A pioneer in the coaching industry, Akash institute has emerged as the one stop destination for preparation of medical, engineering and other important entrance examinations like NEET/AIPMT, AIIMS, JIPMER JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced)

Mr J. C Chaudhry, the man behind the establishment of Aakash is one of the most revered people responsible for its success. Proven track record of producing top rankers in various entrance exams has created a legacy that has been continuing from the last 28 years. Its integrated teaching methodologies, highly qualified and well trained faculty, conducive learning atmosphere and competitive environment among other factors have made it a leader in the coaching industry. Touching a student base of 1.5 lacs every year

Aakash iTutor: This is a means of attaining the courseware through an e-Learning mode. This is Aakash’s initiative of embracing innovation and is in sync with Technology-Based Learning (TBL) Program named as Aakash iTutor. Now, this program is available to students studying in classes VIII, IX, X, XI & XII under the Aakash flagship, for all national & state level competitive exams. This courseware has been divided into two parts as Classic & Premium. These two courses are available for NTSE, Olympiads, IIT-JEE as well as Medical Entrance Exams.


 Features of Aakash iTutor –

  • High Quality video lectures by best faculties
  • Meticulously designed e-Books
  • Topic-wise & logically created text materials
  • MCQs based Tests & Quizzes
  • Doubt Resolution by Experts
  • Automated student progress & performance management system
  • Easy-to-understand animated Audio-Video tips
  • Accessible through SD card, no internet required


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Aakash Live: This is an online classroom course in which student can access Live online interactive classes by our expert faculties on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile at their home. This program is also available for students of classes VIII, IX, X, XI, & XII which help them to prepare themselves for state or national level entrance exams.

Features of Aakash Live 

  • Live Classes
  • Economical
  • Innovative Technology
  • Course Material
  • Doubt Clarification
  • Seamless Connectivity across devices

Courses in Medical stream prepare students for the toughest of medical entrance examinations in the country that include  NEET/AIPMT, AIIMS, JIPMER and Other Medical Entrance Exams. We pioneered with courses in medical and have never looked back since then.

Courses in Engineering stream are meant for those who dream to pursue a career in Engineering from the best engineering colleges of India. It is the wing of Aakash that has been producing outstanding results in all the prestigious Engineering Entrance Exams such as JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced) and as well as Other Engineering Entrance Exams.

Foundations Courses are for students studying in VIII, IX and X standard. This is principally designed to cater the need of building a strong foundation to tackle future challenges. Apart from school exams, we train our students to showcase their brilliance at various National & International Olympiads and Scholarship Entrance Exams. These exams help students to get familiar and gain experience of various competitive entrance exams.

Courses for NRI Students: We have tailor-made courses that have been mapped as per the requirements of NRI students. Our customized courses for NRI students differentiate us from other and help us gain stronghold on the student strength internationally.

Course and Fees Details

Aakash Live for Olympiads & Class IX


Class IX students are thoroughly prepared for School/Board exams as well as NTSE and Olympiads.


Question Banks – On the basis of the sharp memory of our achievers, we have compiled thousands of questions which had been asked in the last 22 years in various competitive exams. It is purposely developed for better practice and instilling confidence. It includes Success Magnet for JEE (Advanced), Success Achiever for JEE (Main) and Aakash Explorer for AIIMS entrance exam.

Mock Tests – We conduct series of mock tests on the basis of medical and engineering entrance exams to get our students well prepared before the actual examination day.

Our Ways to Share Success:

  • Scholarship– Aakash is committed to nurture the talent and while doing so we never forget to appreciate the stellar performance delivered by Aakashians in the past. Hence, there are meticulously planned scholarship programs within our courseware.
  • Awards & Prizes – Aakashians always get rewarded for their outstanding performance. Ever since we started our journey, we have not only celebrated our student’s success but have also recognized their efforts and achievement, rewarding them both monetarily and non-monetarily.

Why Akash is the best ?

