At Key2Abundance, we follow a holistic approach to wellness tailor made for your issues through the revolutionary ‘Integral Self Therapy Model’ developed by Kamakshi to lead  New India towards wellness.

Key2Abundance provides wholesome services such as Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound Healing, methods of Memory Enhancement and many more that contribute to a resilient attitude in life.

Vision: Be a one stop solution for all People’s health and happiness needs with Worlds best Alternative Therapies.

Mission: To provide Trainings, Coaching & Healing Sessions for young professionals to live a life of Excellence.

Objective: To make a difference to 20,000 people this year through our trainings, coaching and healing sessions.

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We provide group and in-person counseling and therapy services – combining insights of various psychotherapy with healing practices, tailored to your specific needs.

Activities @Key2Abundance:

Key2Abundance operates under two verticals.

  1. Workshops:

  • Law of Attraction,
  • Past-life Regression,
  • Mindfulness Meditation,
  • NLP,
  • Sound Healing,
  • Abundance Creation,
  • Oneness,
  • Self-Hypnosis,
  • Relationships workshops and other empowering workshops,
  • Couple workshops,
  • One-on-One sessions,
  • Tailor made workshops for Corporates.
  1. Spirituo Scientific Healing Sessions – Heal the UNHEALED

A very very rare expertise to help people overcome physical [or] psychological health challenges without any kind of medication. Till date we have successfully healed people with chronic ailments like cancer, dialysis of kidneys, hole in the heart to minor ailments like thyroid, diabetes, varicose veins and hyper-tension with major success.

With regards to psychological challenges we have helped people with depression, addictions, sleep apnea, insomnia, schizophreniaetc.,


Skill Sets:

Few of the majorly notable skill set include:

  • LOA (law of attraction)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sound Healing
  • NLP
  • Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT / EET )
  • Manifesting Abundance & prosperity
  • Mind power programming
  • Pendulum Dowsing
  • Past-Life Regression Therapy
  • Career Progression & Future progression
  • Memory enhancement
  • Soul Purpose
  • ESP (extra-sensory perception)
  • Family Constellation Facilitator
  • Inner child integrator
  • Remote healing
  • Soul Purpose
  • Any health related challenges

Law Of Attraction:

  • What law of attraction means?

The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together.

  • How does law of attraction work?

According to wikipedia, the law of attraction states that “the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.

More about LOA

  • It works like the law of gravity. Whether you know about the Law of Attraction or not, it is working. Whether you accept the existence of the Law of attraction or not, it exists in the Universe and working.
  • In the Law of Gravity, the gravitational force is pulling everything to the surface of Earth. This gravitational pull is governed by the magnetic power inside the core of Earth.
  • In the Law of Attraction, you are the magnet attracting everything into your life. Whether it’s people, things or experience, you are attracting everything into your life.
  • Here in the Law of Attraction, the gravitational force is being created by your thoughts and feelings.
  • Your mind and heart are constantly working to attract everything into your life. But this law is totally neutral. So it is attracting everything good and bad into your life.
  • That is why it is very important to understand that you are attracting both success and failure, both happiness and sadness into your life. However, when you understand it well you can attract only success and happiness into your life.
  • You are destined to live an amazing life.
  • These are some of the bare basic concepts of the Law of attraction. Though there are much more but the above three principles are the most basic and you need to understand them.
  • Based on the above three basic principles… What you think most of the time you can feel the same in your heart and soul.
  • When you carry that desire in your heart and soul for long then the Universe made all arrangements to make that happened.
  • But the main key is “Like Attracts Like.” In simple words… You don’t attract what you want outside, but you attract what you are feeling from within.
  • Have you ever experienced… that you don’t want to meet someone and you bump into them. You don’t want your parents or boss to find out something about you and they get it at the earliest.
  • It happened because your focus was not on what you want but what you don’t want. So deep inside you were focusing on the things that you don’t want and you manifest it.
  • It means if you feel happy and positive, you attract more happy and positive people and outcomes. Same time if you are negative then your outcome also will be negative.
  • That is why it is most important to understand this Law of Attraction better and with clarity. And this Law of Attraction Online Course will help you do it.


Hypnotherapy is accepted as a form of therapy which is widely used as a form of entertainment. Gradually gained attention as a highly effective, non-invasive and respected form of therapy which is a way to calm minds and beat stress.



KAMAKSHI – Clairvoyant, Holistic healer, Globally certified Law of Attraction Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Past-life regression therapist and Wellness Coach

Kamakshi is a unique and extraordinary Spiritual and Energy coach. She is an intuitive clairvoyant and holistic healer. Her special gift is to energetically resonate and entrain the highest vibration of Spirit in everyone she meets. She is ever ready to use her latent abilities to create abundance of health and wealth in people’s lives. With her continuous commitment to create peace and abundance in Human lives, she had performed several therapeutic sessions for a large clientele spanning multiple cities.

  • Kamakshi is an energetic, effective and committed leader. She is a well-respected individual who naturally inspires people toward achieving their best. She automatically sees the big picture and offers innovative ideas, new and different solutions to challenges. She has a gentle outgoing and friendly nature. She is motivated to cause good growth and gain in the lives of others. Kamakshi loves connecting with people to help them discover their true gifts and who they really are. She sees the beauty and perfection in everything and everyone.
  • She believes in the power of consciousness and oneness. By combining various modes of healing with the concept of oneness she facilitated a beautiful life for many individuals.
  • Kamakshi is amazingly good, lucid, precise and superb in her readings in relation to career, finance, marriage, children, work, in fact anything you may be wanting to know. She has been working one to one, via phone calls and also via Skype. Doesn’t that make her available to all of you?
  • Performed 72 hours of uninterrupted intense meditation which helped her evolve into a great consciousness by connecting to various worlds of the universe and supreme.
  • Got deepened by attending Seth & 12-strand DNA Activation workshops.
  • Attended a 2-day workshop on “Heal Your Life” and blended herself with the techniques of Louis L Hay.
  • Attained enlightenment by performing long hour meditation at Narayan Gurukul over a period of 1year.
  • A great meditator since 8 years of age at Ramakrishna Mission.


