What is Outbound Training?

Outbound Training is a teaching method used to enhance the efficiency of employees through Experiential Learning.In General outbound training is conducted at a place away from the actual work environment and aims at improving the communication, leadership skills and interpersonal of the teammates.

Each Outbound training program has many activities designed in a structured manner to bring out specific learning’s, Invite behavioral change and connect them back to the real life work areas.

Why Outbound Training is Important?

This activity allows participants and team as a whole to discover their latent inherent strengths in a conducive learning environment

Generally, this type of outdoor training courses will have a series of games and exercises may even include trekking, camping, raft racing and many more.

Here the team is assigned some challenging task s that has to be completed as per restricted and time and space. These programs are designed around the training theme and are carried out by employees in groups. It helps one to identify and perform the behavioral traits and achieve greater results.

This is not a onetime activity needs to be registered and repeated in the normal office environment

Why Going out it when you could organised in house ?

Any new fresh habit needs a conducive environment and mind will have a fresh approach to acquiring new teachings.  More often than not office environment hampers creativity as the mind feels boarded as it is another team managers instruction.

At times, we feel there is nothing fresh and feel dozy about the subject and purpose of training is defeated. In other words, a new fresh environment provides a fresh look and greener pasture will help the mind to listen to the instruction in a more focused way.

Benefits of Outbound Training

There are innumerable benefits of outbound training as it works on the behavioral part of the individual and enhances the accessibility and approach-ability within.

  • Helps to focus on positive aspects than negative
  • Enhances behavioral skills and exhibit among the team
  • streamlines the thought process
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Identify the unexplored potential areas.
  • Leadership skills get nurtured
  • Give an opportunity to resolves petty personal conflicts
  • Better Teamwork
  • Strengthens interpersonal skills
  • Communication Skills improves
  • Better partnerships and alliances
  • Nurtures the personal and inter group relations
  • Result orientation improves
  • Work as a team takes our small things

What is the focus area or outcome of outbound training?

These training are designed to focus on result orientation through harnessing various personal and team behavioral skills (commonly known as soft skills)

Team Building Programs

  • Communication Skills.
  • Inter-personal Skills.
  • Time Management.

Leadership Development

  • Motivation
  • Decision Making
  • Self Effectiveness.
  • Work Culture


  • Stress Management
  • Creative Thinking
  • Memory Techniques
  • Mind Management
  • Health and Happiness
  • Yoga Practices

What are the activities conducted during the outbound training ?

Focus and Result orientation trainig

Focus and Result orientation training

Activates conducted during the session depending on the many variables like Time, Location, Duration available,Purpose, nature of the industry and skill levels and many more factors. It also depends on the expertly level of facilitator and organizing company. Some of the common lists of activates for outbound training are



  • Icebreaker
  • Team Formation
  • Navigational Trek
  • Obstacle Course Activities
  • Australian Walk
  • Single Knot: Out of the box thinking
  • Open Fist: Collaboration against the competition
  • Big Rocks
  • Paintball
  • Hill Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Trekking & Jungle navigation
  • Water sports
  • Problem-solving
  • Perfect Square
  • The Right Chemistry

What you should watch for in outbound training environment?

Safety & Accreditation

Safety is the at most priority and mandatory as most of the games will have some element of risks. Though such

Team training safety

Team training safety

programs are conducted in a safe environment people do get hurt at times. Even games and other activity may hurt someone emotionally, and social aspects, intellectual, as well, one needs to be aware while choosing the right programs.

Experience of the Facilitator: No compromise on this as these experiential learning programs are centered on the personality of facilitator and experience and learning is directly proportionate

Cost: There must be a right balance between brand and the cost, there is no point in spending exorbitant money just because you have a budget, and there are always better alternatives

How to organize successful outbound training

  • 1. Have clarity of learning needs and objectives to be achieved

First, sit with decision makes or heads of the department to finalize the learning needs and outcomes what they are looking for

Based on the expectation of the team and managers finalize the needs, make it as much as clear and concise and share with the stakeholder to set the expectations.

Avoid having too many objectives for a single session of day Normally have one or two learning objectives per outing which will have 5 to 6 hours activities. This will help you to focus on the objective and facilitator could design specific programs within give a timeline.

2. Choose a  right Training Provider

See the detailed guide to select learning partners

Choosing the right learning partner is the key to successful outbound training to have long-lasting impact and relationships

Those who are able to understand the nature of your business and have an ability to comprehend your learning needs and objectives are better than popular names or brands

Training Partners should be capable of coaching, mentoring and evaluating to measure the impact after the programs objectively.

Those providers specifically focus on experiential learning tend to be better at design and delivery of the programs that can meet our expectations.

3.Identify Outbound Facilitators and speak to them

See the list of top facilitators near your city

The facilitator is the key person who delivers the programs. It is very important the facilitator is a subject matter expert with hands on expertise in delivering the outbound training courses. As the whole program is designed on the experiential learning personality and the leadership skill of the coach is also a very important factor to be considered. If he is too much of autocratic and there is a high chance people will lose the fun of the activities and will become kind of military exercise.

A Good facilitator will understand our learning objective and outcomes of the prog

ram and will explain to you how it is organized and what games are designed and how your objectives are aligned to the game outcomes. You should be able to connect facilitator and discuss clearly your agenda and outcomes

4 Check the Trainer to Student Ratio

Another important aspect is Ratio of facilitator and participants, normally in an outbound environment will have 35:1 participant to facilitator ratio, can be lead by one facilitator. Leadership programs will have a ration of around 12: to 1

and other education programs will have a ratio of around 20: to 1 facilitators ratio. Again it depends on the nature of the program and the outcome expected. Generalizing is not a good idea, and more importantly, the facilitator is the right person to give you the correct idea.

