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VIDYAMRUTH: We have made Learning Kannada is very easy and simple. Learn Kannada online on your own pace! Online classes. we are one of the key source for learn Kannada online, Kannada class, we help people to learn Kannada on their own

Vidyamruth is a combination of two words: ‘Vidya’ meaning right knowledge and ‘amruth’ meaning immortality. We believe that language gives the person the knowledge and acceptance and enables integration into a community. With the world becoming a global village, the need of the hour is to be able to communicate in multiple languages.Finding a professional language teacher in the neighborhood might be a difficulty and Vidyamruth fills this gap by bringing in the classes online, thereby offering you the convenience of learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home. We at Vidyamruth wish you a very enriching learning experience.


If you have moved to Karnataka away from your native, and wish to learn the local language of Karnataka, then you have landed at the right place. If you are settled outside India and wish to teach Kannada to your kids so that they remain in touch with the roots , then your wish can be fulfilled here. We welcome students of all ages from all walks of life. Whether you are a working professional who wish to negotiate better with an auto driver, a housewife interested in communicating better with maid, a school student struggling with third language, a businessman working with local clients or someone keen to impress their friends: Vidyamruth caters to everyone. You could choose to learn at your own pace using our e-modules, or you could sign up for contact hours with our team or try a mix of both.


To make the learning of Indian languages accessible, convenient and effective in  learn kannada


The small team at Vidyamruth started out taking free classes to help out friends and neighbours trying to learn Kannada. Passion for teaching, a genuine love of the language and years of experience have resulted in the creation of these online modules today.


Vidyamruth follows a definitive and certain methodology in tackling the learning of spoken Kannada or to read and write Kannada. We concentrate on the ‘action words’, and basic situations to help deal with day-to-day requirements before getting to the intrinsic grammar part. With our customized modules broken down into various levels of learning,we have several students that vouch for our simple teaching methodology. Backed with immense experience, customized programs have been developed to bring out the use and feel of Kannada language instead of mere knowing of the language. Vidyamruth consciously makes an effort to bring in those elements which we frequently require than learning for the sake of it, emphasizing more on a structured framing of sentence and the practical use of the learning. The above is accomplished through new ways of teaching, concentrating on building vocabulary by a new approach of making students to LISTEN AND LEARN. The courses are also followed by interesting exercises, workshops, worksheets and evaluations


List Of Kannada Courses

1.Read and Write Kannada

Number of Classes: 34
Classes Duration: More than 584 minutes
Course Cost: ₹2450.00
Subscription Duration: 100 Days


The course offers 32 classes divided into 3 sections :

1) Listen and Learn section consists of 6 classes to get a feel of the language. This includes a brief introduction to common words and sentences frequently used in a conversation.

2) Read and Write section – consists of 20 classes. This includes detailed lessons to read and write the alphabets/simple words, kaagunita(syllables), ottakshara(compound letters) and numbers.

3) Additional Topics – consists of 6 classes to learn opposites, genders, colors, plurals , animals and birds, vegetables and fruits.

Revision / Practice session and Worksheet/Exercises are provided at the end of each class. Enroll now and enjoy unlimited access to the course videos 24/7 for 100 days.(Medium of Instruction-English) If you wish to pay using non-Indian Debit/credit cards, please email us at [email protected] to get the payment options. The users who re-enroll (enroll again for second time), will get a validity of 150 days. Kindly contact us before re-enrolling in order to get the coupon code to avail the benefit.


2. Spoken Kannada

Number of Classes: 26
Classes Duration: More than 384 minutes
Course Cost: ₹2900.00
Subscription Duration: 100 Days


Learn to speak Kannada from the comfort of your home, any time of the day.This course has 25 self-learning video tutorials. You can learn the concepts of constructing sentences word by word.Every class includes either a picture composition or a conversation to illustrate the usage of words/sentences related to that topic.Specific classes are designed to tackle day-to-day specific situations.You can also practice speaking while you watch the videos. Enroll now and enjoy unlimited access to the course videos 24/7 for 100 days.(Medium of Instruction-English). If you wish to pay using non-Indian Debit/credit cards, please email us at [email protected] to get the payment options. The users who re-enroll (enroll again for second time), will get a validity of 150 days. Kindly contact us before re-enrolling in order to get the coupon code to avail the benefit.


Other Courses:






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