Hardware and Networking:

Hardware and Networking is the best career option available in the industry now. Hardware and Networking field is the highest paying as well as fastest growing IT sector.

What is Computer Hardware?

Computer Hardware is the combination of parts or components used to make computer system. It includes Hard disk, Keyboard, Mouse, RAM, Motherboard, Monitor etc…

What is computer networking?

Computer Networking is the process of transporting and exchanging information between computers using cable or wireless media, which develop professional as well as social connect.

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What is the salary / Remuneration for hardware and networking?

A Computer Hardware Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 12 – 18Lakh per year. It varies depending on the qualification and experience.

Who are Hardware Networking Engineers?

The professional people who maintain the computer, involved in designing the hardware and manufacturing process and who are in to Research and Development of computer Hardware and Networking are called as Hardware Networking Engineers.

Courses for Hardware and Networking!

In India, there are many courses ranging from certificate to master’s level available for hardware and networking. Institutes offer

  • Certificate courses like LINUX,CCNA, CCNP and CCIE etc..
  • Diploma Courses like Diploma in Computer Networking Technology (DCNT), Diploma in Computer hardware and Networking etc…
  • Degree courses like BCA, B.Sc in Hardware & Networking, and Master Degrees like M.Tech in Network Engineering, M.Sc in Hardware & networking etc…
  • International certificate courses.

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The duration and fees varies from course to course and provider to provider depending on the level of the course. All the courses offer practical knowledge with real time situation handling training.

There are various national and international courses like MCSE, UNIX admin, JCHNE, MNA, ICHNP, CNE, Red Hat, ACHNP, Novell, Linux, Cisco , N+, security courses.

There are many good online courses available, one can learn whenever and wherever they want.

Best Hardware & Network course provider

Many institutes in India provide hardware and networking courses. They have both part time and full time options. Some of the best institutes are Jetking, Avera Academy, IIHT, Onix and Cognex.

 Career In Computer Hardware & Networking

 A career in this field is depending on the capacity of the professional, how he can adopt and manage new technology. The jobs are available in fields of films, banking, education and Software Company as all these sectors use computer for their work. Wherever the use of computer is there hardware and networking professionals find the job. Sectors which mainly offer plenty of jobs are:

  • IT company
  • Call Centres
  • Hardware manufacturing companies
  • BPO and KPOs
  • Telecom Companies
  • Designing companies
  • Banking and Finance sector
  • Education and Training Institutes
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Films and Production house


Based on Education qualification and experience hardware and networking professionals will get the job. Whatever the job you are in you have to update yourself with the changing technologies.

Apart from all these options one can become Entrepreneur, he can choose the field and start his own company. There is huge scope for startups and Government of India also supports them. You can also make use of MSME Schemes.

Hardware and Networking professionals get the job as

  • System Engineer
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Project engineer
  • Technical Support
  • System Administrator
  • IT administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security database developer
  • Technical Engineer/Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Technical support
  • Help desk technician
  • Network support technician
  • IT technician
  • IT administrator
  • Field service technician
  • Security Database development and administration
  • Intranet Specialist
  • System assembler
  • Technical support executive
  • Computer manufacturer
  • Chip designer
  • System administrator
  • System managers
  • System engineers
  • Electronic data processing managers


Top 5 Hardware and Networking courses online, Cost and Providers

As a leading edutech platform, we review every available courses and training providers in the vicinity to help our learners with the best choice. In this article our expert review team has come out with Best Hardware and Networking Courses (online and Classroom) which we feel the best.

There are many factors one needs to consider while taking learning decision. We have considered Quality, Value, Reputation, Fees, Accessibility and many more factors while recommending these courses. Learning is a continuous process and we hope this effort will help you to take informed decision.

Cost of the courses varies from time to time and platform to platform, some of the best courses normally charged for $100 will be available on sale with heavy discount for a short period ($10). We recommend you to connect us for any help! Now you can learn Hardware and Networking courses online on your time and your place!


Here are our best pick:

List of top Back Link courses

  1. Networking Essentials

  2. The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start

  3. Wireless Networking Fundamentals

  4. Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

  5.  IT Networking Fundamentals: CompTIA Network

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Hardware and Networking courses review


  1. Networking Essentials

Training Provider – SONIC Performance Support – E-Learning experts

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 4.2/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

Networking essentials is the bestseller course available online, if you want to get knowledge and skills which is important to configure, troubleshoot, manage and protect a data network then this course will help you to get that knowledge. This course created by SONIC Performance Support – E-Learning experts team with 4.2/5 rating and already 1500 students learning this course. In this course you will get 8 hours on demand video lecture, full life time access with completion certificate. You will also get benefit of 30 – day money back guarantee.

