Established in the year 1985, under the T.Thomas Educational Trust, Chevalier T.Thomas Elizabeth College is a pioneer in self-financing education. An exclusive college for women in Perambur, it believes in empowering women through its holistic education.

Located in Sembium, the College is right opposite the well-known landmark of Huzur Gardens which is a part of the Simpson Estate, and is about two kilometers from the Perambur Railway Station and the Perumbur Bus Depot. The Perambur Flyover connects this part of Chennai to other parts and the College is easily accessible both by bus and train. Share-autos also ply the road between the Railway station and Moolakadai Junction.

The Chairman of this prestigious institution is Justice J. Kanakaraj (Retd) and the Managing Trustee and Correspondent is Mr.L.Palamalai, IAS (Retd). The College has completed 28 years of dedicated service in the cause of higher education and has highly experienced and committed faculty.


Empowering Women through Education, Ethics and Economic Development.

To empower women by providing the right academic atmosphere, the best knowledge resoures and the opportunity to develop knowledge-related and employability skills besides inculcating in them secularism, humanitarianism and values rooted in our culture and tradition.


The College has an air conditioned, modern auditorium, an open-air theatre and well-ventilated class rooms with fans and lights. The Conferance Hall can comfortably seat 100 students and is equipped with a OHP / LCD projector, visualizer and other audio visual aids. The Reverse Osmosis Plant provides clean drinking water. All facilities for feminine hygiene are provided.

The Science labs provide excellent facilities. The airconditioned BCA and Computer Science labs are equipped to permit sixty students to work at a time. The Mathematics lab is also equipped with 20 computers and is airconditioned. The Physics and Chemistry laboratories are provided with scientific intruments of hight quality.

The library, which has more than 14832 volumes of scholarly works and reference materials, subscribes to 29 periodicals, 22 academic journals and 8 newspapers. Its is equipped with OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and 10 computer with LAN and NMEICT connectivity. The library is an active member of the UGC INFLIBNET N-list E-Resource Programme, Ahmedabad which provides access to 75,000 e-books and 3,100 full text e-journals. This facilitates scholarship and research amidst staff and students.
The Braille Section in the library is equipped with NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) which helps to convert video files to audio files. It also recieves Braille magazines from Anna Centenary Library.
The IAS Section is regularly updated with magazines, books and other material.

ADEPT (The Academy for Developing English and Personality Traits is an airconditioned language lab set up to teach Spoken English and Soft Skills to UG and PG Students. The lab has 30 computers and one teacher terminal. Renet Multimedia and Clarity SNET Software have been installed for interactive computer-aided learning
The Language lab benefits all students who are given periodic training in language skills, particularly in Spoken English. The UG and PG students undergo intensive soft skill training under a certified soft skill trainer.


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Area Perambur


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