FermataCAREER COUNSELING & CAREER GUIDANCE by a team of certified career counsellors, psychologists, trainers, mentors, business consultants and happy parents!

Have conducted 150 hours of online and onsite career counselling sessions. Currently working with 500 scholarship students and helping them in making informed career choices. Clients served through online mode are based in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Kolkata, Davangere, Kerala, Saudi Arabia.

About Career Counselling & Career Guidance

As a child we would have dreamt of some careers. These thoughts would have come to us by looking at the stars and the sky, by watching eminent personalities on the TV, by modelling a successful family member or relative, by talking to our parents of their career dreams, by getting inspired from our teachers, by getting influenced from our friends. If you have achieved a career of your dream then this service will help you in designing your growth path. This will be done by the experts through discussion and considering your career mapping report. But, if you have lost your dream somewhere in growing up and in managing the challenges of life then this service will help you in reconnecting the dream career to your current scenario, your given educational qualifications and your future goals.

career guidance and counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling


Career Guidance will provide answers to questions like

  • Should I choose science, commerce or arts in my PUC or grade 11 & 12?
  • What are the career options if I drop maths?
  • What subjects beyond the sciences can be combined with maths?
  • What are the career options if I select liberal arts in my grade 11 & 12 or PUC?
  • Should my child do undergraduate in India or abroad?
  • How to find the colleges that match with my subject options and marks?
  • Why I am not progressing in my current organisation
  • How to fill the gap between your personal passion and current profession
  • How to gear my growth with my peer group?
  • How to overcome stress in my current job role
  • How to build/rebuild my career
  • How to maintain balance between professional responsibility and emotional well-being
  • How to become a successful entrepreneur

And more questions that you may be thinking now while reading this.

Service Highlights

The experts will help you in:

  • Finalising your subjects in grade 11 or at the undergraduate level
  • Finding your specialising at the post graduate level
  • Guide you with the help of experts to study abroad
  • Short listing 2 or 3 career options from a list of 20 mentioned in the career mapping report
  • Mapping your inner passion with your career aspirations
  • Drawing down your SWOT analysis to know your inner strengths and areas of improvement
  • Focusing on your competencies while rewriting your resume
  • Understanding your learning styles that will help you in doing your current and future jobs efficiently and effectively
  • Fine tuning aspects of your personality and thinking to give you personal and professional happiness
  • Finding out the entrepreneurial instinct in you
  • Handhold you in making an informed career decision
  • 15 days of email assistance on any question that you may have post the sessions

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Session Plan

Session1: CAREER COUNSELLING: an interactive session to understand your personality – childhood interests, schooling, interests, strengths and weaknesses.

Session 2: CAREER MAPPING:  An online career mapping test which lists out the 15-20 career options specific to your personality. An optional complimentary behavioural assessment report is also offered.

Session 3: CAREER GUIDANCE: Short-listing 2-3 career choices. Detailed career guidance on each of these career choices with specific reference to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

Duration of each session

Session 1: 1.0 hour

Session 2: 0.5 hour

Session 3: 1.0 hour

Sessions can be conducted online or at the career counselling centers in Bangalore . We operate from 5 locations in Bangalore – Koramangala, HSR Layout, Kundanahalli gate, Belathur and Banaswadi. We also do online counselling. Online sessions are conducted using zoom tool.

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Career Mentoring:

Experience the unique interaction with our mentors in identifying the specific skills and knowledge that will leverage your professional and personal growth. Fermata provides an outsider perspective on you assisted by unbiased and constructive feedback that finally leads to unexplored path of effective performance levels.

You could check our pool of mentors and their expertise on our you tube channel


This is what our Customer Speak about us:

“Happy New Year Ma’am! You have been a constant support and inspiration in my life. Thank you for helping me make all these tough decisions in my life and guiding me in the right path, Will Always be grateful to you and Sir. Have a wonderful year ahead Ma’am’ January,2019 “

” Have used services of Harmeet for career counseling for my daughter and it turned out be a very informative and helpful and satisfying session’ 2018 “

“Thank you for your encouragement and advice. Your analogy with reference to the righteous defeating the evil has aligned me to understand the circumstances in which I was caught up in. Thanks so much.’2018 “

“Today marks history. I studied for three hours straight with one break only, Dedication serves – This is the message I received from my daughter sometime back. I am really thankful to Harmeet and Dr.Richard  for their efforts. After the counseling sessions, she has started to think about her career and getting focused. I have found this counseling so helpful. Thanks a lot again for your efforts’.2018 “

” have been a home tutor for many years and have enjoyed working with children. As my kids grew older I thought of getting into main stream of school teaching. I was not aware whether I had the skill sets of a great teacher. I approached Unfold and Fermata Ventures. The team helped me in understanding  my existing skill sets through an online assessment tool.On the basis of the report the experts suggested me to enroll for the Life Skills Program for the Teachers. I took the course. It was well designed and tailor made for my personal and professional needs. I am now half way through the program. As of now, I am able to understand myself better and appreciate my talents and figured out how I can use them for my teaching job.  Overall, the training has helped me in the development of my professional, personal and social skills. I would like to thank the team for their continuous motivation and understanding”.2017

“My current job was not giving me the happiness and I was lost in defining my career. I had some aspirations but I was not able to take the next steps.  I approached Career Breeder and Fermata Ventures, for Career Planning & Guidance. The counsellors helped me in a structured way to understand myself better and make a list of my career aspirations.  Their step by step methodology, along with lot of patience and professionalism helped me in narrowing down my career choices to two options from my list of aspirations and desires. We interacted through both online and offline modes and the online mode was equally interactive and warm as the offline mode. I thank them for the career guidance and in helping me to believe that  my current qualifications will always be relevant in whatever I choose to do in my life”.2017

“I liked the report personally not only from my son point of view but from the point of view that all aspects of career guidance are covered in the report. I will rate it high among what I have seen in my last 6-8 years association with this personality testing concept in Corporate world. Thanking you once again for bringing this experience & motivation to my son.” 2017


About the Experts

A highly value driven service to design/redesign your career goals and career path. The session is led by Ms.Harmeet Kaur and a senior psychologist. With a combined experience of over 40 years in training, coaching, mentoring, counselling and educating, the 2 experts help individuals to strive for personal effectiveness, stretch their comfort zone, develop decision making skills, make sound decisions, build emotional reserves, overcome stress related issues, develop high level of creative thinking and critical thinking, learn the art of developing and managing interpersonal relations and much more…

Harmeet Kaur is an alumnus of ISB, Hyderabad, a certified global career counsellor from UCLA, master trainer on entrepreneurship and a certified NLP Practitioner. With 20 years of her vast experience as an entrepreneur, business consultant, trainer and educator, she brings in the knowledge pool of sectors, job roles within those sectors, future career opportunities, and technical & non technical job expectations.  She provides one-on-one career guidance as well as conducts career workshops for parents and students.

So, join us for an engaging session with the 2 experts to give a boost to your career!!

For any queries contact us @ +91 9901366375

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Clients served through online mode – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala, Coorg, Davangere, Saudi Arabia.
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