Deepa is a well known corporate trainer, she helps people on various subjects like Sexual harassment, women safety, workplace harassment and provides legal guidance. She works with many social and Government organizations to bring awareness about the women protection, legal options available and helps them to cope with situation. She also conduct awareness workshops on various legal aspects


Deepa is the co founder of Vlegal, A legal advisory firm VLegal has been empanelled by Ministry of Woman & Child Development, Government of India as a “Resource Institution” for imparting training under The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act,2013.”


Corporate Training, Go to place for all your legal consultation

 We believe in sensitizing the employees through class room training sessions is crucial for achieving the best results; We have expert speakers, trainers, coaches and training modules, contents. We also undertake the customized training sessions.


Deepa Rafeeque is the co-founder of VLegal. 

A legal consultancy providing solutions and imparting training for corporates on legal areas. Deepa, Corporate Legal Trainer, believes in sharing of expertise knowledge through trainings to achieve excellence and competence.

Deepa Rafeeque-Corporate Trainer Leagal

Deepa Rafeeque-Corporate Trainer

Deepa’s exceptional analytical skills influence the participants immensely. Her active listening helps participants to articulate the issues holistically.

Having spent nearly three decades in legal management and the interface had with the legal luminaries, she has earned vast experience. This enables her to empathise the problems of participants and to advise them appropriately during the sessions.

The training sessions conducted with Indian Aviation Academy, New Delhi and Princeton Academy, Mumbai, Deepa has achieved mastery of the legal training. Her core expertise is in Law relating to Women, Contract drafting & Management, Employee and Labour Laws, Aviation Law and Arbitration. She is an external member on POSH committee in companies.

Apart from above, she is also attached with Karnataka Judicial Academy, Bengaluru to provide the insight trainings for Leadership, Communication skills, Conflict Management, Team Building etc. She is also a certified trainer from Indian Academy of Training &Development, Chennai.

Deepa’s unique approach of analysing the case studies and the law involved makes the sessions interactive and live. Her ultimate aim is to “simplify the law” and its solutions.

 Glimpse of my  Credentials as legal Expert

29 Years  of expertise in law and she is Certified Corporate Trainer.

Has served for Airports Authority of India for Fifteen years, National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. for four yrs and PEC Ltd for an year.  During the stint, she was associated in drafting rules, regulations, standard documents e.g. contracts (manpower supply & management, commercial, engineering), Bank Guarantees etc. and policies.

As a Faculty

Deepa is a regular faculty of Indian Aviation Academy (erstwhile NIAMAR) since 1995. I handle all aviation topics concerning the legal aspects.

She also lead the legal team at Civil Aviation Training College, Allahabad. I was teaching Aviation Law for the new incumbents in their ab-initio training sessions.

Deepa is a regular faculty of National Small Industries Corporation Training Academy, New Delhi and Princeton Academy, Mumbai.

Deepa is associated with Karnataka Judicial Academy, Bangalore for providing training to newly recruited judges.

 Some of the topic I Mentor

  • Labour Laws
  • Aviation Law
  • Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prohibition, Prevention & Redressal) Act, 2013
  • Right to Information Act
  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Arbitration & Conciliation Laws
  • Contract management
  • Tender Process
  • Laws relating to women
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Other Soft Skills


VLegal for corporate training

VLegal -Logo


About VLegal

VLegal is a legal consultancy firm. It takes care of the legal issues of it’s clients.

VLegal Vision:

Rendering end-to-end solutions to clients in a time-bound manner and represent them in execution and delivery.

VLegal Values:

Professionalism; Integrity; Team Work; Timely Delivery, Quality in Execution

Key Persons:

Muhammed Rafeeque & Deepa Rafeeque : Founders

Muhammed has twenty-seven years of expertise in Law. He was part of In-House legal team of Airports
Authority of India, Delhi International Airport (GMR) and Aircel Telecom. Muhammed was
partnered with Indian Law LLP.Muhammed is an Accredited Mediator certified by IIAM.
Muhammed is a law graduate and has been enrolled as an Advocate since 1990.

Corporate Legal Service

Corporate Legal Service -VLegal

Areas of Expertise:

  •  Dispute Settlement through Mediation
  •  Drafting of Contracts
  •  Employment Laws
  •  Industries: Aviation & Telecom
  • Muhammed Rafeeque Profile (Click to know more )

We cover the following topics

  • Contract Management
  • Labour Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Legal Due Diligence Process
  • Legal for Non-Legal
  • Taxation for All
  • How to manage service level agreements (SLA)
  • Compliance Management
  • Litigation Management
  • Dispute Management
  • How to negotiate your deal?
  • Law applicable to women at workplace

See more details on our service read on

Coming up Workshops:

A Day with Experts: One-day seminar

See more details on this event on Stars of Startup blog here


Check with Deepa for Upcoming workshops and sessions Contact details are given below


Last workshop held in Bangalore

When :  5th August 2017- Bengaluru


Cost is :3500  Per person
Venue : St.Mark’s Hotel,
St.Mark’s Road, Bengaluru

It’s our pleasure to announce our One-day seminar organised by VLegal, at Bengaluru.

 Who should attend?

  • Small Business entities
  • Start-Ups; and
  • Those who plan to launch new business

The Session mainly covers the following:

1.Basic laws applicable to your business 

  • A critical area where business people are weak, is business law. Entrepreneurs especially small businesses pay less attention to law. No doubt legal and regulatory frameworks are complex, but it pays to be compliant;
  • Ignore the legal aspects of business and pay the price. Being proactive in complying with legal aspects help, than rushing to the lawyer when situation turns bad;
  • No doubt we prefer to be within the legal framework. But we have none to give ongoing effective legal advice;
  • Right advice at the right time on a situation that requires legal support, but who can understand my business and provide end-to-end solution.

        The session is an opportunity to clear your doubts and ensure that your business entity is legally compliant and protected


This  Seminar  would cover:

  • What’s ‘legal structuring’ of business?
  • Merits and demerits of each structure;
  •  What are the laws applicable? How to comply with?
  • What’s a contract? When you need to sign one?
  • What are the aspects to be looked into before signing?

  2.Financial supports from Banks

  • You are an expert brimming with an idea that you know will succeed, but short of capital to launch your dream project;
  • who shall I consult? Do the banks have anything to offer? Are there any flip sides to a bank loan? Will it be beneficial to my business?
  • Nowadays, every bank is promoting products for small businesses &start ups? Yet when you approach them hurdles crop up!!! Why?

        In the session, a representative of the reputed bank will explain to you these issues and the way forward.

3.Government Privileges

  • Every day we read about the Government sponsored Schemes meant for SMEs, start-ups. Are they really meant for businessmen like us?
  • We know governments have framed policies that benefit us, but we do not know how to avail them, neither we know who will facilitate them or what’s our entitlement?

          An expert will address you the details of such incentives and schemes and how to approach?

4.A Case Study

It’s always green on the other side, but when we start on our own, we realise the difficulties. Mistakes are part of business as in life. Learning from it is wisdom.

 A successful Entrepreneur will share the experiences and tips. It would help you to understand the pitfalls.




If the above are of relevant to you and your business, it’s a seminar for you. We welcome you to the session.

 We look forward to meet you:

For Registration, Please Contact:

 For enrollment and Seat booking connect [email protected]: 9716299513/9810991141


Address :

Phone: 9716299513/9810991141
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
Address: VLegal, 12 Awfis, Raheja Towers, MG
Road, Bengaluru-560001.




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