Christ University, Bangalore-top education institute in Bangalore 

Welcome to Christ University Admission for admission to Christ University Bangalore which is one of the finest educational institutions in the country and is open for students all over the nation. It is also open the out nation students through Christ University Bangalore Nri Quota, through which education of Christ University is spreading all over the world in rapid speed. This university has touch with outside universities, where it is engaged with different programs and reflects our way of excellent education system globally. This university thanks all the students who have studied here, for their guidance and support. Also thank the executives from various corporate sectors for their support through placements, guidance and industry inputs by which university is able to train the students at the top most level. Special thanks to the alumni from University for the inputs to the juniors in all programs and also sharing with the practical experience of the industry. University provides various programs like M A economics, MA psychology etc…


Christ University Admission is the gateway for Christ College which was founded in the year 1969 is affiliated to Bangalore University and grew at a rapid phase in the first 3 decades of establishment and was considered as one of the preferred institutions in Bangalore. It later was as Christ University Bangalore in the year 2008 by, Union Government of India under Ministry Human Resources Development. This is considered as one of the premium institution and is continuously ranked among top organizations as it provides good curriculum, creative and innovative staff, fantastic campus and required essentials. National Assessment and Accreditation Council i.e. NAAC UGC accredited this institution first of its kind in the state for the quality education it provides.

Saint Chavara who was a great reformer in the nineteenth century and founder of CMI congregation due to his educational interest this educational institution came into existence. Christ University provides personal skills development, inter personal skills & intellectual competence. Along with this they also provide of societal skills. India Today has ranked this university 1st in BBA, 4th in Commerce, 6th in Arts, 4th in Science and 10th in Law in the year 2014. The university has 2 campuses one on hosur road which is well in the city limits and the other on the kengeri road which too is near to many residential areas like BTM and kormangala in Bangalore.

Management courses Christ University Bangalore MBA, Christ University Bangalore PGDM, Christ University Bangalore BBA, Christ University Bangalore Distance Education, Christ university Bangalore Distance MBA, Christ University Bangalore Diploma courses and Christ University Bangalore B Com play a very important role in the providing management education to students globally. This is considered as one of the top institutions for management courses in various verticals like finance, human resource, marketing, operations etc. The duration of the courses vary by the course which is chosen by the candidate and the eligibility also depends on that.



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