becomes culture

4.Strong process leads to consistent results:

Every learning has to be incorporated into process to make it work in every other opportunity. Process has to be refined and realigned as and when required. But strong process of learning and unlearning is part of the sales team training. An effective sales team will be agile in learning and great sales training will have all the ingredients to make people agile and adoptive.

5.Communications campaign:

needless to say this is the most important tool for a sales person, be it internal or prospective customer or even otherwise , this skills needs to be sharpen to the maximum extent. When you want to make deal or break this is the tool which works. If a sales team is not trained properly on how to engage internal and external customers, then there is no point in sending them on the field to kill prospects.

Sales Training for corporates

Sales Training for corporate


6.Use technology as a enabler and leverage:

Sales training can be more effective if it is more relevant and practical to real life scenario. Technology can be great help, as if you are able to build live and recorded section and simulation will help people to real time effects. Instead of once heard and forgotten strategy of sale in an AC room Training where half of them consider as a paid holiday.


2. Few things to consider while choosing Sales Training Courses

First, you need to decide what exactly the purpose of taking this  Training.

If you want to take up these a career choice, and looking for better job in this space.

Then we suggest you should go for a reputed provider. Find the list of good training provider for Sales Training Providers on our discovery platform given at the end in your area.

If your purpose of learning is, skills upgrade and want to know the subject before invest time and money you should choose online courses.

We have listed large number of Sales courses on our Course University available for Just $10 to $30 (Rs 670 to Rs 2000) you could check here. If you need any help our experts will guide you.


3. Lit of top Sales Training Providers

Here is a list of top Sales Training Providers in Chennai. Find their information on our discovery platform and you could connect them directly.

sales training in India

sales training in India

List of top global Sales training Programs 

  1. Dale Carnegie has a top sale Training Model 
  2. Top Sale training around the globe
  3. Strategic Social Selling- $400 to $600
  4. Sales Training and Strategy-
  5. SalesMBA™ Workshops
  6. Richardson’s Consultative Selling Skills
  7. Bespoke Online Training

Should you need any help plz fill this form our experts will guide you (plz do provide clear information about what you are looking so that it will help us to suggest the best for your need)

Want to know the best Learning source in your area? Let us help you. !!

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4. Sales Training Course Fees Structure (Classroom/Online Training) in Bangalore

Course Fees: Normally course fees vary from provider to provider, and also it depends on the type of courses you want to take up for your learning. Data Science straining Course fees ranges from Rs 7000 ($65) to 45000 ($600).


5. Alternate Source of Learning Sales Training Online

In this space, online courses are much cheaper and quality focused and taught by global players, However Classroom training will be slightly expensive, but it has its own advantage.

We have listed all the Courses which are worth in this domain. On our Course University, we have 500+ Courses from global players just available for Rs 670 ($10) to 7000 ($100). Some of the players have a choice of blended learning as well, Suggest you make use of it.

6.How to Choose the best Training Provider Guide

Here is a detailed generic guide on how to choose a training provider before you invest time and hard earn money take a look it is worth the time.

7. How Trainings Tree has been helping millions of learners to choose the right source?


As a leading edu tech platform, TrainingsTree helps learners to learn from the best source. We help you to take an informed decision on your learning and bring courses to learner’s fingertips, on our Discovery and Course University platform.

We have added more than 1000 Courses from 5000+ training providers across 100+ global cities on our Discover and Course University .We have covered every kind of learning from Tech to Trekking Music to Mobile providers.

If you know any good training source, you can recommend them to add their name and become a source, so that our large learning student gets benefited.

Some good Ref on Data Science from various communities is here

Here is a good video on Sales Training to know more about (video Cr Brian Tracy) he is one of the best motivational sales trainer we admire him


Hope this information helps you take an informed decision, Feel free for any help

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Kind of Training



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Happy Learning and Keep Growing!




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