  • We have a vast accumulation of medical coaching services, especially centered on the basic needs of the medical as well as engineering, right from their foundation years of class VIII till class XII students.
  • We have huge student strength and are determined to provide them quality education to help them achieve their career goal.
  • We have an edge over others in Classroom Coaching and Distance Learning Programs through our unique teaching and learning techniques.
  • Our portfolio of internet based solutions includes online test series programs for remotely located students.
  • Aakash is the leading institute that imparts Digital/ e-Learning (Aakash iTutor – Recorded video lectures & Aakash Live – Online interactive classes) education system in which anyone can learn from anywhere.


  1. Aakash has three distinct divisions viz. Aakash Institute for Medical, Aakash IIT-JEE for Engineering and Aakash Foundations for junior competitive-cum-school exam preparation. These divisions cater to the needs and aspirations of various sets of students across the country.
  2. Each Aakash Centre is managed by a Branch Manager, who coordinates with Academic Team and Admin team for smooth operations and execution of all three divisions at the centre.
  3. Admin staff supervises the Academic operations, Time-tables & class schedules, Infrastructure maintenance, Food & parking facilities, Cleanliness, Public relations and Security at the campus.
  4. Strict security is ensured at all the centres for the safety of Students, Visitors, Employees and Centre’s property.
  5. All classrooms are well-equipped with Air conditioners and ample lighting for the comfort of the students. In additions, all classrooms are designed to be spacious and well-ventilated, fitted with white/green board, microphone and sound system.
  6. There is a provision of Library at each centre to keep students up-to-date with the latest information. It offers students with a wide range of books and resources to choose from.
  7. Fully equipped Faculty room, Audio-visual Meeting Hall, Conference Room and iTutor Labs which host recorded lectures of all top faculties of Aakash are also available for effective learning environment.
  8. Corporate Office has dedicated departments, chambers and cabins to cater to the corporate level requirements of the centres. The head office ensures provision for faculty, study material, and all administrative support necessary to run a centre smoothly and efficiently.
  9. The dedicated and efficient content research team, at head office, is responsible for the development and improvement of the content. It continuously works on improving the study material and keeps on adding new and relevant content to further improve the learning experience of students.
  10. Every year study plans, test schedules, periodic reviews and even parent-teacher-meetings are planned well in advance for the upcoming academic year.
  11. The system is transparent and parents can easily keep a track of their wards’ performance and attendance in the class. If a student doesn’t turn up for a class, the parents receive an SMS about the same.
  12. The feedback system works very well not just for the students but also for all the staff members.
  13. In case of any grievance, parents and students can write to the Chairman directly.
  14. Every element, right from the selection of faculty members to course scheduling, day to day administration, student as well as staff management and study research are according to the time-tested system followed at Aakash.
  15. If Aakash has been able to produce wonderful results year after year and continue to grow at the same time, it is because of the Aakash Research & Development system, which keeps pace with any changes that takes place related to the curriculum or exam pattern.
  16. Our Success Mantra:Our ‘Tailor-Made Teaching Methodologies’, expert guidance and result-oriented mentoring supplemented by requisite quality study material along with point-wise serial tests with regular evaluation, are our success mantra.
  17. Integrated Study Material:Our ‘Study Material’ is conceptually designed, which caters to the competitive as well as academic needs of the students. It is a perfect blend of information, analysis, and focused inputs that ensure success.
  18. Trained & Competent Faculty:We recruit competent teachers through multiple rounds of tests and interviews. After all the new recruits are trained and fully equipped with teaching skills and have gained enough confidence; they are assigned batches to teach.
  19. Action Based Coaching (ABC):Our ABC technique helps students clear their fundamental concepts in a practicable manner. This technique enables the students to grasp the subject matter in a fast, easy and tricky way so that they could solve maximum questions in minimum time in the actual examination. In addition, this technique sharpens the mental ability of the students.
  20. Competitive Environment:Our competent and committed faculties have created a competitive environment among the students over the years and have been consistently producing excellent results year after year.
  21. Effective Time Management:Entire syllabus is covered extensively and completed well in time, thereby saving sufficient time for revision, tests and doubt clearing sessions. This effective time management technique is conducive to students and helps improve their score.

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Aakash institute is the top coaching center for  medical, engineering and other important entrance examinations like NEET,JEE Main, JEE Advanced



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