The best company to have long-term deals for having matchless DC Motors, AC Motors, PMDC Motors, BLDC Motors etc., is no other but us. Nikhara Motors-Electrical Motor Manufacturing Servicing in Bangalore.

Apart from famous two attributes which an experienced company enjoys, well-established name and superior market understanding, Nikhara Motors Pvt. Ltd., an 18 years old company boasts of well-formed organizational culture, dynamical business concepts and models. So far by dealing with us, no customer has felt of making a wrong choice. Our range that encompasses DC Motors, AC Motors, PMDC Motors, BLDC Motors and much more is made to perfection by our team of expert technocrats. Being well-acquainted with exact requirements of customers, these technocrats help in keeping the reputed position of the company in industry intact, singularly use unparalleled quality of materials and advanced technologies. Across the region, we’re famed as a DC Motor manufacturer that has attained mastery in designing and developing a wide impressive range of electrical products.

Motor Product List


 Why Choose Nikhara Motors?

  • We provide a very quick service and top quality
  • We don’t stop just as re-winders, we give tips to maintain and have less breakdown.
  • We diagnose and suggest best ways to reduce breakdown if it is a recurring problem.
  • We are not just re-winders, but engineers first.
  • Like a good doctor we serve with passion.

Customers Satisfaction 

Loyal customers-base is nothing less than a treasure which every company must keep safe. It is being considered tough job to attract new customers but what we think is keeping existing customers glued to the company for forever is much expensive in terms of money, time and customers services. Unlike some firms which in order to attract new customers often subsides interests of their valued patrons, our company maintains balance between attending both new and existing customers by introducing client-centric policies and revising old ones. We maintain cordial relationship with customers and devise strategic policies to attract new and retain old clients. The  Universal Motors, Small Single Phase AC Motors, etc, provided by us undergoes series of quality checks because we know old or new, every customer demand quality.

Motor  Supply and Servicing in Bangalore India –Nikhara motors

Nikhara motors offers a broad set of end to end solutions  and advisory service to varied size of organizations across

bldc motors by nikhara

BLDC Motors by Nikhara

different geography. This includes Motor Service, a world class consulting practice much stronger and deeper than any of our competitors. Our customized Nikhara Motor Servicing offering caters to your exact needs and size independent.  We offer services to various industries such as SPM industries, Automotive, Electric, Healthcare, Irrigation, Defense equipment and any other special purpose motors.


Nikhara Motors Specialties

Bengaluru (Karnataka, India), situated company, Nikhara Motors Pvt. Ltd., is operating in this competitive

motors service and maintenance

Motors Service and Maintenance

business environment ethically. We’re known for supplying quality-assured DC Motors, AC Motors, PMDC Motors, BLDC Motors and much more. Our business entity is having capacious production space, where manufactured line is made as per international quality guidelines. For speedy production, we have installed latest machines, tools and equipment that assists in producing range in bulk with no compromise in quality. There are no AC Induction Motor Manufacturers across the nation like us because the quality we provide is matchless. For making swift deliveries without hassles, our company has established spacious warehousing facility where offered range is kept categorically for easy transportation.

Design Services

  • Design Services for large and medium enterprises
  • Design Services for Build Operate Transfer Model
  • Design Services for Small and Individual requirements

Consulting Services

      • Strategy and operations
      • Technology Solution

Product Galarry


For More information Please Contact US. [email protected]


Nikhara’s Corporate Culture favors  employees with entrepreneurial drive and willingness to innovate, Our operations are growing at an impressive rate and we’re looking for talented individuals to help us to move forward with this aggressive growth plan. Being a rapidly growing company our employees who perform can expect quick career growth.

We Offers Competitive Compensation, Challenging and Exciting Career Options.

Inquire about being a member of our best Team.

Reach us on

Unit 1 : No. 140, Vinayaka Layout, Ullal Main Road, Jnanabharathi Post, Bengaluru – 560056, Karnataka, India

Mr. Venkataraman Bhat (Director)

Phone :

Tel    : 91-99450 12765
Fax   : 91-8660 388055
Mob   : 91-9035 221140

Unit 2 : No. 17/18, Dhanush Complex, Mallathahalli Main Road, Jnanabharathi Post, Bangalore – 560056, Karnataka, India

Unit 3 : No. 63/3, Ashwathnagar, Sunkadakatte, Vishwaneedam post, Near Kottigepalya, Bangalore-560091, Karnataka, India


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Contact Person91-99450 12765, 91-9035 221140
Working Hours9 to 5 pm Monday to Saturday
LandmarkBangalore university


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