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Training is part of the every growing organization; many at times the required skills sets may not available within the organization to train our employees. The best choice is to engage training providers who are specialized in specific expertise and delivers results. This is the most cost-effective and engaging method prevailing in the recent past.

leadership training

Leadership training

Employee training in an essential part of the organizational growth strategy. Employee training happens on various occasions with varied frequency

Onboarding training:  training is conducted when a new employee joins they need to know the basics of organization vision mission and the process of various department, this training will help people to familiarize organization process people and technology.

Product and Service training: This kind of training organized to familiarize the product of service organization into. This is more of technical process driven training and slightly longer than onboarding training.

Next one is Skill upgrade: Skills upgrade training objectives are different, it may be just a soft skill training to enhance the employees’ ability and skills, also it can be part of the new product/technology which is coming up and to gear up the expertise, such training is organized.

Compliance and Quality training: any organization survival is depending on the quality of product or service delivers to its consumers. Organizations will have to organize a compliance related training to give heads-up to ensure every quality standard process are adhered to and Continuous improvement initiatives like Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen improvements.

Partner Training: are conducted to ensure the channel partners are on the same page. These type of training are conducted to onboard partners and distributors to ensure consistency in the delivery of product or service.

Customer Training: training customers are needed some time when an organization deals with a complex or multi-module product like software. This training is required to ensure internal employees are trained to train customers. Some instances organization outsources customer support training to reputed corporate training houses which brings expertise and efficiency.

How to deliver effective Corporate Training in New Era

You have lots of options here. And it’s up to your business to decide what’s best. Here are some ideas:

Gone are the day’s trainers used to conduct training on face to face only. Today technology has improved so much, physical presence becoming almost irrelevant. However each type of training has its own advantages,

Classroom-Based Training: this is the most popular training approach used traditionally and still has been used most of the organization. This is mainly used to train the employees, conducted in a classroom environment.

Online learning: Online learning is becoming very popular as the reach of technology and network access is everywhere. In the online learning mode, people would teach through a recorded or semi recorded webinar kind of an environment. This learning has lots of advantage and needs very little investment as it needs only a good LMS system and the trainer who can sit anywhere in the world. Once recorded can be thought to thousands of people, very cost effective and you can go back and refer many times.

Blended learning: As the name suggests it is a combination of traditional classroom + online learning. This is a new kind of kid in the block; this is a combination of Classroom+ Online or webinar type of learning. Here most of the training content is put on video form and some of the practical sessions are organized through webinars or in-person classroom training. IT is commonly called combo courses, which is gaining more popular of late.

Type of corporate Courses

Any good organizations want to stand out in the competitive era needs to sharpen their employees’ skills regularly. A Good organization conducts these types of training to up-skill their workforce on regular basis.

Leadership and Management Development: People are the key resource to drive organization, and leCorporate Training & Leadershipadership plays an important role in making or breaking the organization. Leadership training involves various dynamic aspects like, customer engagement, new strategy, new technology, soft skills, Process, compliance and dealing with competition in a new era. Apart from people management, there are many aspects to take care of. The new line has to be prepared to take more responsibility and drive towards success. For all this aspect leadership training is part of the business game and a good organization cannot afford to not to pay attention.

Customer and Client Communications: No customer no company exists, customer needs to be treated well in every aspect of life. In order to ensure every opportunity to serve the customer at best, every employee (not only front line) needs to undergo some kind of customer engagement training. The depth of the training may vary from role to role, but every employee needs to be skilled on customer management irrespective of whether they are on the frontend or back office.

Anti-harassment and work culture: This is another important aspect of human resources, especially where young women workforce is more. Employees at every level need to be educated on various policies and procedures about the ethics and values and laws around anti-harassment. Normally the Human resource department is tasked to regularly update people and organize the training on harassment and complaining procedures.

