Crochet saree Kuchu (Tassel) making classes by Vasanthi Kalloor in Banashankari, Bangalore


Saree Kuchu also known as tassels are beautiful embellishments to silk sarees and traditional form of handicraft that everyone want in their saree to look good.

India is a vibrant country with different culture and tradition and different costumes. But for all saree is common. Women search new ways and techniques to beautify their saree with variety of embroidery, painting etc… when it comes to saree pallu which is main part of saree they decorate it with kuchu. We can make different ways of kuchu. Plain silkthread kuchu, crochet kuchu, kuchu with beads, readymade kuchu etc… Kuchus are tassels that edge the pallu of the saree. They have always been the part of most traditionally woven sarees.



Saree Kuchu

Saree Kuchu



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Crochet Saree Kuchu

Crochet designs can be easily worked into the edge of the saree with right color choice in thread to create the design. The crochet design lends more density and presence to the kuchu design and in some ways is very modern in its look. Crochet designs are the easiest to jumpstart your kuchu design learning.

Our tassel making workshop is customized as per customer needs. We do have weekend Saree kuchu workshops for working women.

Other Classes we Conduct:

  1. Silk Thread Jewelry Making

  2. Beads Jewelry Making

  3. Saree Kuchu

  4. Crochet Earings

Crochet saree Kuchu (Tassel) making classes and Fees:

Each class has different fees structure starts with 1000Rs.

crochet saree kuchu

crochet saree kuchu

About Mentor:

Vasanthi Kallor

Demo Class: Ask for free Demo

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tulu, Tamil

Experience: 8 years

Additional Info

Contact PersonVasanthi Kalloor
Expertisecrochet saree kuchu


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  1. Excellent classes.Mrs Vasanthi is very co-operative,has lots of patience and teaches very well.👌👌👌👌

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