Her unique skills include:

  • Interacting with nature and all the entities of nature.
  • Gets associated to the roots of the challenge which helps in dealing with each challenge uniquely & effortlessly.

Workshops conducted so far:

  • Trained 100+ participants in multiple Law of Attraction workshops in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.
  • Speaker workshop on Group PLR at Ramdham for 200 people and at DMC(2015) for over 15,000 people.
  • Groomed 300+ students through Future life progression workshops.
  • Organized workshops on DNA Activation for a crowd of 200 people.
  • Aired a talk-show in RadioMirchi in Gujarat about benefits of meditation.
  • Was a speaker in various group addressings& group talks about awareness & importance about MEDITATION and reached a target audience of 5000 people.
  • Travelled major parts of India like Delhi, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore etc., and performed various healings.


Swetha K – Sound Healer, NLP Practitioner

Swetha is a Sound Healer, NLP Practitioner, 10 years of IT Experience,Ex Intel, MTech(CS) from VIT University, Start up Entrepreneur.



Success stories of Key2abundance:

 Relationship Challenges:

  • Created mutual understanding & relationship bonding for many couples.

Health Challenges:

  • Most recently helped a woman to regain her complete vision which was declared as not possible by other doctors.
  • Most recently cured a 70 year old lady from Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Leukemia cutis over a period of 4 months.
  • Cured 4th stage Throat Cancer for a 45 years old woman.
  • Hole in the Heart has been healed for a 42 years old man.
  • 38 years old woman & 26 year old male are out of Dialysis and leading a healthy life after the therapy.
  • Healed ITB for an 27 year old person.
  • Cured a person aged 52 years from Locked-in syndrome in 3 days time.


Life-between-life Challenges:

  • For a 19 – year old female who used to catch rashes at the notice of lizards from the age of 12. Got connected to two past-life’s all together which showed that she had been dragged to death by being sealed into a barrel filled with 250 lizards and – which in turn is connected to she being a king in one of her past lives and performed massive killing of 250 soldiers. The details about the same had been removed from cellular memory. This resulted in a rash free life for her.

Coding & De-coding Challenges:

  • Mended a 15-year old boy from the ill affects of his unconsciously created patterns, decoded the pattern and coded the pattern as per his wish.

Near Death Challenges:

  • Case: For a 21-year old boy – had a clairvoyance of knowing the death timelines of individuals he was aware of. In the similar lines got to know his death date time & incident leading to death.

Solution: Removal of phobias, changed the pattern in subconscious mind and progressed to future Death point and altered the situation. Outcome of this include being safe, being hopeful and regained his normal living. At the same time performed removal of soul disturbance.

  • Case: For a 23-year old boy – his soul had been shifted by a close family member soul after the boy met with an accident. And the other soul resided in the current body for 7+ years and about to take the life of the current body. The current soul started looking back to his body in the past life.

Solution: Performed soul relieving of the occupied soul with the help of other paternal soul. Brought the current soul back to the current body with universal masters guidance & help. Then after the boy started living happily with complete acceptance.

 Basement cleaning & Future progression:

  • Handled more than 50+ cases which involved in Basement cleaning & future progression which helped them crafting a beautiful life in accordance with their aspirations.

Souls Releasement Therapy:

  • Performed soul releasement for more than 1000+ souls.


 Contact Key2abundance if you are

  1. People who are seeking coaching or future life progression for tremendous growth and direction in life.
  2. Organization heads who has training needs for their employees.
  3. Training department heads or Training Organizers.
  4. People who have fears/phobias/health challenges.



  • Kamakshi you are world’s best HEALER. No words to share the happiness of my family for helping my aunt to start her second life free of cancer. – VenkatRamu
  • Thank you Key2abundance team for helping me stand straight on my back, where doctors have mentioned that I have to lie to bed throughout my life because of the paralysis. – Shashank.
  • Gratitude to you Kamakshi for helping my son regain his memory and helping him to be a school topper in his 10th Grade. – Rajesh.
  • Spell bound because of your work in helping me get a grandchild for whom I have awaited 12+ years. – Murthy.
  • Kamakshi has been a good friend of mine since the time we were working together. However, my association with her as my Healer and Hypnotherapist began 8 months back, when my mother-in-law was facing a serious psychological problem. Since she is very old and not in a position to listen, Kamakshi had to counsel me and my husband to help her out. – Narayanaswamy D
  • I could get out of anxiety and suicidal tendency just after a single session from Kamakshi. I havedeep regards to you. – Ashika
  • I found Kamakshi to be a gifted and genuine counselor. She is extremely incisive, and what makes her counselling sessions effective is that they are very practical and not just feel-good fluff. I personally underwent Timeline Therapy and Soul Retrieval sessions with her. I found a marked difference in life as a result. – Radhika H
  • We consulted Kamakshi for some physical and emotional anxieties related to age and stress. There were some sessions in all, each for around three hours. The sessions were spaced out over a few days. Since they were spaced out we could notice the changes happening to us in between, which were significant. – Shruthi A
  • After attending LOA Excellence workshop, I cleared all my past fears and could reach great heights in my entrepreneural journey. – Bhavya
  • I could confidently complete the exam with ease and grace. Thank you for helping me to succeed without your support this wouldnt have been possible – Sindu

Upcoming Workshops:











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