How to select Training Partners (Tips).

Training partner Selection tips 

Once you decided to go for Training program with clear objectives in mind, the next important criteria are to find out the right partner who can fulfill your learning need.Luckily there is a good number of experienced training available in India in Major and even in second-tier cities there are good facilitators and organizers with reasonable cost.

Personal attention

Personal attention

In case of corporate training for your employees even though you have all the facility and experience within your organization it is advisable to hire an expert team as your employees will have a fresh prospect

Look for experience in your industry and their track records

In the learning space experience matters a lot. Especially in the experiential learning this is more important. One must ask the organizer to show proof of their experience.

They should be able to give satisfactory answers with clear delivered results in similar objectives what you have been looking for. Only once you are satisfied you much choose a training provider. You can ask for customer reference or even testimonies

Some of the Factors to consider while choosing

  1. Look for Depth and Breadth of Course

A right partner will have all the courses/activates in their kitty where you have a good choice

Coaching from training partner

Coaching from training partner

to make which is best for your learning needs. However that is not enough, There are many training providers who issue certificates


however one should look for the effectiveness of the training. The training should have a right degree of depth to be effective to your employees. Ensure you look for someone who really helps you to grow within using these training programs.

  1. Years of Experience in the Field

One of the factors is how long they have been in this business, that speaks some volume of their expertise. It is reasonably easy for you to choose an organization with many years of experience than a fresher; however, this should not be the only criteria as at time older company may lose creativity and innovation.

Those who are around for a while are defiantly more experience than others and they will understand your need quickly and give customized solutions to your budget and learning objectives

3.Number of activities Offered

List of activities/courses the organization conduct means there is a high chance that you can choose the best which suits your learning preference. In a way that also indicates they are big players in the business and have hands-on experience (but don’t just go by number only).

Look for both practical  and theoretical activates to suite comprehensive approach. Choose activities which are motivational and inspire to work together as a team and drive home some good  learning at the end

4.Focus and Interactive Sessions

The good learning environment will have focus and relevance as part of the curriculum.  The only way ensures that learning is long lasting by making that as much as experiential and interactive. An approachable and interactive facilitator can relate to the daily work life of the team.

 5.Reputation of the Facilitators

No matter how good the location and the facility you have chosen, if you have a lousy facilitator (the one who actually coach you) there is less chance you learn anything much. The facilitator’s job is to engage and make people interested in the teaching and accountable for quality learning and results. Choose the one who has a good rating and proved his skills, and has a good reference on the social circle.

6.After Learning Support

This is one of the expectations which can be fulfilled by a committed organized training provider only. Training is just a starting point of learning a new aspect of life, however, when implementing in practical life there are many more questions popup up and if the learner is not able to approach or get clarified from their coach they lose the interest. You should confirm the learning partner’s ability to support learners even after the course is over a long time.

7.Certifications and Accreditation Credentials

In most case of learning, a student sees the true value of training program only after they get some kind of certification (its kind of acknowledgment which serves them for future). In India everyone expect certification to be issued at the end of the Course curriculum.

In general certification is a milestone which will weigh in the future prospects. In most cases employer would look for a certified candidate then a non certified, however one need to check the credentials of the institutes as there are too many people are printing certificate these days, and it  is losing its sanctity.

  1. Customization of Training

This goes without saying, common size do not fit to everyone. The training program you choose should be customized to your business needs. That means you should have the flexibility to choose the best from a different aspect and make your own curriculum which helps your employees to up skill better. (this is more applicable to corporate training, it may be impractical in case of individual learning)

Hope this helps you to make a good choice,

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