Vijayshree Tripathi,

Vijashree is a mentor and coach who could make a difference to people life, A well known  Leadership Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Dynamic Corporate Coach who is  known for her passion and commitment in transforming people. Empowering individuals and organizations in Personality and Leadership Skills which are helping people achieve their dreams. She is a Competent Certified Executive Coach from International Coach Federation ,

Certified Life Coach from International Coach Federation , Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Competent Communicator and Leader from TMI (USA).

Being a Life coach she has her expertise in conducting Student Development Programs in education domain towards personality enhancement of students & in development of job getting as well as job retaining skills.

Leadership Coach Vijayashree Tripati

Leadership Coach Vijayashree Tripati

Her corporate training have is focused on

• Working on building the productivity and profitability of the client company ,
• Employee engagement ,
• Dealing with complexities at work,
• Work life balance.

We expertise in Complete Empowerment and Enhancementof Human Personality holistically in a multidimensional perspective thereby delivering an absolute holographic holistic personality in the social strata in order to benefit the person individually and collectively in the global spectrum of professional and social realm of life.

1. Soft skills

2. Campus to corporate programs

3. Interviewing & group discussion skills

4. Personality enhancement Programs for colleges , schools and individuals

5. Executive coaching and life coaching for corporate

Vijayashree is also fonder director of  Metacoz

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Every one of us take pride is boosting our military capabilities, As a citizen of a nuclear armed country I too take pride in our ability to defend our self from potential threats.

However, just out of curiosity,  When I looked at the stock pile of nuclear warheads among the 9 counties who have declared possessing nuclear warheads it was really mind boggling.

It is too scary to imagine if something were to go wrong!

What was shocking is, the way two super powers of the world that is America and Russia competed each in a race for almost for 50 years in stocking the nuclear warheads that inspired me to create this video for education purpose. I have a racing bar chart that will show you, how these super power have competed each other for  almost 60 years.

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Anyway, the season of entry exams is the time that every person has to go through. This time will not just include the examination of your knowledge necessary for entering the college, it will also show you what you really desire to achieve in your life and what makes you happy; however, stress might be a powerful hindering factor on your way to success in preparation.

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Graphic Designer as a Career – Course, fees, Job, Salary

Graphic Designer: As the world is moving to the digital economy, every aspect of digital platforms is growing exponentially.

Today mobile has reached places where even toilets are yet to reach.

Companies are spending billions of dollars on branding, advertising and trying to engage customers digitally. This gives us a fair idea, that the size of opportunity this digital economy is bringing to our younger generations and job seekers.

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The size of the opportunity is too big if you are able to catch even a little your life will be different.

At the same time, there is a growing fear among the younger generation that robotics have started taking away job opportunities.

Days are not very far most of our low-end BPO  jobs will be taken over by RPA (robotic process automation) technology. Yes to an extent there is truth in it.

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