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Jetking Infotrain Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is India’s foremost computer hardware and networking Institute. Founded in 1947 as an electronics manufacturing and training company we have evolved into a leading IT and IMS training institute. We recognized the rapidly changing IT landscape in India and have innovated our teaching and courses over the years. We at Jetking, are committed to creating globally competent IT professionals through our innovative teaching methods, advanced courses, exceptional faculty and thought leadership in IT education. Our training and best practices are bench marked along international lines. We are grounded by the foundation and values of our past but are youthful and progressive in our present and will continue in the future. All our endeavors at Jetking are to create opportunities for our students, employees, business partners to lead a better life.

Enjoying a leadership position in the IT and IMS training sector, we have trained more than 6,00,000 students who are constantly driving growth in the IT sector in India and abroad. With our promise of 100% job guarantee across all our 100 centers across India, we are committed to a better life for our students, franchisees, recruiters and investors.


At Jetking we are inspired by our vision, mission and values. They constantly drive us to manage our relationships with various stakeholders.


To become a world class engine for employment generation through an efficient partnership network


To provide economic independence to 10 million people in India and Overseas


Quality, Trust, Self-motivation, Innovation, Hands-on, Learning & Teaching, and Equanimity


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Jetking Courses Fees:

  • · Short Term Courses Fees Ranges Between 15,000 To 40,000
  •  Career Courses Fees Ranges between 50,000 to 1, 30,000

Courses offered by Jetking Institute

Career Courses

  • MNA *
  • MNA * PRO


Short Courses

  • Network Security & Ethical Hacking
  • Printer Specialist
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate


CCNA Course Structure

  • Internetworking overview
  • Assembling and cabling Cisco devices
  • Router fundamentals
  • Basic IP traffic management with access control lists
  • Establishing frame relay connection
  • Catalyst switch operation
  • Virtual LAN
  • VPN (ipsec and ssl)
  • Wireless LAN
  • IP addressing
  • Ipv6
  • Establishing serial point-to-point connection
  • Routing protocols
  • IP routing
  • Basic router configuration


  • ITIL and Firewall Basics
  • System migration/backup and restore
  • Helpdesk fundamentals and Technomarketing
  • New Technology seminars
  • Troubleshooting system and networks


  • Telephone etiquette
  • Talking about yourself and your future
  • Improving your technical knowledge
  • Handling stressful situations
  • After the interview
  • Appearance and body language
  • Information about the organization
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Strengths and weakness
  • Answering technical questions
  • Why should you be hired?




Smartlab Plus is our own unique training methodology that allows students to take an innovative approach to their studies. English speaking, personality development and Yoga allows a holistic learning for our students. Smartlab Plus is a distinctive training methodology by which we make learning fun, faster and easier.


Performing simple yogasnas such as maun, trataka, sthitprathnasna make you feel fresh, calm and relaxed before starting daily session.


Our trainers work on your communication, pronunciation and English speaking so that you can speak English confidently.


Developing a sense of social and job etiquette helps you become presentable and confident to perform well in the industry.


Visiting different companies helps you to understand the real life exposure of the training that we provide. This helps our students to be in sync wih the dynamic IT world.


Computer based techniques (digitization) ensures better understanding of theoretical as well as practical sessions.


At Jetking our focus remains on hands-on training and practicals as we believe that until you practice on your own you would not be able to understand completely.


Asking questions through quizzes and other intellectual activities helps to monitor the level of understanding.


To keep your interest level intact we conduct various activities during session. These activities include mind-map, triad review, shuffle, etc. You just need to follow the instructions given and you will enjoy learning.


Enhanced learning through vdeos and simulations.




Jetedge is an unique self learning program that prepares our students to build work skills, soft skills, Interview preparation and personality development.The program is bilingual & interactive which helps overcome the students MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) problem, english speaking, grammar, public speaking and host of other challenges that students face in their endeavour to become world class professionals.

It is a blend of instructor lead training (ILT) with computer based training (CBT), practice and evaluation. It enhances verbal communication skills of the students.

The different features of Jetedge include video based scenarios, role plays, activities and interaction, this helps in providing real time experience


In an endeavour to reach a scale of 100% practical implementation and uniform delivery across all Jetking centres, we designed digitization solution which is the most advanced curriculum designed by any IT training institute.

