Effective communication skills is the most important skill which will help you grow faster in your career in this digital age.

In simple words communication is a way of telling someone or transferring information to one to another effectively. Communication could be in various modes like Voice I.e speaking to one another, Written (mostly emails these days) as simple as drafting a good mail or even writing good blog come under this written communication

 Another type of communication is visual or sign or graphical representation (most effective type of communication when you are presenting data in corporate world)

Effective communication is the measure of how well you are able to transmit the information and received by the other party in same context

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Importance of Good Communication Skills

Ability to communicate well will help you in all aspect of your personal as well as professional life. This will enhance your personality and about to socialize with people around you.

One of the key element is successful people is their communication skills. Ability to communicate clearly and accurately as intended is a very important skills a person should focus to develop. For some people it comes naturally others they have to put in little extra nut it is worth the effort.

When you are on the job interview your vocabulary skills will make you stand out in the crowd. Communication skills are part of daily life, which is needed to converse with verity of people. Be it in job interview, promotional discussion or customer engagement one has to have a good vocabulary with right eye contact to make it impressive. Especially in the Job interview you will have to demonstrate verity of communication superiority that includes your body language, written communication and your ability to work with team.

As you grow up the ladder in your career, importance of communication skills increases considerably. Your ability to speak listen and write  determines your success as a leader.

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Types of Communication Skills for better performance

One to one communication or Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are more of a face to face conversation skills when you are dealing in individuals across the table, be it managing team or one to one conversation is part of the interpersonal face to face communication.

For a better grasping and deeper understanding on communication skills, you may want to look at our pages on Interpersonal Skills, principle of better communication

Our pages on Bottleneck to good communication and  The Ladder of Inference and Improving communication  helps you to understand what is wrong in your communication process and how to address those issues .It may be issue related to intercultural communication or office environment concerns.

Our pages on Bottleneck to good communication and  The Ladder of Inference and Improving communication  helps you to understand what is wrong in your communication process and how to address those issues .It may be issue related to intercultural communication or office environment concerns.

Our more specific pages on interpersonal communication skills are divided broadly into Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication and Listening.

Verbal Communication or Oral communication skills

This is all about how and what we say orally to the other persona and make them understand the message clear. In the verbal communication the words we use makes a huge difference to how people understand. When you are speaking to unknown or less known person you have to choose simple and short words. But when you are at home or in your circle you may choose to have a different kind of conversation people still understands you in right way. Some times without much words people would understand.

Clarification and Reflections are some of the frequently used technique used in oral communication to ensure the other person understood it right. Find out more on Clarification and Reflection on page

One more important trait of good oral communication is to collecting right information through questioning abilities. Find out more in our page on Art of Questioning and type of Questions

Verbal communication plays key role in your daily conversation and more over in your official speech and presentations

Non Verbal Communication or Other communication Skills

When we are in the process of conversation we speak only 50 % through our words  other half is non verbal communication only. You would have observed , when speak our body talks more than what we mean, every tone has different meaning, your expression communicates a lot.You could find more on our page Body language and personal Appearance section

Listening Skills

Listening is a plays vital role on our communication ability

Listening is not hearing, most of us do not differentiate much. However Listening is a skill one has to develop to have a engaging conversation. We speak a lot without listing to the other person, when you don’t listen with attention it becomes a hearing and lost win thin air before you realize.

Active listing is all about how to listen effectively and with clear understanding, we also have type of listening explains more about the theoretical listening. We are also covering our page various type  other types of communications 

which is needed to be successful in professional life

Using  Communication Skills for faster growth

Whenever we meet and interact with people around us interpersonal skills play an important role In our daily life in verity of circumstances.Communication skills play a key role in building relationships be it professionally or personally. You would find some people are very successful in managing office and home relationship which you find it strange. It is all because of their ability to communicate effectively and keep the relationship at the best. This skill also helps in (Interview Skills) Giving Interview and also taking interview for others. Find more about these on

Your ability to communicate will give you strengths to give effective feedback . When you are leading a team of people this skills will help you manage batter. Without much difficulty you would be able to give constructive feedback to people that too without offending them. This skill becomes a very vital when you have to lead  people .

Good interpersonal communication Skills help us to lead people and work together as a team. We have cover more on these Working in Team would cover more about this skills required

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