Fashion Technology Courses in North Delhi by JD Institute of Fashion Technology

JD Institute Of Fashion Technology, India, With 36+ Learning Centres, Is One Of The Top Institute Of Art And Design, Where The Dreams And Passion Of Students With Imagination Are Stimulated. Under The Eminent Experts From The Industry The Subjects In Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Fashion Marketing & Communications, Visual Merchandising, Photography, Hair And Make-Up Will Be Elucidated With High Passion Giving The Young Aspirants The Much-Required Practical Experience And Classroom Training. JD As An Institution Helps The Students To Take Their Imagination To The Next Level, Giving Them A Platform Not Just To Upskill Their Creativity But Also To Prepare And Give Them The Confidence To Follow Their Dreams.

To Develop And Be Globally Viable, JD Institute Of Fashion Technology Are Members Of Internationally Acclaimed Prestigious Bodies And Associations Like Cumulus, Indo Italian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, Indo French Chamber Of Commerce And Industry, The Council Of EU Chambers Of Commerce In India, EQAC (Education Quality Accreditation Commission, Spain) And Does Collaborative Projects With KOEFIA, Rome, Italy, National Design Institute, Russia. We Believe That The Aspirants And Artists Need Quality Education And Creative Environment, So Our Team Of Experts Go Through All The Possible Information Around The World To Form The Latest Curriculum For Each Discipline.


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Courses Offered:


1. Fashion Design Courses:

  • Diploma in Fashion Design 1 Year
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design – 2 Years
  • Garment Manufacturing and Fashion Design Govt. Recognized – Mumbai
  • Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion Design – 3 Years
  • BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design – Bangalore University
  • Diploma in Visual Merchandising – 6 Months
  • PG Diploma in Fashion Design and Management – 2 Years
  • Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  • Diploma in Fashion Business Management – 1 Year
  • B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design (3 Years) – Sangai International University, Manipur
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication
  • M.Sc. in Fashion Communication (2 Years) – Sangai International University, Manipur

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2. Interior Design Courses:

  • B.Sc. in Interior Design (3 Years) – Sangai International University, Manipur
  • BSC in INTERIOR DESIGN & DECORATION – Bangalore University
  • Diploma in Interior Design : 1 Year
  • PG Diploma in Interior & Spatial Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design – 2 Years
  • Undergraduate Diploma in Interior Design – 3 Years

3. Jewellery Design Courses:

  • Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design – 1 Year
  • Diploma in Jewellery Design – 6 Months


4. Photography Courses

  • Diploma in Fashion Photography : 3 Months


5. Make Up Artistry Courses

  • Diploma in Hair Styling – 1 Month


JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Collaborations

We believe that successful design education involves sharing information and coordinating resources among the key players, including:

  • The industry
  • Designer labels and brands
  • Artists
  • Museums and art galleries

Since its beginning in 1988, the institute has offered a variety of Art and Design programs, events, teaching and resource materials to help students from all educational backgrounds to become “cultural communicators” through design concepts.  Most of our project takes into consideration the heritage of the country and the global community. Our vision is to build global awareness of an emerging design sensibility where every material is ethically sourced.



Students should have passed 10th+ 12th / PUC / intermediate / 3-year polytechnic diploma from Karnataka or any equivalent courses with an aggregate of 40% and above.



A student should have passed graduation with an aggregate of 40% and above to join the post graduate diploma courses.



A student should have passed 10th/ 12th/ Graduation with an aggregate of 40% and above to join the diploma courses.



The documents to be submitted for post graduate diploma courses are:
• 3 passport size photographs
• Copy of 10th and 12th standard mark sheets
• Copy of Aadhar card



We provide the required documents, where the student can apply for the educational loans through their respective banks, provided the student has taken admission by the paying registration amount.



We do not have an entrance examination since we consider the aggregate % of the marks in the previous educational qualification.



  • 100 seats for B. Sc
  • 25 each for fashion and interior PG/ diploma courses.





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