This is the basic networking course where you learn to work with active directory, you will understand Protocols, particularly TCP/IP, you will work with name resolution and IP address allocation, you will be able to effectively troubleshoot various issues. In this course you will understand networking concepts easily.


Review: “Very good overall course. I’m a DBA and this should help me with troubleshooting as well as being able to speak intelligently with the network and system admins about potential issues.” – Evelyn Carter


  1. The Complete Networking Fundamentals Course. Your CCNA start

Training Provider – David Bombal

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 4.5/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

If you want to learn networking and start your career in CCNA then this bestseller course is for you. This wonderful course created by David Bombal and his team with 4.5/5 rating with 53,400 students enrolled. In this course you will learn

  • Basics of network
  • learn to build simple LANs
  • Learn about hubs, switches and routers
  • how to allocate addresses using DHCP
  • learn about Access Control Lists(ACLs)
  • OSI model
  • Name resolution using DNS
  • OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking topics
  • How is data forwarded through a network?
  • IP addresses
  • IP subnetting
  • Cabling and network topologies
  • Ethernet basics
  • TCP and UDP
  • DNS and DHCP
  • Routing
  • VLANs
  • Cisco device initial configurations
  • Network naming
  • IP Telephony
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • SDN


This course includes 54 hours of video lecture, 75 articles you can refer and download, 2 downloadable resources, lifetime access with course completion certificate. All of this with very low cost and if you are not happy with this course you will get money back. This one is the best course for CCNA and networking aspirants.

Review: “Easy to understand, the real-time illustrations and analogy certainly helped, also liked the “real-world” comparisons, stimulating and an eye-opener factor.” – Dave Buenaventura



  1. Wireless Networking Fundamentals

Training Provider – Infinite Skills

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 4.2/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

This Wireless Networking Fundamental course by expert mentor Mark and Infinite Skills team will give you understanding Radio Frequency Signaling for network design and implementation. In this course you will learn about wireless basics, how wireless works, wireless components, and measuring wireless power.  After this you will also learn about RF behaviors, wireless signaling, and signal transmission. This online class covers wireless LANs, wireless security fundamentals, and WLAN design and threats. Finally, you will learn about WLAN troubleshooting, including SNR issues, hidden node obstruction, and full power transmission.

This course includes 7 hours on demand video with lifetime access and completion certificate as well as money back guarantee. These fundamentals of wireless networking course with 4.2/5 rating, already more than 1800 students learning, will be good source for you to start your networking career.

Review: “I looking for a course for wireless networking more area aspect in theory. Finally, I found it!” – Phone Pyae Kyaw



  1. Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA)

Training Provider – Stone River eLearning

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 4.2/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

The CWNA  (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) course by Stone River eLearning with 4.2/5 rating with more than 1300 students enrolled is a wonderful course to complete your CWNA certificate exams.  From this course you will understand the Wi-Fi security standards, How to troubleshoot an established Wi-Fi network, know more about antenna types, installation techniques. You will learn about radio frequency bands, properties and behaviors, roles and responsibility of Wi-Fi governing bodies. Learn about the wireless standards set by IEEE and Wi-Fi Alliance, learn to measure wireless signals, and understand Wi-Fi communication process and architecture and many more concepts.

This online course includes 11 hours of video lectures, 20 downloadable resources, money back guarantee with completion of certificate and lifetime access. What else a leaner need right? If you wish to become Wi-Fi engineer or network administrators or seeking CWNA certification then as an experts we recommend this course for you.


Review: “I felt like I learned much about wireless taking this course. This is an incredible course to take if you have little to no knowledge in wireless networks.” – John Tran

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  1. IT Networking Fundamentals: CompTIA Network

Training Provider – LearnSmart LLc

Learning Mode – Online

Rating – 4.4/5

Price – $10 – $300(Rs 640 – Rs 20,000)

This online course is for Professionals who are preparing for CompTIA Network+ certification exam, who are looking to expand their knowledge of Network+ concepts or who want to ster their career in Networking. This course created by LearnSmart LLc team with 4.4/5 rating and 5000+ students learning. This course includes 15 hours of on demand video lecture and 809 downloadable resources. As usual you will get lifetime access with completion certificate and money back guarantee as well.

In this course you will learn concepts of Network+, understand the infrastructure services like DHCP and DNS, Also learn real time protection and troubleshooting techniques. You will be able to install a LAN and contact to a WAN, you will get knowledge of TCP/IP protocol. Addressing, and IPv7and many more concepts. Learn the important components that make up wireless technologies.


Review: “This course fine tuned the concepts with explanations just short of hands on experience. Being able to understand and comprehend the meaning to detail brings forth the intent of what this course has to offer. Thank you.”  – Dale Mork


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