5.Choose a Right Location

See the list of outbound locations in Bangalore

The objective of the outbound training is to teach people in a different environment which normally they do not get to see. Preferably choose a location which is more of green with outskirts of city limit which will participants to develop belonging in nature.

These days’ training is conducted in places like resorts and nature camps. This environment will have a propounded effect on the learning experience among the participants. Large international players will have their own facilities however most of them have a tie-up with resorts and training camps outside the office.

There are many factors you need to consider while choosing the location as it will have a multi fold impact on the organizing and your budget. Some of the key factors to consider while planning is

  • Travel Time: will increase the duration
  • Distance: will have a cost impact
  • Facility: will have an impact on the type of learning
  • Cost: will have an impact on your budget
  • Food Quality & Cleanliness: You cannot afford to compromise this as this is what will be there in people mind
  • Experience & Culture: If the location management is not very friendly to the culture and environment you have come from it will have an impact on your experience
  • Public Image: This is also very important, especially choose the environment which is very friendly to women employees and ensure they do not have any bad reputation.

  6.Preparing the Participants

To organize an outbound training event is not an easy job for HR folks. If the team is not on board properly and

Team building in outbound training

Team building in outbound training

enthusiastic about the program people tend to consider this as a paid holiday. There is a high chance the whole program will fail as will not be eager to participate in any team building activities. As a smart HR one needs to engage employees beforehand and motivate them to be part of the learning exercise and why they are organizing the same

Set the expectations: Ensure that your participants are well aware of the objectives and expectations of the program and the place and location. Maintain a balance between and set the expectation clearly.

How to select Training Partners (Guide).

Training partner Selection tips 

Once you decided to organize an outbound program with clear objectives in mind, the next important criteria are to find out the right partner who can fulfill your learning need. Luckily there is a good number of experienced outbound training operators available in India in Major and even in second-tier cities there are good faci

Leadership skills training

Leadership skills training

litators and organizers with reasonable cost.  At times, even though you have all the facility and experience within your organization it is advisable to hire an expert team as your employees will have a fresh prospect. And moreover in case of failure you can catch hold of someone instead of your being victimized for failure.

Look for experience in your industry and their track records

In the learning, space experience matters a lot. Especially in the experiential learning this is more important. One must ask the organizer to show proof of their experience. They should be able to give satisfactory answers with clear delivered results in similar objectives what you have been looking for. Only once you are satisfied you much choose a training provider. You can ask for customer reference or even testimonies

Some of the Factors to consider while choosing

1. Look for Depth and Breadth of Course

A right partner will have all the courses/activates in their kitty where you have a good choice to make which is best for your employees and learning needs. However that is not enough, There are many training providers who issue certificates however one should look for the effectiveness of the training. The training should have a right degree of depth to be effective to your employees. Ensure you look for someone who really helps your employees to grow within using these outbound training programs.

2. Years of Experience in the field

One of the factors is how long they have been in this business, that speaks some volume of their expertise. It is reasonably easy for you to choose an organization with many years of experience than a fresher, however, this should not be the only criteria as at time older company may lose creativity and innovation.  Those who are around for a while are defiantly more experience than others and they will understand your need quickly and give customized solutions to your budget and learning objectives

3.Reputation of the Facilitators

No matter how good is your location and the facility you have chosen if you have a lousy facilitator (the one who actually coach you) there is less chance your team learns anything much.The facilitator’s job is to engage and make people interested in the teaching and accountable for quality learning and results.

Choose the one who has a good rating and proved his Mattel and has a good reference on the social circle.

4.Number of activities offered

List of activities the organization conduct means there is a high chance that you can choose the best which suits your team preference. In a way that also indicates they are big players in the business and have hands-on experience (but don’t just go by number only). Look for both indoor and outdoor activates to suite comprehensive approach. Choose activities which are motivational and inspire to work together as a team and drive home some good message to participants.

5.Focus and Interactive Sessions

The good learning environment will have focus and relevance as part of the curriculum.  The only way ensures that learning is long lasting by making that as much as experiential and interactive. An approachable and interactive facilitator can relate to the daily work life of the team.

6.After Learning Support

This is one of the expectations which can be fulfilled by a reputed ell organized training company only. Outbound training is just a starting point of learning a new aspect of life, however, when implementing in practical life there are many more questions popup up and if the learner is not able to approach or get clarified those they lose the interest. You should confirm the learning partners ability to support learners even after the course is over a long time.

7.Certifications and credentials

In most case of learning, a student sees the true value of training program only after they get some kind of certification (its kind of acknowledgment which serves them for future).

In India, there may not be many people issue certificate for the outbound training, in general, and learning process certification is a milestone which will weigh in the future prospects

8.Customization of Training

This goes without saying, common size do not fit to everyone. The training program you choose should be customized to your business needs. That means you should have the flexibility to choose the best from a different aspect and make your own curriculum which helps your employees to up skill better.

Best locations around Bangalore

As I mentioned earlier, location plays an important role while choosing your learning program. If you are in near Bangalore you can choose any of these places for your offsite training purpose.

  • Coorg
  • Savandurga
  • Chikmagalur
  • Bheemeshwari
  • Ramanagara
  • Machinbele
  • Kanakpura
  • Anthargange

How much does it costs?

Cost of the outbound training is depending on many factors and varies from 500 to 5000 per participants. There are many factors like location, facility and the kind of outbound training you are organizing cost varies drastically. Costing can be reduced drastically if you are able to choose a right partner, Let us know if you need help on this we will guide you further based on your specific Training Need.


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By this time you have a clear idea on what to do where to go and what things are required to make your training effective, now it is time to make a decision which is the hardest part of Choosing !!

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