General Safety and Emergency Procedures: Safety is everyone’s business and needs to be taken seriously if the organization wants to protect its employees and survive for long. Safety measures vary from in

dustry, sector domain and place of work. For Software industry women reaching home, safely may be the safety issue than injuries to their body (as they don’t deal with any hazardous machines) for other industry, fire may be the concern, (a petroleum product ). The degree and vulnerability vary depending on what your organization does. As per as training is concerned HR team has to regularly identify the vulnerability points and educate employees and also give them an emergency procedure and access as and when the situation arises.

Cybersecurity: Internet has become part of our lives and we cannot live without the internet. The flip side of the internet is Cybersecurity, hackers and day by day the war game is changing from traditional way

 to cyber mode. Today no country can claim supremacy as a cyber strike can happen from anywhere in the world. Nature of the threat also varies from the nature of the business we are in.

Training on Cyber Security is an important aspect for service sectors like software and Banking. Every day the situation is changing and new threats coming up.

Why use corporate training what are the benefits

As we all know training is part of the daily life of a well-managed organization. Here is a list of benefits why you should conduct corporate training,

  1. Productivity gain corporate Training & leadership leadership
  2. Upskill Workforce and make it current
  3. Employee attrition is in control
  4. Career Growth and engagement
  5. Compliance and Efficiency
  6. Develop Leaders and Managers
  7. Manage Resource Effectively
  8. Create Next Leadership


2. Few things to consider while choosing Corporate Training Courses


First, you need to decide what exactly the purpose of taking this  Training.

If you want to take up these a career choice, and looking for a better job in this space.

Then we suggest you should go for a reputed provider. Find the list of good training provider for Corporate Training Providers on our discovery platform given at the end in your area.

If your purpose of learning is, skills upgrade and want to know the subject before invest time and money you should choose online courses.

We have listed a large number of Corporate courses on our Course University available for Just $10 to $30 (Rs 670 to Rs 2000) you could check here. If you need any help our experts will guide you.


3. Lit of top Corporate Training Providers

Here is a list of Corporate Providers in Bangalore. Find their information on our discovery platform and you could connect them directly.

Should you need any help plz fill this form our experts will guide you (plz do provide clear information about what you are looking so that it will help us to suggest the best for your need)

Want to know the best Learning source in your area? Let us help you. !!

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As per the Training Industry, a leading Training specific website has listed some of the top training providers globally


4. Corporate Training Course Fees Structure (Classroom/Online Training) in Bangalore

Course Fees: Normally course fees vary from provider to provider, and also it depends on the type of courses you want to take up for your learning. Data Science straining Course fees ranges from Rs 7000 ($65) to 45000 ($600).

5. Alternate Source of Learning Corporate Training Online

In this space, online courses are much cheaper and quality focused and taught by global players, However Classroom training will be slightly expensive, but it has its own advantage.

We have listed all the Courses which are worth in this domain. On our Course University, we have 500+ Courses from global players just available for Rs 670 ($10) to 7000 ($100). Some of the players have a choice of blended learning as well, Suggest you make use of it.


6.How to Choose the best Training Provider Guide

Here is a detailed generic guide on how to choose a training provider before you invest time and hard earn money take a look it is worth the time.

7. How Trainings Tree has been helping millions of learners to choose the right source?

As a leading edu tech platform, TrainingsTree helps learners to learn from the best source. We help you to take an informed decision on your learning and bring courses to learner’s fingertips, on our Discovery and Course University platform.

We have added more than 1000 Courses from 5000+ training providers across 100+ global cities on our Discover and Course University. We have covered every kind of learning from Tech to Trekking Music to Mobile providers.

If you know any good training source, you can recommend them to add their name and become a source, so that our large learning student gets benefited.

Some good Ref on Data Science from various communities is here

Here is a good video on Corporate Training Video to know more about (VC Vivek Bindra top coporate Trainer)


Hope this information helps you make an informed decision, Feel free for any help

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Happy Learning and Keep Growing!




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