We are all fairly familiar about the SWOT tool which is commonly used to grow business,Today we will learn about how to make use of same SWOT (Strengths, Weakness Opportunity and Threat) Analysis tool to enhance our personal development.

Commonly SWOT Analysis is the way to assess  organisational Strengths weaknesses Opportunities and Treats. This is the common tool used for many years in business . This same tool could be equally useful on developing your personal capabilities and identify area for development as a part of career development or personality development. This is a very simple and effective tool which is very easy to use .

Personal SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis for personal development is similar to one for business, except that here your goal is to develop your personality.Personal swot analysis example trainingstree

A SWOT Analysis for personal development is very effective when you have a specific goals to achieve or problems to overcome. However for each goal should have a separate SWOT Analysis. This is because number of goals we have may vary and the  skills and attributes that may help us towards one goal may be irrelevant to other. Even the weakness and  threat in one context  may not be threat in another context.

This sample picture should give you fair idea of what to put in your swot analysis(Pic Credit Google). There is no high technology in preparing this, it is a very simple and effective tool one can prepare sitting at any corner of the house or coffeehouse. However while preparing you ensure it covers all the areas to know really, where you stand and what you are up to. While preparing this you will have to bring integrity to yourself and list out all aspect of your life. This tool will also help you know yourself better as you need to deep dive into many aspects of you being.

This video will help you to grow faster in your career using SWOT Analysis

How to do SWOT Analysis-The Process

1. Define your goal

When you define your goal be specific and clear about your goal. When you want to achieve the goal, what timeline, and also how do you measure the success or how will you know that you have achieved the goal. Clear Criteria are defined.


2. Identify and list all your personal strengths and weak areas which will  prevent you to achieve the set goal.

If you are able to list Knowledge, Skills, Resources and Experiences it would be easy to remember and cover all the points. As these are all related to your personality, and the resources that are available in your control and internal to you. (see the example picture to be more clear)

See this

3. Identify Opportunity that could  enable to achieve the goal

Opportunities comes in the form of different ways, one has to be present to that, they generally external in nature, however not necessarily always. Opportunities  may be relating to your work environment like Financial incentives, Job promotions etc. One has to really deep dive and see those and act timely to grab those hidden opportunities which exist in your realm of possibilities. Also consider both short- and long-term benefits when you are identifying the opportunities

4.Identify area of Threats

These are all  factors that will challenge your existence and it may prevent you achieving the goals, list out all the things which you feel is a threat . For example for software engineer some time sudden change in the technology could be threat, For experienced manager younger team could be threat unless he ads value.

5. Prioritize and Check

Finally, as always with development activities, and check

  • Does this reflect you ?
  • Is there anything you need to add
  • Attache priority to each elements from four quarters of SWOT

Finally take on top three areas on each quarter i e three strengths to play full, three weakness to overcome, three opportunities to knock on and top three threats to be careful about

How to use SWOT Analysis Personal development

Each Goal should have separate SWOT Analysis to be prepared and drive result from there, It is not necessary you have to apply this only for professional or career goals only. You can apply this to anything you want in life, like good relationship, happy married life  etc.

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Few words from author

This is not a tool which you use it on daily basis however if you have challenge to overcome and goal to achieve, this is where you start from and see where you stand. And SWOT analysis is just like a mirror of your current condition and can be changed over period of time. This tool helps people to see where they stand in the beginning and what are the areas to focus to win the game. This is a strategic tool one can implement in any situation and set the goal.

Thanks for taking time to read, I appreciate it! We would love to hear how you have implemented this tool on your personal life write to me

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