How to Promote Training (Service Business)

If you are into training or teaching or any other service business, you know how difficult it is to get the world know about your service.  You could be offering the best teaching, yoga, event or workshop  in the vicinity. You may have all the credential and academic background,but if you don’t promote your service smartly you will end up losing great opportunity near future. Here I am listing out some of the best way to promote your new service business.

When you look for promoting your service business there are many options, however some time it is difficult to figure out where to get started and what type of marketing will give you the best results. The reality is there are many way to promote your service business and what works for you may not be working for others it depends on kind of service you are in, Here we will give you couple of ways you can promote your skills and knowledge business without spending a great amount of money.


Marketing through Emails (old but reliable method)


Do you know why your inbox is filled with so many marketing sales messages?. 78 % of the customer open emails from business and 41 % of them have at least made some purchase decision based on the email influence. Email marketing is one of the best way to reach out your prospective, however this technique is used by too many people, too frequently .So the effectiveness of the email marketing depends on the expertise you have in it till you learn those handwork you can take help of some email marketing & Branding experts in your service area of teaching and training.

Dont make this mistake: Many people think just sending a mail people will respond, No! people do not have time to read and respond to your event, email is the starting point to create an interest, here you will have to follow up with call and engage them effectively. Unless you engage them they will not be your customers no matter how many times you send them mail.


Offer Exclusive Profile Preview (Differentiate)

Your customer are the ambassadors of your business to promote your service. Training business is not different, keep your customers updated about new service offering, they are most likely the first few people buy and test your new service,and recommend. Offer them a exclusive view of your new service, how it helps and why they should go for, why it is designed in such a way. Remember people will not buy what you sell but they buy for why you sell. When you offer exclusivity they will feel good and there is a high chance they remember you on the top of the mind when they need it , they will recall your name  and connect you.

Showcase your Credentials ( Certificates are not just enough)

Service business is all about how your take care of your customer experience and what is your credentials. One has to spend huge amount of energy to build the credibility and showcase is to right audience. Many people make mistake of LinkedIn and Facebook Profile will service them. In fact it serve them initially, however fact of the matter is there are millions of people with same skill sets competing for a small assignment. And more importantly your customer do not take your that as serious as most of the free service is filled with fake people as well.

Then the question arises how do we differentiate ? 

We are in a Google age, the moment anything comes to mind people search in Google, So make yourself available to people when are are searching for your expertise. This needs little extra effort and time to differentiate,but not very difficult. What you have to do is, build your excellent profile ( not the one you are sharing with prospects) this has to really showcase all your expertise in one glance. (remember customer do not have more then few seconds to scan through your profile ). Add fantastic pictures (specifically taken during you are in action, in case of training or workshop share great pictures).

Publish your articles on the subject where you are the master , When you have subject matter expertise it is easy for you to showcase through you articles published in good platforms. Dont publish it only in your blog, no one has time to read unless you are very popular personality. Use other platform and take a back link it will increase your credentials as well as your websites.

Free Events

One of the best way to make people know about your service is to make them walk to your office. Hosting an event is the best way to bring people walk into your business, where there is higher chance they become customer if not immediately in near future.

Your events need not be high-five and super duper expensive and well organized; it can be as simple as information session or even open house discussion session where you share the basic knowledge about the subject. These work like wonder for small and medium service business as well, business like yoga studio, dance, art sessions creativity and home based workshop can be advertised through these kind of simple yet powerful ways.


Advertise (Be available where your customer visits frequently)

Advertisement need not be very expensive

No matter how great your service is unless people know and experienced it people will not show up. You may be a top certified subject matter expert, but people will not know unless you showcase your expertise in where he is looking for. Associate with platforms which have large number of potential customer visits (it is like you are having a stall in a happening mall) people will notice your service. Remember no once takes a enrollment decision immediately, it will take some time to , if you are visible on the place where they visit frequently there is a high chance you get enrollment. Taking mind share of the people is a challenge and unfortunately the free publishing will not work here as too many people using. So pay a little money and differentiate yourself. If you are in teaching service Trainings Tree edu tech platform is the best to publish your profile and promote your courses and events, chargers are very nominal and affordable for even small players and freelancers.


Freebie- upgrades offers

Who dont want a freebie ? everyone loves it!

If you are into service based business, invite them for free demo and offer them upgrade with special discounts or extras. These techniques are often used by beauty parlors, fitness centers, saloons and yoga studios as well. These offers will attract them and once you take care of them well they are enticed to upgrade their service for pay. Offer complimentary services and make it exclusive to loyal customer to make them visit you every time they are near your location.


Challenge their IQ with Carrot (people love Contests )

People love challenges and the giveaways and free gifts which you can offer through contests. Who don’t want free giveaways, this is one of the way people can.  Contest like simple Face book or linked or even  instagram will generate 30 to 40 % increasing your fans following. These giveaways and contests gives you chance to influence them about your service without sounding marketing. Again use all your social power to market the contest first, attract them to the carrot what you have attached makes them curious enough to know your service. It really do not cost much, however you need some kind of expertise, simple course on social media marketing would help you  here .

Have a website ( Projects you as a serious player)

Website need not be expensive and complicated!! but it must be there and should be updated regularly!

Today website becomes a part of any business, this will give the confidence to prospective customer you are serious in this work. Website need not be high-five super expensive costing tens of thousands. Today you can create a website which costs you less than 5 to 8 K (less than $100). It is very important to keep the control of your website with you and easier the better. One of the technological trap, people misuses your inexperience in the digital world is using some technical words and extort money for every small change you love to have in your website.  Make use of reliable and simple technology like world press to showcase your expertise.

Most important about website is to keep it current and updated, at least once in a month share something on your website to keep it current and relevant. It can be as small as publishing a small blog or update about the class. Google loves the updates and latest things.

Advertisement of Face book and Google (Focused add will help)

With a large user base and focused audience, Face Book is the place where you first start campaign. However please do not make assumption your free account will take you to millions. Your free sharing  post will not go beyond your neighbors as there are too many people who loves freebies, so it is flooded with junks.

However if you are a smart user you can differentiate your service through Face Book marketing tools they are very effective and reach to the right audience. The smart people can invest little on this and reap large benefit. This needs little more effort than just surfing, you have to spend a day or two to understand the face book marketing tools , and run one or two test campaigns to get the hang of it.You can make use of our growth essential tools


Be active in Social Media (fee but effective way to start )

One of the best way to promote your service  is to publish on social media and make people know about it. Every promoting technique mentioned in the above needs to go into your social media in the form of posts and write up whichever is appropriate. Pictures talks million words, share more and more pictures of the events or promotions. You can also promote in open house discussions, events Face Book, and even in Instagram, even linked in has an option to post and promote your video, YouTube channels are one more options where you can talk about your service and give clear demo.

Showcase Credibility & Reliability ( Customer reviews increases dependability)


One of easiest and best way to promote your service is to make your customer speak through reviews. Reviews attract and give confidence to customers which will help them to buy with confidence. Ask them to review your service which they will feel confident and they are likely to rate you high as a curtsy and this will work wonder for your service. Sharing reviews are made easy on Trainings Tree platform



I am happy you have spent couple of minutes on this and it will help you take your service/training business to next level. One important and practical question every entrepreneur ask is ,”All this looks good however by the time we acquire expertise in all the above we will lose relevance in the business” . Exactly!! for this reason only we are offering all in one “Growth Essential Tools “ to make life simple and grow fast. I am sure spending couple of minutes on our growth essential tools will help you on this

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