How Creative are You!? 12 Qualities of Creative People. Are you a creative Person? You can check with this video,

By birth we were all creative but as we grow up most of our creativity got evaporated along with our innocence.

 Creativity is something we are all boned with!

Do you remember in our childhood days, how many toys we broke, just to see what is there inside or how it works?

At that age we were so curious about everything around us, We had more questions than answers, however as we grow up all our creativity got evaporated! Who took away!? Where it has gone?

To an extent, our structured education system to blame for this. It has caged us in right and wrong, good and bad and looking good world.  In that process of learning, our original minds identity is lost and creativity is evaporated.

However there are few people who still, have preserved their creative mind. And today they are able make a difference to their life and society as a whole.

Here are the 12 qualities of creative people you can check how many of them are reflecting in you as well!

1. Curiosity – Creative people are endlessly curious

Creative people are the one who thinks little different then common logical thinking which we are all good at. They are very curious and love to learn new things and enjoy the process.

 Because they are endlessly curious and remain open to new experiences, it increases their probability of doing something innovative.

 Creative people are the most misunderstood creatures as well. They have the ability to see the unseen and can imagine the unthinkable and live in a futuristic world.

This is the exact reason why we find many of the greatest artist, singers painters, and even scientist have a different appearance which does not fit into our social conduct at times.

2 . Day Dreamers & They dream a lot

Daydreaming allows the creative mind to keep wondering and wonder about everything in this world. Highly creative people always think big and willing to put long hours and willing to be seen as crazy.

 They get immersed in imagination and fantasy at times; it also helps them to forget their current pains. This same imagination, will power them to be the greatest innovators

We experience such few aloof in our school days, over the years they would have become great inventors or artists or never CEO which we never thought they are capable off.

3. Creative people are playful, Yet much disciplined

When you are working with creative people, you would notice two things, one is most of them are very jovial and friendly and light-hearted, a sense of humor common in them.  

The second thing is… when they are on task, they are completely immersed in their own world, ultimate dedication, and they don’t want to be disturbed for hours and hours.

 Till they are satisfied with the outcome they will not come out,

 that is why you see most of the musicians and artists work till late at night and in odd hours, without any sign of tiredness..

4. Creative People are Quite still Expressive

Creativity is a combination of imagination and its expression, It would be wrong to confine creative people in different buckets like Quite, Expressive, withdrawn or Social.

Creative people find expression in their own creation and communicate loud and clear. For example, a painting artist will not fight the social cause with mike and strikes but they will uniquely create a cartoon that reaches the destination where it hurts the most.

While socializing they tend to observe a lot with people & situations around and get inspired and converted it into creativity quite often.-not recorded

5. Creative mind Chase Passion not the Position!

Passion is the starting point of creativity, creative people don’t just work, they passionately love what they do and take pride in it.

 Creative Minds are naturally motivated and their motivations come within, and not from the external position, comfort or even money.

Psychologists have shown that Creative people choose to involve themselves in a challenging situation that will give them a kick and true sense of power then other materialistic things.

6. Creative People compete with self

Only passion may not always lead to great work, Creative people need to be result-driven as well and they compete with none other than self

So, a truly creative person loves the work and passionately tries to improve taking positive inputs and criticism in the right sense and every time they will improve.

 That is the reason why every artists, musician even a good startup CEO they keep asking honest feedback so that they can produce the best. And be better than previous.

7. Creative people look crazy, & fickle-minded

Creative mind people are always working on multiple things at very high speed,

Their mind is restless and works overtime, every now and then there is a new idea constantly popping up

When many things are getting processed simultaneously and everything in a fluid situation, it is very difficult to focus on one thing,

Many at times highly creative people do suffer from Attention Disorder Deceases (ADD) this also leads to think from outside, they are crazy and fickle minded.

8. Creative people appear lazy and procrastinate action.

Creative people some time because of their mood and the appearance they look very lazy.

 The laziness comes to them for two main reasons, one is they are so confident that they can finish the work in the last minute.

The second thing is their mind is filled with so many activities they procrastinate action to the core.

9. They Are Highly Sensitive

One of the qualities you commonly see in creative people is they are very sensitive towards feelings, that means you need to be careful with your comments and expressions.

Though their mind is most creative and filled with great ideas they finally go with the heart. Most of the decision they take is based on how they feel than how it looks and most often they go by intuition.

This is the reason why creative people are bit sensitive, they get hurt easily, and at times it comes out in their creative work.

10. They need their Own little Space and time

Home is the most comfortable place for most of us. However, for many of us bathroom is the best place, the moment we enter idea starts popping up,

 Yes it happens to me I am sure it is true with many of you!! I know!.

Every creative mind needs a separate environment where it can go to its natural state.

All creative people need this space, size is not the matter what matters is comfort level.

Creative people want their own quite time where there is no disturbance at least once in a while, to be their best.

11. They convert Pain into Opportunity

As per Psychology study reported some time back, most of the creative people turn their early hardship and life trauma into an opportunity and convert that into their strong suit.

Researchers have found these early traumas can be a help to develop a strong personality and gives the opportunity to see new possibilities in life.

For example, if you listen to Ted Talks, you will find the greatest achievers of the world had horrible time. Some of the achievers shared that they did not even two meals, but today they become the greatest personalities in the world because of the hardship they had to face. They used those difficulties to the advantage come out with colors.

12. Creative people love to be on their own boss

Creative people find it very difficult to confine to a regular work schedule like a 9 to 5 environment.

They are at their best, when they feel like working.

 That’s why they don’t like a boss and subordinate environment.

Creative people believe in themselves and love to work as a freelancer than a typical job environment.

 Normally you would not see creative people staying for long where there are little freedom and flexibility to work.

In simple They want to be on own boss,

13. Compromise Stability and Takes Risk.

The ability to take a risk and chasing the dream is the hallmark of a creative person.

Creativity comes with high risk; all the ideas popped up in the mind will not get converted into results the first time.

 Remember the great Scientist Thomas Alva Edison’s story of finding an electrical bulb, he failed 1000 times to get one success.

 The creative mind is the one which never hesitates to take the calculated risk,

It is always the passion comes first then the risk,

The classic example for this is ,most of the startup entrepreneurs have left their high paying corporate job and all comforts to  chase their passion.

 9-5 job environment is not very conducive to creativity. It is the hard reality one needs to choose but unfortunately millions of dreams die while people trade their time for money.

Know that you know what make a creative person Let me know which point you like the most and reflected in you, through your comments

Creativity is a Skill, In my next video I will cover how to become a creative person

12 traits of Creative Minds

  1. Curious
  2. Day Dreamers
  3. Playful- Yet Disciplined
  4. Creative mind Chase Passion not the Position
  5. Creative people look Crazy & Fickle
  6. Appear Lazy and Procrastinate a Lot
  7. Creative People are Sensitive
  8. Need their own little space & Time
  9. Convert Pain into Opportunity
  10. They are their Own Boss
  11. Take Risk & Compromise Stability
  12. Creative people Compete with Non but Self


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