Aptech JP Nagar is one of the leading Training providers in Bangalore south. Our extensive experience in managing centers and guiding students to the right path made us one of the leading player in this competitive education sector.

We differentiate our training with hands-on experience and practical orientation. We work with industry leaders to understand the current job market need and incorporate those on our courses to equip our student’s job-ready.

Job oriented courses are designed to help students to learn and secure a high paying job in the IT industry. These courses normally will have a long duration and will cover the complete technology spectrum. All our courses are designed to get a better job for our students and progress in life.


Range of courses by Aptech

Aptech Jp Nagar offers various courses in a different domain, In the IT space, we cover almost all technology from basic C, C++, Java to advanced level of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Aptech Courses

Aptech Courses in Jp Nagar Bangalore

Aptech offers a variety of courses – technology courses for IT students, career programs for students  wanting to enter the IT sector, certification courses for IT professionals to enhance their career and basic IT programs for school students, housewives/senior citizens, etc

Courses Offered and Fees Structure in Aptech Jp Nagar Centre

1.Popular Smart Pro Courses to get into the IT domain (Engineering Graduates)

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Blockchain
  • Android
  • .NET
  • Java
  • Digital Marketing
  • User Interface & Experience Design
  • E-Commerce
  • IoT
  • Big Data Essentials
  • Data Visualisation

Course Fees

Course fees vary from course to course and also depends on other factors like duration and centers, It is better adviced to connect us to get the accurate fees and available discounts and freebies. However to get an idea you can refer below course fees table

Course Fees Table for Aptech Jp Nagar


2.Short Term Courses for Quick Skill up (IT for beginners)

  1. Programming in C, C++, C#
  2. Web Designing & Development
  3. Developing MVC applications
  4. Enterprise application development (.NET)
  5. Java EE
  6. Android App Development
  7. Oracle
  8. Big Data Hadoop
  9. Embedded Programming
  10. Red Hat Linux Administration
  11. Java Programming
  12. SQL & MySQL
  13. Web Development using Python
  14. Computerized Financial Accounting with GST
  15. Data Structures in C
  16. Software Testing using Selenium
  17. Swift iOS Programming
  18. Software Project Management
  19. GST Professional

3. Courses for Students (10+2 College Students)

  1. ACCP Pro
  2. ACCP Pro E-Commerce
  3. ACWD Pro
  4. NCC Programs

4.Courses for Finance and Accounting ( For Commerce Graduates )

  • Smart Pro MIS Advanced
  • Smart Pro Accounting with GST
  • Smart Pro Business Accounting

5.Certification Courses (Global Standard)


  • Microsoft .NET: Become a Microsoft certified professional
    Become a member of the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) community with access to all the benefits provided through the Microsoft Certification Program. Choose from our different range of training programs for Microsoft .NET certification exams.
    Read more
  • Red Hat Certification: Become a Red Hat system administrator and add an edge to your resume
    Our Red Hat training program helps you in getting hands-on experience in real-world application and experience which helps you gain necessary skills to appear for Red Hat certification exams.
    Read more
  • Oracle: Build high-performance Internet applications
    Get trained to appear for Oracle Forms Developer certification exam. Oracle Forms Developer 10g is used to build high-performance applications for the internet. It is a web-based application tool that helps in constructing database forms.
    Read more
  • Java: Build high-performance applications for different platforms using Java
    Java is the global standard for developing and delivering enterprise software, web-based content, games and mobile applications. Get trained in our range of Java courses which is mapped to global certifications from Java.
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Eligibility and Course Duration/Syllabus for college students


ACCP Pro- Make yourself Industry ready with IT streams

Courses for College students

ACCP Pro is a career program designed to make you an industry-ready professional, and prepare you for in-demand technologies & future IT trends.

ACCP Pro Keeping in mind the latest industry requirements, the course has been designed to train you in programming in

  • C, C++
  • OOP (object-Oriented Programming),
  • Mobile development, Web application
  • cloud services and
  • Agile
  • software development methodology.

Duration of the Course: 23 Months, 2 hours/3 days week


10+2/ graduates/ undergraduates

Aptech Certified Computer Professional Pro (ACCP Pro in e-commerce)

This is a career program designed to equip students with the professional skills required to make a successful career in the booming e-commerce industry.

The course trains you in industry-relevant skills such as web productivity tools, e-commerce implementation, logic building & elementary programming, and building next-generation websites. Join our ACCP Pro – E-commerce program to build a high-paying career.

Duration of the Course: 25 Months, 2 hours/3 days week

Eligibility: 10+2/ graduates/ undergraduates

This helps in getting jobs in any of these fields

  • MIS professional
  • Open source developer
  • E-commerce programmer
  • Accounts executive
  • Tally specialist


Job Support and Placement Assistance in Aptech JP Nagar

Placement assistance is part of our guiding philosophy, apart from teaching and equipping students with required skills we help them in various ways as follows:

1.IT Competition Event (Techno Minds)

Techno Minds is an IT competition event that provides a platform for students to exhibit their technical skills through developing Project Applications. Students work in a team to create Desktop applications, web & Mobile Applications etc. Their work is then judged by industry experts who give them technical guidance.

2.Job Placement Workshops :

Aptech JP Nagar Centre regularly conducts placement workshops to prepare students to face job interviews & aptitude tests. In these workshops so that they become completely industry-ready by the time they complete their course. Students are taught skills like

  1. Resume writing
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Time management
  4. Interview Skills
  5. Other soft skills

3.Job Fairs/ Campus Recruitments

We are working with many big players in IT industry, On receiving a recruitment request from these players our Placements Team provides a list of suitable candidates to be interviewed for the job position. This helps students to get selected in the top organizations. We also conduct periodic job fairs/ campus placements where companies gather to hire skilled students for their job requirements.

Job Opportunity and Placement Outlook in the IT Industry

  • As per a Research & Markets report, the global IT industry is projected to reach the US $1,147 billion by 2017.
  • The IT-BPM industry employs 3.7 million (37 lakh) people in India!
  • The e-commerce space is expected to grow at the rate of 20-25% over the next three years, leading to at least 150,000 additional jobs.
  • According to NASSCOM HR Summit 2010, IT & BPO sector is set to add 30 million new jobs by 2020.


About the Training Provider ( Aptech JP Nagar)

Aptech Jp Nagar Center has been managed by a person who has managed Centers for 15 years and established his credentials.

aptech learning Courses

Aptech Learning

Jp Nagar Bangalore center is one of the best IT training for Aptech in Bangalore. Our mission is to help students get their dream job and grow beyond.

Aptech Computer Education is a premier education institute with 30 years of experience in IT training. Aptech has trained 68 lakh professionals in more than 40 countries. The institute provides a wide variety of career, professional, short term and certification courses, designed by our expert academicians after careful market study and research. All the courses are taught by experienced and certified faculty. Our trainers constantly update their technical skills to maintain their expertise.



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