Jetking’s interactive digitized solution ensures holistic development of students and maximizes their engagement and participation. Developed under an interactive and stimulating environment, the student centric digitized content instills cognitive thinking among the learners through quizzes, simulations, games, videos and assesments embedded in it. The digitized content also helps in addressing the paucity of good trainers at different locations and enables uniform and standardized course delivery all across the centres.

Jetking’s pionering initiative to deliver standardized vocational training through digitized content ensures increased student participation.

Computer hardware and networking certification is very important when searching for jobs in the IT industry or when working for any major company with a sophisticated IT infrastructure. Looking at the current scope in jobs in hardware and networking area is in the billions of dollars.

Hardware and Networking Certification Opportunities

There are plenty of job opportunities for those who have taken Hardware and Networking certification courses. Opportunities range from starting your own business or joining one of Jetking’s existing partner organsations for a 100% job placement guarantee. There is a lack of hardware and networking professionals, while demand for certified students is very high. Currently, all major corporations manage their business on the cloud. It has become very critical for companies in all industries to maintain high levelsof IT security and also keep up with the fast changing computer hardware industry.

Computer Hardware Certification
At Jetking, our short course in computer hardware is taught using modern assessment system. Our hardware course will make you an expert at computer repair. Topics covered include microprocessor, memory, motherboard, monitors, assembling a PC, working with printers and scanners, hardware troubleshooting skills, server hardware, to name a few.

Learning about the functioning of the machines, finding out how they operate, learning how to fix or replace these parts and much more is how you will earn your hardware certification. This hardware networkingcertificate is not just to teach you the basics, but this knowledge sets you up to be able to keep up with new machines that are released in the market daily.

A hardware certification will make you an expert in computers and their repair. A graduate of this certification could easily open up their own business of computer repair and with the certification, you will have a skill that all companies look for when hiring computer hardware professionals.

New and fast machines are always being made by companies, getting a hardware certification helps you to giving confidence to employers in your abilities.

Networking Certification
Networking is the process of interconnecting different computers for the purpose of sharing resources. The Internet itself is a massive network. If there is more than a single computer in an office or a home that is also considered a network.

Getting your networking certification is extremely important for landing a job. Through a networking course you will learn how to setup a network, the difference between a personal network and a local area network from a metropolitan or wide area network. Today, all companies and organizations run on computer networks. It is the job of an individual with a hardware and networking certification to identify the best network and also ensure that it runs securely and smoothly within the company.

Getting the basics of hardware and networking from a reputed institution is key when going for jobs. At Jetking, we are partnered with India’s biggest names in the IT and other industries. Your skills as a hardware and networking professional will be put to use immediately. Our networking courses are taught using our patented SmartLabPlus methodology. This interactive method allows for greater clarity in learning the course material.

In 2017, getting hardware and networking certification equips you with the skills necessary to start your own computer business or to get a job in the world’s biggest companies.


‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit’

At Jetking every employee is commited to deliver quality in our services towards our students and partners, adhering to the quality control measures we closely monitor in the infrastructre, Delivery mechanism, Course content, placement in all our Jetking learning centres.

Our robust teams of quality experts continually strive to better the processes and ensure that our students are industry ready after completing our course. We believe in nothing is so good that it cannot be made better and we constantly take feedback from our students and recruiters to deliver best of our services.

Quality Tools.

Quality Management: All Jetking centers are audited on operational levels at regular intervals. The education environment, staff competency, infrastructure availability, human resource availability and proper documentation are assessed and corrective action is taken.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification: Jetking as an organization is ISO 9001:2008 certified on its processes and operations which enables thousands of students to study without any hassels in our centres.

Feedback from students: Feedback is collected from students on various parameters like course delivery, content availability of technical and non technical infrastructure, fulfillment of commitments, staff behaviour and so on to deliver the best student experience ever.

Complaint Resolution: Our toll free help line is available at all times where students can call and register their grievances. Complaints are handled by a dedicated team upto student’s satisfaction.



174/40,401 4th Floor Lucky Paradise, 22nd Cross, 8TH F Main Road, 3rd Block,Opp to ICICI Bank, Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560011,
Bangalore, Karnataka – , India




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