Art Classes in Bangalore -Vandana’s Art Class,

I am Vandana

I love handicrafts and Arts, I run an art shop here in Banashankari 2nd Stage Bangalore. I take art classes to art lovers who want to do something for their passion. Anyone who want to learn and earn through Art and Hobby can contact .

Classes conducted at Vandana Arts and Hobby Classes

  1. Silkthread Jewelry Making

  2. Quilling Art

  3. Terracotta Jewelry Making

  4. Beads Jewelry Making

  5. Pom Pom Jewelry Making

  6. Ceramic Art

  7. Glass Painting

  8. Water color Painting

  9. Coffee Painting

  10. Decoupage Art

  11. Embossing Art

  12. Bottle Art and Painting

  13. Greeting Card Making

  14. Hand and Vegetable Painting

And many more


Vandana Arts is a Unique Handicraft outlet. We are specialised in Terracotta jewelry, Silkthread Jewelry, other handmade jewelry and handicrafts. Unique and wonderful collection of handmade gift items on all occasions… We do take bulk orders for all kind of occasions. Visit us to see more collections and contact us to know more.

#73, 21st Main
Near BDA Complex, BSK 2nd Stage
Bangalore – 560070
Email – [email protected]
Phone – 9900913033



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