How to Utilize Office Commuting Time Effectively.

Bangalorian spends on an average 2 hours on commuting to office every day. According to economic times report in Indian major cities people spend 7% of their valuable time on commuting to office. In spite of having a higher technology and better infrastructure compare to decades before we are not able to improve the commute time significantly.

Though metros have eased little bit there is a long way to go. Even though most of the IT organizations have flexi work schedules and more and more people are embracing technology and offering work from home, still the average number of hours spent on the road is highest in the world.

So how can we utilize this 7% of the time to our benefit and make it more productive!? Here are some practice suggestions

Accept the reality and Relax please

You may be wondering how I can relax when I am driving!? Yes you can relax your nerves and start enjoying the drive. Stop complains about the fellow driver or the one who cross road without signal. Remember you have chosen to live in the city, no one forced you, along with good things some bad things do come as a package.

Don’t worry about how others are behaving; let them suffer why you should. Enjoy the drive; there is lot to see, things to observe on the people behavior animals walking, and bird chirping why not!? The whole life is happening out there, so instead of complaining “ACCEPT THE REALITY” and be happy and learn to laugh.

You can also choose to listen to some good energetic music not the sad ones! Today so many podcasts are happening choose some knowledge sessions which will touch your inner self and give you peace.

One more technique you can use is Mindfulness :: Yes you read it right few minutes of mindfulness exercise will make you a new person altogether, this is a well documented process and most Gurus in India preaches, it doesn’t matter whom you like the most choose any one of the technique and start practicing. Simple technique like focus on breathing couple of time and relaxing make your experience rich. 


Learn New Skills

A common complaint in IT professionals is, “No Time” I am busy! Bumper to bumper traffic!! oofff!. Well you can approach this in different way and make those 120 minutes to learn new things. You may not be able to learn painting, but you can learn lots about the soft skills which are more important to survive in this corporate world.

You can also learn about relationships, health tips, Sales techniques and branding and Communication skills.  There are enough webinars and YouTube channels that specialize in your area of interest.

You can also opt for online courses which are available for a nominal cost, in fact these days courses are available for just $10 to $15 which otherwise costs few thousand dollars. These online classes are recorded lectures taught by renowned subject matter experts.

Well this may not get you a degree certification (there are few offers even with certificates) but defiantly make you a knowledgeable person in the subject.

Learn new languages which will help in building relationship with your new boss around office. These skills can be acquired these days any of the method like Reading, Listening, Watching. You choose whichever the best for your way of learning is. 

Carpool & Sharing (sharing is caring)

We all can contribute to the environment where we live in; we have the responsibility to leave this earth at least in the same condition what we got from our previous generation.  Our daily commuting activity should not tax environment heavily, and living a life with less carbon print will have some sense of gratitude.

You can also utilize this time to organize or prepare something you need to deliver the next day. In this way you can spend quality time with your kids and family at home. For example if you drive every day 40 km in your car that would cost you a minimum Rs10 k on petrol which otherwise can be utilized for your social activities. 

There are multiple advantages; you can utilize time and money for your social activities where you can derive some satisfaction.

Use public transport

Today major cities are equipped with metros and public transport system. Though they are not as efficient as we wanted to be, however they are the best solution as of today. There are multiple benefits, cost, attitude, learning and adjustability. When your hands are free and someone is driving for you, make use of that time for yourself, read book, listen to music, watch videos, spend time with your family, observe people behavior, watch sky, yes there are so many wonders are happening around you, you just need to give some attention.

This is the best time you meet up with new people, socialize with new people from different culture, listen to some one (these day we have forgotten this art, we just speak and we want everyone to listen) remember listening is a skill which can fetch you high paying job. By engaging yourself during the commuting hours you will be a different person all together and this will help you in real situations.

Keep away from whatsApp and social media.

90% of the people look at whatsApp every 10 minutes, believe me there is nothing so important than a life itself. Avoid whatsApp and unwanted messages, instead listen to radio, it will give you some good music and local news what is happening around and which root is congested etc.   If you are not on the driving seat read some good books, or listen to the biographies of great people you admire.

Listening to biographies of great people will help you in two ways. First it can give you the values system what they followed which made them great. The second one is difficulties they faced is much bigger than your challenges. When you see yourself in those position small things which we crib about is nothing in front of those challenges faced by those great personalities. This will enhances your view of the world and help you live better life

My take

Your office commuting need not be always pain, this 7% of time can be utilized in many ways to learn new skills, save some time for you or even contribute to social cause, make new friends. The important point is to remember that, you are working to lead a better life and not for the working itself.

So every moment of your journey can be utilized to expand your experience of life and enrich in many ways. When you are aware of your responsibility towards yourself and this planet there is a high chance you lead contented and stress free life.  

Again in this competitive age it is easier than said, It’s all about the choice you make, either you can crib for every little thing and keep blaming others or accept the reality where you are in, so relax and enjoy time. At the end it’s our choice which makes us who we are.


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